A BTS (behind the scenes) photo from John Buckleys music video 'Running back to you'. Director - Benedict Webb, DP - Joel Tucker

Before we get the chance to talk about the actual chance of becoming a successful film director, we need to identify what is a film director in the first place.

The current definition of a film director is a person whose primary occupation is the production and/or directing of the making of films.

That’s the only definition that is currently around, but whether this will remain the same in the future or not is a different topic altogether.

We will discuss the possibility of becoming a successful film director in a bit.

‘Unfortunately, nowadays, for most individuals, filmmaking is viewed as a trade which can be mastered in its own right.

The purpose is not to bring about a film as it is an industry in itself.

The movie industry’s primary purpose is to create something entertaining which creates demand for it in the future.’

The point is that making a film can be an individual or a group’s individual job.

The idea is not to bring about a movie to a particular person but to create a movie that entertains the person.

And it’s the intention behind the actual making of a film that will dictate the result.

The difference between being an actor and a film director

A BTS (behind the scenes) photo from John Buckleys music video 'Running back to you'. Director - Benedict Webb, DP - Joel Tucker

That said, if a person is an actor and a director at the same time, it is a little difficult to differentiate them at times.

But the difference between an actor and a director is not how long they are acting, but rather the actual reasons for their involvement in the movie.

A director is known for directing a movie, whereas an actor’s role is that of being in a movie.

Acting merely means sitting in a film and moving with the rest of the characters. The role of an actor is not limited to just that.

The entire job of an actor includes having different people choose you as their favorite character and the character that will make them cry.

That’s the director’s job.

Many have done amazing work as an actor and yet fail to understand their true potential as a director.

This is simply because they could not do what a good director can do.

An actor can act as a good actor and still not be a good director.

It’s not that the acting job is only for directors, but as a director, one must realize his/her limits.

An actor can do all the drama acting but still be an inept director.

The main difference between a director and an actor is that a director is involved in the actual making of the film whereas an actor is only part of it.

A good director cannot be an actor, because as a director he/she has to create the world of the story and be the backbone for the film.

Also, a good director has to know how to use acting to attract the attention of the audience.

Some great directors are actually actors, for instance, Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Wes Anderson, etc.

Such directors have also seen first-hand the same acting world as the actors they direct.

A good director must know what makes a good story

A BTS (behind the scenes) photo from John Buckleys music video 'Running back to you'. Director - Benedict Webb, DP - Joel Tucker

After you have understood that, here is something that you should understand about filmmaking.

The very idea behind a good story is that it’s the one that makes the audience feel good.

Let me explain further by saying that a good movie is a film that has an overall story that is well-developed.

For the sake of this piece, we are assuming that you are not an actor and are not a filmmaker, but you are a person who loves to watch films and want to make your own someday.

What should a good story consist of?

On set

Every good story has a well-developed plot which is integral to the whole movie.

Plot Theories Every good story has a well-developed plot which is integral to the whole movie.

It is not necessary that the plot is complex but it is needed that it has a believable storyline.

Some famous, well-developed plots are Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, James Bond, James Briscoe, Back To The Future, and The Fifth Element.

If you think about it, the plots of these movies are simple, but the end of the plot lines of these movies are absolutely mind-blowing and thus make the entire plot amazing.

If we go back to our previous example of The Fifth Element, Bruce Willis’s character is an elderly physicist who goes on a mission to Mars.

He lands his spaceship on the mysterious planet and meets all sorts of aliens.

While doing so, he ends up traveling through a whole bunch of parallel universes.

Along the way, the plot unfolds and gives you a surprising and well-developed plot.

Then, one day, in the end, the main character is called in to get out of a crashed spaceship on an uninhabited planet.

The environment on this planet is very peculiar and so he feels very uncomfortable there.

The plot of this movie wraps up when Bruce Willis is awakened from his spaceship by the ship’s computer.

The computer tells him that the planet was his home planet and then shoots him to the location of the ship.

The characters are very well-developed and thus gives the audience a great movie experience.


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