Jimmy Kimmel

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel dissected the Emmys of 2021. “What a show,” he remarked of Cedric the Entertainer’s three-hour event, which promoted diversity while awarding all acting awards during the broadcast to white actors.

“They started with Rita Wilson rapping, and it just got whiter from there,” Kimmel remarked.

“This year it was the English,” he added, alluding to Schitt’s Creek’s sweep of the 2020 comedy awards. This year was a Brits-krieg, with half of the Emmys going to “non—dare I say un-Americans.”

To win an Emmy this year, even Ted Lasso had to relocate to London.”

A “dopey American” interviewer in London, he said, asked Gillian Anderson, who won the Emmy for best supporting actress in a drama for her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher on The Crown, whether she spoke to the former prime minister about the part. Anderson gently replied that she had not.

“She hasn’t because Margaret Thatcher passed away in 2013,” Kimmel said. “However, if she had spoken to her in some way, it would have made a fantastic episode of The X Files.”

Trevor Noah: ‘Trinidad is a real location with real people who are now dealing with a very serious epidemic… So this was a problem they didn’t need to be dealing with right now.’

In other developments, farm shops have not begun to limit sales of the livestock dewormer ivermectin, which has been debunked by health professionals but is still used by some extreme anti-vaxxers as a Covid therapy, to verified horse owners. “The anti-vaxx crowd has been turning to monoclonal antibody treatment,” Kimmel said, “for those who can’t get their hands on the horse-y sauce.”

“It’s pretty incredible that people who don’t believe in vaccines believe in being pumped full of lab-created antibodies,” Kimmel remarked. “It’s like skydiving, but instead of using the parachute you’re given, you decide to crash near a hospital.”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah stated, “We all recognized the heroic sacrifices that healthcare workers were making during the pandemic.” “And then we all stopped clapping at some point.

“But nurses never stopped sacrificing,” he said, “and things are as bad as they’ve ever been,” as hospitals throughout the nation are flooded with unvaccinated patients (97 percent of hospitalizations and almost all fatalities), and anger with an avoidable catastrophe reaches a boiling point.

“I don’t blame these healthcare workers for being frustrated,” Noah remarked. “They’re being forced to deal with a crisis that could have been avoided entirely. That’s not what they expected!

They joined up to treat individuals for diseases for which we don’t have vaccinations and to act as if they didn’t judge you when you had strange objects shoved up your buttocks.

“Think about how frustrating this has to be: this pandemic could, and should, be under control by now,” he said. “However, now they must fight it all over again.”

If you’re a jerk who doesn’t care about nurses, “Well, guess what: when there aren’t enough nurses to go around, and the ones who are there are burned out, you might be the one who pays the price,” Noah said. Burnout has resulted in staff shortages at a number of hospitals, as well as an increase in the danger of errors caused by employees who have been working nonstop for months.

“This should go without saying, but the last people you want making mistakes on the job are nurses,” Noah said. “The worst thing that can happen if a Taco Bell employee is burnt out and distracted is that you leave with a tortilla wrapped in cheese instead of cheese wrapped in a tortilla.

The errors that nurses may make, on the other hand, are much more severe, and this should be enough to frighten even anti-vaxxers.”

Seth Myers

Seth Meyers of Late Night delves into additional ludicrous Covid rumors peddled by Fox News. “One way to tell if the Republican Party is intellectually bankrupt is that they spend a lot of time talking about batshit conspiracy theories that they concocted out of nowhere,” he added.

There’s ivermectin, and Fox News’ newfound adoration of artist Nicki Minaj for tweeting she didn’t get vaccinated after claiming her cousin’s Trinidadian acquaintance had enlarged testicles after receiving the vaccination. (Swollen testicles as a side effect has been refuted by a number of health authorities, including Trinidad and Tobago’s health minister.)

“It’s great when the same people who scream “fake news” treat a Nicki Minaj tweet about her cousin’s friend’s balls as unquestionable information,” Meyers remarked. “It’s not like she was reporting live outside a hospital on CNN; she just tweeted a rumor she heard that obviously wasn’t true.

“This is what the right is talking about instead of actual policy, and that’s because Biden’s Covid policies are fairly popular with a majority of Americans,” Meyers said, citing surveys showing widespread support for Biden’s vaccination requirement for government workers and big corporations.

Nonetheless, conservative legislators have criticized the health-care reforms in sensationalist terms; on the alt-right outlet Newsmax, North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn dubbed it “medical apartheid.”

Meyers quipped, “Yes, everyone knows you have a constitutional right to unrestricted air travel.” “Who can forget Paul Revere’s famous words: one by land, two by sea, three by Southwest with a six-hour layover at Chicago-Midway?”

Thanks to Adrian Horton at The Guardian whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.


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