As seen with our introduction, creating digital art is a very popular way to showcase your artistic talent. Creating beautiful illustrations can be quite difficult at times though, especially if you are not too familiar with computer graphics.

Charging excessive amounts of money for an illustration can sometimes make it seem like people do not know what they are doing. This may influence some artists to avoid offering expensive services because they feel that their work is not worth it.

It is important to note that cost does not determine whether or not someone will consider your artwork good. If you create great looking images then this article will prove that!

This article will talk about how much should be paid for different types of illustrative works. We will go into detail on graphic design, logos, and other common types of business cards and marketing materials.

We will also discuss how professional quality printed material is priced. By using these prices as references, you can come up with your own price estimates.

Your skill set

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

The second way to price your service is determined by what skills you have already working with you. If you are very artistic, then offering your services as an artist is probably the best route to take!

Artists can make really good money through their talents so why not share them with others?

By being professional about it, people will appreciate the work that you put into theirs and may even hire you directly!

There are many ways to be an artist. You could be creative in different mediums such as painting or drawing, writing stories inspired from your imagination, creating logos and branding materials, or even designing clothing! It is up to you how you want to spread your talent to earn more money.

Your experience

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

The price of your work is determined by you, and you alone. It’s yours to keep or give away as you see fit. You can even offer your work for free if you want to spread your creative wings!

This sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. If you love creating art and sharing your creativity with others, then giving away pieces of yourself is totally acceptable.

And if you really wanted to make money off of your illustrations, there are many ways to do that too!

It’s all about what makes you feel happy and contented in the space between jobs. For some people that means staying in their studio late at night and practicing their drawing skills, while for other artists that means offering your services on Etsy or via social media platforms.

The only way to know what works for you is through experiments. Keep exploring, and don’t get distracted by the distractions.

Plan your marketing campaign

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

Even if you are an artistic genius, it is not worth doing nothing with your art. If you have a passion for drawing or painting, then sharing your skills is a worthy goal.

Digital illustration is a medium that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Technology makes creating illustrations easy and virtually anyone can do it.

However, like any other form of creative expression, digital artists should be paid for their work.

How much you ask for depends on many different factors such as genre, audience, and length, to name a few. But overall, we recommend aiming to earn at least $10 per image.

Test your pricing strategy

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

It’s totally normal to be confused as to whether or not you should lower your price, especially when you are trying to gain market share. But don’t do it unless you have tested your prices against what others are offering and seen how well they do!

There are so many ways to test your prices, from using free trial accounts at the same websites as yours, to seeing what other designs you can buy and then estimating how much that costs.

We would also recommend comparing yourself with others in your field – if someone else is creating similar digital art like you, why not try to undercut their prices? Or even create your own style and see how people respond to it.

The more methods you use to test your prices, the better! Luckily, there are some great free tools available online which make this process easy.

Offer a variety of pricing options

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

As mentioned before, you do not have to stick with one price structure for your digital illustrations. This is an excellent way to increase your income as an artist! There are many ways to market yourself as an artist that don’t cost a lot of money.

Creating digital artwork isn’t expensive unless you are very inexperienced or you lack the equipment needed to produce quality work. There are plenty of free resources available online that can help beginner artists get started.

By producing your own art, you will be saving money in the long run. Many people begin creating their own art by copying what they see and learning from there.

Graduating beyond this stage requires investing in some basic tools such as a computer, printer, and possibly software. However, does it really make sense to invest in these items if you are just starting out?

There are several sites where you can create your own account and upload your own designs. Some of the more popular ones include Canva, Adobe Muse, and Google Draw.

Set your price

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

Before you start creating, there is one thing that must be addressed – how much should you charge for your digital illustration? This article will discuss some strategies to determine an appropriate price for your art!

The first rule of pricing is to set a fair price. Being aware of industry standards can help give you a clue as to what people are paying for similar illustrations like yours.

By looking at past sales records of others’ work, you can get a good idea of where your artwork falls in terms of competition.

It is very difficult to earn money being expensive so make sure your creative style does not carry too high of prices.

General tips: don’t overprice yourself by trying to be more professional or sophisticated with your design.

Artists who have success in the market do not spend lots of money on their designs but they also are not coming across as friendly and approachable either.

Market your service

how much should i charge for a digital illustration

Now that you have done some research into how much people pay for digital illustrations, published art, and other artistic services, you can start to market yourself as an artist!

The first thing is to make sure that you are defining what being an artist means to you. Does it mean creating realistic paintings? Creating comic book style artwork? Being creative in general?

Whatever genre of art you want to pursue as a professional artist, know what it takes to be successful in that field. By having these basics down, you will be more confident in your career path.

General tips: When marketing yourself as an artist, your tone matters! Make sure to keep your messages positive and upbeat. People will give you less opportunities if you seem too negative or demanding.

Likewise, be aware of when things need to be friendly and polite. You do not need to use big words or formal tones with potential clients and colleagues.

Artists’ social media accounts are a great way to promote their business. Create profiles for your account using pictures and videos of you working as an artist. Include links to your studio, examples of your work, and information about who you serve as an artist.

Promoting yourself via social media is a cost-effective way to get exposure. And while costs may include buying new shirts and shoes, paying for ads, and investing time, you can also earn additional income from followers or sharing buttons.

Get professional advice

Even if you are just starting out as an artist, digital illustrator or designer, it is important to know what prices your artistic skills are worth.

There are many ways to find this information. You can talk to people who work in the art field around you, or search online for how to become a successful artist.

But before you start advertising yourself, there’s one thing you should do first!

Compare your own artwork with those of others, look at their styles, see what they have that you want to copy, and then try to imitate them.

This will help you determine whether or not your style is unique and strong. It will also show you more about potential styles and how to make yours stand out.

After all, no one truly owns a perfect artistic style.

Artists create their styles by mixing together things they like about other artists’ works, and incorporating something new into their own.


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