The Florida real estate exam is quite difficult to prepare for, even more so now that there are just two exams! Before March 1st of 2020, there was only one version of the examination- the Florida Realtor® Examination. Since then, however, there have been two versions- the Comprehensive General (CREN) and Property/Risk Managers’ Exams (PRMA).

Not only do they test different knowledge areas, but also their format has changed as well. There were 150 questions in each of the two examinations back in 2016, but this number increased to 180 for the CREN and 210 for the PRMA. This article will talk about how many question types you can expect to see on both tests, what time frames these tests are given, and some strategies to help you be prepared!.

We have gathered all the information we could find online to create an easy to use chart which includes all important info such as date, location, registration link, and cost to register! Check out our interactive tool here!

If you would like to read more about the differences between the two examinations or learn other preparation tips, check out our separate articles below! Now let’s dive into the details of the real estate exam.

Understanding the different types of neighborhoods

how many questions are on the florida real estate exam

As we have seen, there are two main categories of questions asked on the real estate exam. These are either general market information or specific neighborhood information. General question topics include things like if you own your house, what areas you should consider for investment, how much money you need to make in the home business, and more.

However, most people who take the test do not focus too heavily on those types of questions. Rather, they are focused more on specific neighborhood information. This is very important as it can determine whether or not you will be able to continue living in the same area!

If this applies to you, then here are some tips for preparing for the test. First, find out which communities are considered stable. You may want to look at community forums to see what houses and condos people own, as well as talk with other professionals in the field about their experiences in the area.

Understanding the different types of locations

how many questions are on the florida real estate exam

The location of your real estate agent, the type of property you are looking to buy or sell, and the area that you want to live in all play an integral part in defining how successful you will be as a homeowner or seller.

The difference between having a busy career and retiring well depends largely upon the lifestyle you choose for yourself. If you want to keep traveling after retirement, then buying a house close to airports and public transportation is important.

If you prefer the tranquility of the countryside, then living near green spaces and recreational facilities can help you feel relaxed and comfortable. It also helps promote wellness and self-confidence.

It’s very difficult to find someone who is not motivated by money, but what kind of person you want to be comes more into play than how much cash you have. You want to make sure you invest in relationships and education so you don’t go bankrupt trying to give others their due rewards.

Knowledge of the market

how many questions are on the florida real estate exam

As mentioned earlier, being familiar with the local real estate market is an integral part of being a successful agent. This includes knowing which areas are growing and shrinking in population, how to describe the surrounding area to potential home buyers, and what types of homes are popular at any given time.

It also means making sure that your marketing strategies are effective for attracting new customers as well as keeping current clients.

For example, if you’re trying to get people into their own house, telling them about the amenities of the house and the community may not work as effectively as showing them a picture or two of the interior of the house.

They may want to look around first!

You can be creative and use pictures and descriptions to convey the message, but make sure it works for your audience.

Knowledge of the regulations

how many questions are on the florida real estate exam

The other requirement for being able to practice real estate in the state of Florida is having knowledge of the regulations. This includes knowing what services and products are allowed, as well as what types of disclosures are required by law.

In order to be licensed, you must pass both the written exam and the practical test. While most people only focus on the practical part, this is not good enough!

The practical portion consists of three separate cases that address issues such as false promises made to sellers, misrepresented property conditions, and dishonest negotiations with buyers. All three parts of the practical review require you to have at least a basic understanding of the laws related to each case.

Communications skills

how many questions are on the florida real estate exam

In addition to asking questions, real estate agents must be able to listen to get all of the information needed to help buyers or sellers find their perfect home. Agents need to pay close attention to what you say and how you say it so that they understand your message and don’t give away too much personal info!

Agents also have to be good at giving straightforward answers to direct questions. If asked whether or not a house has solid walls, you can’t just tell the person “no.” They will think you are hiding something!

Agents have to be comfortable talking with people from different cultures and educational backgrounds. This is particularly important in an industry where most clients are not necessarily educated about real estate beyond the basics.

There are two main reasons why having strong communication skills is essential for success as a residential real estate agent. First, being able to speak clearly yourself helps ensure that other people feel confident in your ability to do the same. Second, being able to communicate well makes it easier for you to get the job done. You will save time by not wasting energy trying to work through misunderstandings.

The best way to develop your communications skills is by doing so every day. Whether you are speaking with colleagues, family members, or even strangers, practice using standard phrases and concepts and testing out your tone and volume.

Financial ability

The financial ability to be a real estate agent is one of the most important things to look at when determining if you should take the exam. You do not need to have money in excess to become an agent, but you will need enough to cover your expenses for several years while investing in the profession.

Most states require that applicants pass a written test as well as a practical experience (or internship) session. These tests are usually made up of about twenty-five questions each. Most agents make it through around six minutes per question, which can add up quickly!

The cost of taking the test varies slightly from state to state, but all are very expensive. Some may even charge extra fees for being overqualified after passing the test.


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