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This movie is a movie about two different men who learn that if they want to become successful, they must follow the steps for becoming successful.

The step-by-step approach is repeated again and again. However, this movie was an example of how a film company can use simple steps to make it appealing and exciting for the viewer.

The two men are good, but not as good as they think they are and each thing that happens to them in this movie is so easy to watch.

There is even a problem in the middle of the movie that is very predictable. For example, one of the characters is talking about how things can get better for them.

As the movie progresses, things don’t improve at all. For example, one character has everything and is still not happy.

This is the type of character you get in most films that you will see in the theater. He is overconfident and unaware of his bad behavior.

The problem with this type of character is that people like him are considered the good guy in the film.

So, when he does something stupid, he becomes a hero, the one that tries to get the girl or beats up the bad guy.

Therefore, people will be like, “Wow, you are a brave man for fighting against bad people.”

Not everything that happens in this movie is predictable


There are actually parts that make this movie more interesting than most films that we see in theaters.

One scene in the movie is when one of the characters does something that I would never do.

I think we all have done something like this in the past, but never admit to it or say it out loud.

For example, in this scene, the character, played by Vin Diesel, is sitting in a chair thinking about the event that is going to happen to him.

His life has become boring, he is eating a meal with his wife and this man says he wants to die.

His wife is disgusted by this and says, “What are you talking about? I thought we were going to grow old together and live together forever.”

She says, “You promised that to me. I have been through so much with you.” The man then gets up, tells his wife that he wants to kill himself, and does.

This scene shows us the raw emotions that men can have, how they are not afraid to show them and show that men can be open about their feelings.

We never see men doing this in a movie.

Every movie about success must have a climax

behind the scenes w/ rapper Xelent

The climax should be the climax in every movie. If the climax of the movie is not what the viewer wants, then he or she is going to not like the movie.

Usually, the climax of the movie is when the main character changes and transforms.

However, this movie is not about making you want the main character to become a better person.

In this movie, he does not change. Instead, he changes in a small way and realizes his bad habits.

For example, at the beginning of the movie, he likes having a beer every night. This habit is keeping him from being successful.

So, in the movie, he decides that he is going to go one week without a beer.

As the movie progresses, we find that he has given up on not having a beer. Also, there are other habits in this movie that he does not change.

If you ever want to see a good movie about changes in people, watch the movie Fast Five.

The main character, played by Vin Diesel, changes a lot and changes more in the movie that we see in the theaters.


The storyline should always contain some sort of conflict in it. Without a conflict, there will be no interest to watch the movie, especially if the story is a comedy.

It will be boring. It is important to create a balance in your movie.

Make the story more exciting than boring but never too much exciting, especially if you are trying to start your movie as a serious movie.

Think before you begin.


The plot is how your movie starts and ends. It must be clear and easy to follow. If you want your movie to have a happy ending, try to avoid the use of angry or sad endings.

Characters in a movie can come from any place and/or background. If you use a character who started from the slums, he may become successful but he will never be successful like someone who was born rich.

However, if you choose to put a character who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth in the story, it is going to be a very boring and disappointing movie.

I think you will agree that the best movies have a complicated plot.


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