Unveiling the genius behind a lens. Pakawat Thongcharoen is not a man to be underestimated in the dynamic field of videography. Introduced to videography in the disruptive year of 2020, he rapidly forged a name for himself, courting commendable success in an unforeseen era.

His work, serving as the eye of the viewer, showcases a world of beauty and sophistication, captivating audiences while collaborating with renowned brands such as Sony, Dell, and Mercedes-Benz. His remarkable accolades merely demonstrate the beginning of his rising journey, securing 1st place in the Nature and Adventure Travel Video at the Thailand Travel Content Contest 2021 and partaking in the acclaimed short film “Consuåmption” as a cinematographer.

Venture with us as we explore the awe-inspiring talent and ambition that shapes Pakawat Thongcharoen, the man behind the viewfinder, etching his digital footprint in the realm of videography.

The creative journey to 1st place in the Thailand Travel Content Contest

Whether exploring Thailand’s verdant landscapes or drawing viewers into the narrative intricacies of a short film, Pakawat Thongcharoen has carved a remarkable trajectory, transitioning from a travel content creator and influencer to being an accomplished and award-winning videographer. The transition wasn’t sudden but an organic progression that stemmed from his passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of growth that saw him moving from capturing stand-alone moments to weaving together nuanced visual narratives.

“To win the 1st Place in the Thailand Travel Content Contest 2021’s Nature and Adventure Travel Video category, I needed a blend of superior footage and meticulously crafted visual storytelling,” reflects Thongcharoen. His documentary-style approach to videography, underscored by a vivid portrayal of Thailand’s natural beauty and people, won him laurels.

Harnessing natural light, Thongcharoen worked toward infusing his visuals with authenticity, and this stems from his keen eye for detail. “From the gentle hues of dawn or the vivid details under the clarity of daylight, the landscapes of Thailand were unraveled in their genuine moods and colors,” he shares.

His organic, handheld camera movements imparted a fluidity to his footage, immersing the audience into the dynamics of the scenes as if they were exploring the landscapes themselves. The normal focal length used for most shots added familiarity, making it more relatable to the viewers.

But Thongcharoen’s prowess goes beyond the camera angles and lighting. “During the editing phase…” he mused, “…storytelling solely through visuals was key.” By carefully selecting complementary shots and infusing the footage with strategic sound design, he locked his audience into a seamless narrative that unfolded dynamically from the start until the end, enhancing viewer engagement. As Pakawat Thongcharoen reflects on his success in videography, it clearly emerges that his vision goes beyond capturing visuals.

Behind the lens of “Consumption”

Pakawat added another feather to his cap when he secured 1st Place in the Nature and Adventure Travel Video category at the Thailand Travel Content Contest 2021, a highly competitive field organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Notably, his winning contribution reflected a fusion of expert videography, outstanding technicality, and breathtaking natural landscapes that became his canvas.

After his impressive win, Pakawat immersed himself in a substantial project as the Director of Photography for the award-winning short film “Consumption.” As he recounts, “Working on the award-winning short film ‘Consumption’ was a remarkable experience, set within a professional and intimate indie team dynamic. As the Director of Photography, I led the camera department and played a crucial role in shaping the film’s visual identity which has a dark underlying theme. This involved making creative choices regarding the cameras, lenses, movement, and lighting to capture the desired aesthetic and enhance the storytelling, adding depth to the characters’ emotional journey from a bright look in the beginning to a darker and depressing look as the film progresses. In just five days of filming, with approximately 20 crew members, the scarcity of resources encouraged creative problem-solving. We often had to find innovative solutions to achieve the desired shots within the constraints.”

The ensuing product of Pakawat’s brilliant videography and diligent storytelling traced the downward spiral of an aspiring actor getting consumed by her ambition. Subtle nuances in the visual narrative reflected Pakawat’s superior skills, enhancing the film’s story and characters’ emotional journey with an evolving aesthetic.

Dedicated and innovative, Pakawat Thongcharoen continues to carve his niche in the realm of videography, leveraging his raw talent and honed skills to tell compelling stories and capture unforgettable visuals. Given his recent accolade and undeniable craftsmanship, it’s clear that his remarkable journey is far from over.

From creator to professional

Pakawat Thongcharoen’s recent journey into videography has been marked by significant successes, notably his role as the cinematographer for the award-winning short film, “Consumption,” as mentioned earlier. This film, which has been recognized at several film festivals, speaks volumes to the remarkable skill and talent Pakawat brings to the realm of creative visual production.

