As mentioned earlier, being able to sell real estate is a great way to make money. However, before you can start selling houses, you will need to be licensed as an agent. And while it may sound like a drag, getting your license isn’t too difficult.

In this article, we will talk about some of the things needed to obtain a real estate sales agents license in Canada. We will also talk about how to get started with no experience at all!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Getting Licensed as a Sales Agent

Brokers vs Agents

There are two different licenses that anyone can apply for when wanting to become a sales agent- a broker and then an agent. A brokers licence allows them to work independently without having someone supervising them, whereas an agent license requires there to be a supervisor who monitors their activities.

The difference between the two is mainly just a matter of whether or not you want to work alone or have a manager watching over you. If you prefer the second option then go ahead and apply for the agent licence instead.

Pay a fee

After you determine if real estate is for you, what position you want to hold as a Realtor, and whether this career path is right for you, your next step will be to find out how to get a real estate license.

Most states require that before working as a realtor, you must first obtain a general business license and then a broker’s license. Some even require that you are registered with the state insurance agency!

These licenses can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars depending on the state, the district in which you work, and the number of agents being licensed at any given time.

Some agencies offer educational courses and services to help you navigate through the process but there is no standard way to go about it. What makes one school or course more expensive than another depends mostly upon their marketing strategy.

There are some great sites where you can learn all sorts of things about becoming an agent. Many have free information as well as paid packages.

Do not try to become a real estate agent by yourself

how to get real estate license

As if working as a real estate professional does not require enough effort, trying to navigate through the process of becoming an agent on your own is not the best way to go about it.

Real estate agents are professionals who have gone through extensive training in marketing, sales strategies, finance, property laws and more. They have studied how to be successful so they know what helps them win business and keep clients coming back!

By and large, most people cannot do this work well alone.

It takes someone with experience to realize this and that’s why there are usually already licensed real estate agents around you when you start looking into buying or selling a home.

Stay calm and confident

how to get real estate license

Even if you have no experience, there are ways to get licensed as an agent! Getting a real estate license is not only helpful for your career, but it also gives you some extra money. While most people start working in real estate at the salesperson level, many move up the ladder quickly.

Salespeople with licenses are given more responsibility, making them higher earners. Becoming a real estate professional has its own set of requirements, however, so make sure you are prepared before jumping into that pool.

Fortunately, getting a real estate license is easy! There are several ways to learn about agents’ licensing procedures, and most offer good quality courses designed to meet individual needs.

There are even some great resources available free of charge or through promotional offers. By learning how to become an agent from the beginning, you will know what steps to take next.

Research your market

how to get real estate license

As mentioned earlier, before you can become licensed as a real estate agent, you need to make sure that you have enough sales experience and knowledge of the industry. But beyond those basics, you will also need to know if there is enough demand for your services in your area!

Knowing your local market is one of the most important things to do as an aspiring real estate agent. Is there enough interest in other agents opening their own businesses? Are people talking about how much they want to be a part of the real estate industry? If so, then it seems like that area is thriving with activity!

Finding out whether or not your area is growing comes down to doing some research and looking at both online and offline sources. You can search business directories to see what information they offer and compare prices to get a good sense of which one is the best source of information.

You can also visit nearby buildings such as schools, hospitals, or shopping centers to determine if there are any openings.

Know your location

how to get real estate license

Even if you do not plan to be an agent, being licensed is still important because it allows you to work as one! You can either take the test through the NAR or go through more specific state boards that regulate real estate agents.

Getting this license does not mean you are automatically entitled to become an agent, but it gives you the basics for working in the field. Before jumping into becoming an agent, make sure you have proper training first!

The education process of receiving your license will vary per person and per board so check out these tips before getting started.

Prepare your marketing materials

how to get real estate license

After you determine that real estate licensing is what you want to do, you will need to make sure that you are prepared for the process. This includes having all of your documents in order, being organized, and having enough money to run with!

While some courses require you to be licensed before you can take classes, most states allow you to work under licensure while you get ready.

Focus on customer service

how to get real estate license

As mentioned before, being able to talk with people is one of the most important skills you can have in the real estate industry. But it’s not just about talking to individuals – you will be speaking to other agents, brokers, and even customers sometimes!

Your potential clients will likely look for recommendations from friends or family who they already trust. Therefore, your ability to listen to others and respond appropriately will play an integral role in their search.

While having knowledge related to the field is very helpful, what really sets great real estate professionals apart is how well they relate to and cater to each individual.

This includes creating a comfortable environment, responding to questions intelligently, and keeping conversations focused on moving forward towards a sale. — Given that this article has talked at length about listening, now is the time to practice.

Take some time today to speak with someone else (for example, your neighbor) about something non-related (perhaps the weather). Then, discuss them and what makes them happy or sad and if you could do anything different if you were them, etc.

Understand the market

how to get real estate license

As mentioned before, being licensed is not enough to help you become an effective real estate agent. You need to be able to understand how the industry works so that you can put your efforts into helping others succeed rather than helping yourself by taking advantage of them.

Real estate agents are paid according to two main factors – sales and listings. Agents who work more leads will make more money because they will earn higher commissions for the services they provide.

Agents who work longer hours may also receive praise from their colleagues and superiors but this does not necessarily mean it is a good thing. If an agent spends most of his time working instead of with family or other responsibilities, he may be depriving himself of important things in life which can have long-term effects on his mental health.

There are many ways to get rid of these types of distractions, including through social media detoxes and quitting smoking. While such changes may seem hard at first, they will pay off in the end. For example, studies show that people who give up cigarettes will feel happier after doing so. Similarly, if you want to focus on achieving your career goals, stop consuming alcohol and tobacco.


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