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This article will discuss food and beverage promotions ideas. We provide ideas for burgers, appetizers, deli salads, sandwiches, beverages, and snacks.

Promotions are designed to make sales. Restaurants will make the food, but they can make the sale much more efficient by running different types of promotions.

Promotions provide variety to the menu. They allow the customer to order their favorite items and they allow the restaurant to move the breading and topping items to other items on the menu.

This allows the owner to capture a larger slice of the total revenue.

These two ideas are a bar – item drink and burger specials. A large segment of your customers order the burger and drink specials, but in order to reach this segment you have to offer the special to these customers, too.

By running a drink and burger special, the restaurant will get both the burgers and the customers who order them.

Increase the number of orders

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When you offer a drink and burger special, the more orders you will get. The bigger the number of orders, the more revenue you will earn.

These promotions allow you to capture a bigger slice of the food and beverage sales. If you are only offering a food and beverage promotion, then your customers have to spend $9 to get $1 off a drink.

Running a drink and burger special will give the customers a better deal by only charging $1. If a customer buys a drink and a burger, that customer will spend $8 for the drink and $8 for the burger.

This will give the customer $1.75 and $2.50 instead of $9.50 for the drink and $11 for the burger.

Increase your wallet share

Running a drink and burger special will increase your bill share by your customers. The bigger your bill share, the more you will make.

When the restaurant has a 50 percent food and beverage share, the owner will earn $2.50 for every $9 in sales. A 60 percent share will give the owner $4 for every $9 in sales.

An 80 percent share will earn the owner $7.50 for every $9 in sales.

Running a drink and burger special will give you an 80 percent share, so you will earn $7.50 for every $9 in sales.

Using this example, you will make $1,240 by running a drink and burger special. If you were only running a food and beverage promotion, the number of orders would be the same.

In this example, you will earn $1,440 from the drink and burger promotion.

Run a beverage and burger promotion as often as you can. The more often you run the drink and burger specials, the more often you will get the customer to order the special and the more often they will order.

Exclude your customer’s choice

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The idea of having your clients’ choice would be a bonus. However, you should give them the choice between the two products.

Otherwise, this is not fair. The menu item that you have picked for your clients should be the best one that you can offer to them.

When a customer indicates their choice of a particular menu item, you can either give them the product that you had offered them or, you can take the competitor’s product.

When a customer selects your product, the benefit that he will receive from this is very high. You can offer them a cash amount or a discount on the product that you had previously taken from them.

Give your clients a discount

Customers can also get an instant discount if they use your coupon code. Whenever you have the opportunity, you should give your clients an instant discount.

Clients do not want to wait to have their order delivered. If you can offer them the product with the very fast delivery, then you can give them a discount on the total amount.

Offer discounts to clients on meal or meal service. When you provide discounts to your client’s meal or meal service, this will make them feel happy.

Exclude your clients from the selection

If you have an event, you should not show your clients the items that they have not selected. You should avoid showing them the menu item that they have selected.

This will make them feel upset.

If your customers are not interested in eating the food that you have chosen for them, you should exclude them from the selection.

Reward your clients

If you are offering free meals to your clients, you should reward them in the form of a gift. Alternatively, you can also give a discount to the client’s meal.

When you offer a discount on your clients’ meal, they will feel happy.

You should give your client a drink and a free meal. The free meal should be of a food that your client has selected.

If you do not offer them a drink, then they will feel frustrated.

Offer limited time discounts

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When you have special discounts, you should try to use them for a limited time period. Otherwise, it will not be attractive for your clients.

When you provide your clients with printable coupons, they will not have to carry them around.

They can just take a printout from the company’s website.

If you offer a free item to your client, you should always give your client a very large quantity of the item. They can then give the rest to their friends.

When you give away a product to your clients, you can always choose a product that you have not yet produced.

You can try your luck and try to produce a better product. If you are able to produce a better product, then your client will definitely appreciate it.


You should try to provide your clients with the best product that you have. When you are offering a very expensive product, your client will not appreciate it.

This will make them feel disappointed.

However, when you give your client a free food item, it will make them feel happy.

As a result, you can promote your product and sell more units.



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