“Transitioning from a content creator/influencer to a professional videographer profoundly impacted my approach to my work,” said Pakawat, explaining the evolution of his career. With his comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies, content production, and media distribution, he holistically approaches each videography project. This unique vantage point drives him to seamlessly integrate creative direction, filming, and editing, ensuring his work makes assertive strides towards the desired impact on viewers.

Furthermore, his background as a content creator has given him valuable insights, fortifying his ability to deliver a flexible and efficient production process. “Approaching productions with a clear end goal, I adeptly adapt to diverse environments, swiftly identifying scene purposes and capturing optimal shots. This adaptable storytelling prowess is honed through my influencer days, fostering efficiency and message delivery.”

In the creation of “Consumption,” this skill set proved paramount, allowing Pakawat to expertly encapsulate compelling shots and deliver a story that stood out on the global stage of film festivals. This role placed Pakawat’s talents brightly under the spotlight, underscoring his exceptional contributions to the video production industry.

From content creation for globally recognized brands to award-winning cinematography, Pakawat Thongcharoen has proven to be an indispensable talent in the videography realm. His imprint on “Consumption” is emblematic of his talent and commitment to cinematic storytelling.

Powering excellence with global brands

Pakawat Thongcharoen is orchestrating remarkable strides in the realm of videography. For Thongcharoen, these partnerships provide much more than the opportunity for professional exposure, they have been instrumental in his journey as an established videographer and content creator.

“…Collaborations with global brands like Panasonic and Canon have significantly contributed to my growth as both a professional videographer and content creator, encompassing multifaceted advantages that span strategic understanding, elevating standards, and personal empowerment,” Thongcharoen humbly acknowledges. Through his hands-on involvement in these collaborations, he has garnered a holistic comprehension of video production – not just in the technical execution, but significantly in appreciating video as a strategic marketing tool conveying engaging and effective brand narratives.

These partnerships with global brands have also driven Thongcharoen to continually raise the bar of his work. They have demanded more from him – compelling narratives, refined creative directing, heightened production values, and mastery in cinematography. Reflecting on one of his achievements, the Panasonic Lumix G100 branded video project, Thongcharoen talks about meeting high standards for his work. Tasked to deliver a narrative and visual story worthy of Panasonic’s official website was a challenge he tackled head-on. Despite technical constraints, Thongcharoen managed to deliver a video of the highest quality, showcasing the camera’s abilities for the beginner market.

The collaborations, while challenging, have optimally positioned Thongcharoen for more complex projects. His confidence and readiness to undertake larger challenges have been bolstered.

The symbiosis of creative directing and videography

Not only an accomplished videographer and an award-winning talent, Pakawat is also the creative director and lead photographer for social media channel PakaPrich which he co-launched with his wife, Prichaya.

According to Pakawat, this dual role propels him to push boundaries in video production and photography, enabling him to emerge as a distinguished visual storyteller in the digital realm. “My role as the creative director and lead photographer for PakaPrich significantly complements my position as a professional videographer, enriching my capabilities as a visual storyteller through a multifaceted lens,” he says.

He credits the diversity of content he encounters in the creative director role at PakaPrich. These experiences suffuse his videography work with inventive video concepts that align visually and in substance with project objectives. One such endeavor is video production for the gala event of the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), wherein the impact extended beyond the gala through the powerful emotional narratives spun in his documentary-style films.

Pakawat’s role as the lead photographer for PakaPrich further feeds into his videography prowess. Through his photography, mainly oriented toward travel and lifestyle, he honed his skills in leveraging natural light to enhance the aesthetics of his videos. “This ability enables me to artistically compose shots that not only capture attention but also encapsulate a broader narrative, effectively conveying nuanced meanings within each frame,” he shares.

Across his work with luxury hotels, renowned Thai companies, to his multidimensional roles at PakaPrich, Pakawat has managed to integrate his skills in videography, photography, and creative direction. It is not simply a matter of juggling roles but a convergence that he believes enriches his proficiency as a visual storyteller.

Education as a catalyst

Pakawat unique videography style is a tapestry woven from an academically diverse background. This eclectic mix of disciplines informs his work and sets his contribution to the videography realm distinctively apart. Pakawat succinctly encapsulated the essence of how his educational journey shaped his creative process.

