Phone is ringing and we need to stay productive!

Being successful at what you do requires certain daily habits.

What I mean by that is the ability to adapt daily habits that move you towards the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

For most people, the daily habits they engage in will vary from week to week. For some, it’s the absence of certain daily habits that leads to their failure and frustration.

Here are the daily habits of the most highly productive leaders.

What are these daily habits?


On average, most highly productive leaders spend about 30% of their day doing things they love (or what brings them joy).

This might be the same number as you might spend on your hobbies, but this 30% of your day tends to turn into their most productive hours.

For many highly productive leaders, most of the other 90% of the day is focused on being the best at what they do.

In short, most of the time spent on their professional life is focused on serving others.

And that’s what makes all the difference.

It’s not about how you look at the world, it’s about how you see the world.

Being highly productive to achieve your goals

Here’s the key. The successful daily habits above will help you achieve the top 2 outcomes for your professional life.

They will help you improve in two ways:

Increase your ability to serve others Learn more, create, teach, and communicate

You might be wondering what the big deal is. If the habits above are so valuable, shouldn’t they be enough?

It’s simple. They aren’t.

If you want to improve in the areas of learning more, creating, teaching, and communicating, you need to double-down.

That’s why I encourage you to invest time in learning what makes a highly productive leader (more on that in the next article).

It’s not enough to just invest in what will lead to your top 2 outcomes. You must create habits that will help you get there.

Here’s the kicker. The purpose of most of the top highly productive leaders is to serve others. Many of the practices below focus on serving others.

These daily habits are an investment in yourself to become the best at what you do, helping others, and serving others.

Work on being creative

Creativity is the process of making new connections. It allows you to help people, meet new challenges, and fulfill your dreams.

There are few skills more powerful than creativity. People don’t just want to follow you, they want to be you.

The great leaders are the ones who consistently push the envelope in the areas of creating new connections and constantly being inspired to learn more.

Many people may not think being creative is important, but there’s a reason why so many successful people spend the majority of their days on things they love to do.

It’s what makes them highly productive.

Learn more, create, teach, and communicate

four men looking to the paper on table

All great leaders know that learning, creating, and teaching are at the core of their personal and professional lives.

They understand that learning and teaching are key to their personal and professional success.

In fact, the highly productive leaders I’ve encountered spend the majority of their time learning, creating, and communicating.

In short, they are constantly sharing new ideas, building connections, and sharing knowledge and wisdom.

These are the behaviors that are helping to increase their personal and professional success.

Be productive

The difference between a highly productive leader and someone who is productive but not great is a difference in focus.

A highly productive person has a laser focus on what matters to them and avoids distractions.

A productive person is learning, creating, and teaching about what matters to them.

However, you don’t need to be a highly productive leader to be a highly productive person.

You don’t need to invest hours each day in practicing habits that lead to your top 2 outcomes to become highly productive.

The key is to be productive, not highly productive.

Never let the phone or email be the first things you check in the morning

Yes, it’s important to check in with your colleagues and clients to make sure everything is running smoothly.

However, being stuck in front of your email or having to respond to phone calls can slow down your entire day.

Also, if you can avoid all unnecessary distractions, it will allow you to increase your productivity.

I’m an avid believer in “going offline.” I don’t check my email first thing in the morning or when I get home from work.

I rarely check my phone unless I’m somewhere where I’m allowed to.

This practice has also helped me manage my time and find the time for everything that I need to get done.

Plan out your day, or, at least your day’s work, in advance

Coffee at work

This sounds counterintuitive, but planning for the tasks on your to-do list is the best way to make sure you’re actually getting everything done.

One approach I’ve found to be particularly effective for ensuring that I’m meeting my schedule is by setting weekly or monthly goals.

This way, I’m able to move ahead on my most important projects as soon as they are due rather than getting caught in the inevitable “rush to make things perfect” as deadlines approach.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career, just starting a new job, or working your way up to a C-suite title, you can be productive by following these three tips.

You’ll likely experience some frustration, but ultimately, you’ll be more likely to reach your full potential.


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