“My diverse educational journey encompassing physics, business, and cinematography significantly molds my distinct videography style, enriching it with a multifaceted and cohesive approach,” said Thongcharoen. “Beginning with physics, this academic foundation instills a methodical and analytical mindset, translating directly into my videography style. A scientific approach to crafting videos ensures a well-organized and coherent outcome.”

Holding a Master of Science in International Business, Pakawat utilizes a goal-oriented ethos resonating powerfully within his videography, channeling his understanding of business strategies into creating purpose-driven visuals. “Every visual element is curated to diligently serve the overarching goal, culminating in a video efficiently communicating its intended message,” he explains.

Completing a Cinematography certificate underscored Pakawat’s competency in creating visually stunning videos. His incorporation of key cinematographic techniques such as high-key and low-key lighting, screen direction, and shot composition brings an artistic dimension that reinforces visual consistency across his portfolio.

Moreover, his proficiency in editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve enhances the final output, ensuring technical excellence is paired with artistic brilliance. All of these factors culminate to offer a videography style that is logically structured, strategically aligned, and imbued with a stunning visual narrative.

Working with industry titans

As an established professional videographer, Pakawat Thongcharoen’s repertoire includes significant collaborations with renowned brands like Sony and Dell. One notable project saw Thongcharoen lead videography efforts for a Sony project entitled “See The World Through Different Lenses.” Speaking about his role, Thongcharoen explained, “I had the honor of leading the videography efforts for the esteemed Gift Lee, an award-winning design content creator and influencer. This project was a testament to my versatility, effectively skirting the roles of a videographer, creative director, director, and editor.”

Thongcharoen’s comprehensive involvement ensured a high-caliber production ingeniously highlighting the potential of Sony’s lens. The attention to each detail, such as camera movements, lighting, and composition, dominated the high production standards typically reserved for larger productions. The final product was a narrative-driven edit that successfully engaged the audience on numerous levels, thus earning a spot on Sony’s official website and YouTube channel, along with commendable audience engagement on social media.

Moving on to the next feather in Thongcharoen’s cap, he played a pivotal role in a Dell project promoting remote work solutions titled “Work From Home.” “In this initiative,” he recalls, “I once again held the lead videographer role, with additional responsibilities as the director and editor. As with the Sony collaboration, the video’s quality was paramount due to the esteemed nature of the client.” The campaign success was evident from the positive audience response with over 186k views, affirming Thongcharoen’s storytelling skill.

Through these projects, Thongcharoen has proven his acuity for detail, ability to construct resonating narratives, and strong visual compositions as a videographer, director, and editor. His work showcases a deep commitment to creating high-quality, visually compelling content that strikes a chord with the audience and stands up to the expectations of international brands. His contributions to the field are undoubtedly noteworthy, and his ongoing work provides enough intrigue to keep an eye out for his forthcoming projects.

Life interests as creative fuel

Pakawat’s passion for adventure and an active lifestyle not only cinematically paint stories but also shapes the unique aesthetic of his videography, creating a distinct resonance with his audiences.

“My interests in travel and fitness have a profound influence on both the content and aesthetic of my videography work, shaping it in distinctive ways that resonate with audiences,” he shares. Adrenaline and wanderlust pulse through each of his productions, lending an authentic heartbeat to his narrative and visual device.

His worldly wanderings provide him an endless source of inspiration, guiding his lens to spontaneously capture raw, emotive moments. Rather than striving for overly-slick, manicured visuals, Pakawat embraces a more grounded and relatable aesthetic. This approach infuses his work with a tangible sense of realism, making viewers feel like they’re right there with him, immersed in the unfolding narrative.

Pakawat’s approach to camera work further emphasizes this immersive, travelogue style. His preference for organic, handheld camera techniques serves to enhance the authenticity and relatability of his content. Combined with his utilization of field of view replicative of the human eye, his videos invariably offer viewers a front-row experience, deepening their connection to the content.

It is Pakawat’s devotion to these interests that breathes life into his content, capturing moments in a way that resonates with an audience. His ability to balance engaging storytelling with organic aesthetics makes his videography not just visually captivating but an emotionally immersive journey. He states, “In essence, my interests in travel infuse my videography with a genuine, immersive, and relatable quality. This results in content that captures authentic emotions, engages through storytelling, and visually mirrors real-life experiences.”

With each project he takes on, Pakawat expertly interweaves his personal passions with his professional prowess to create unforgettably immersive experiences for his viewers. His award-winning talent is not only seen but deeply felt, reflecting the authentic influence of his love for travel and fitness on his creative process.


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