promo panda is legit and isn't a scam

Why we love Promo Panda (and you probably will too)

Our core team of editors here at LNGFRM has been very happy as of late.


Our traffic is up 200% year over year.

Yeah, we’ve taken this thing from a little side project in 2017 to a legit and (somewhat) global phenomenon.

We’re averaging about 53,000 readers per month from 10+ countries!

So to all of our loyal readers, thank you for supporting LNGFRM for the past four years.

We’ll continue to bring you awesome content that you didn’t need (but we know you want).
Why is our traffic so much?

The answer is simple – this tool that’s called Promo Panda.

Panda offers some crazy SEO services for both individuals and blogs.

As a favor to them for helping us bring our traffic up, we wanted to review their main app offering: Promo Panda.

First off – Promo Panda IS NOT a scam

We should probably clarify this now:

As of writing this article, if you search “Promo Panda Scam” on Google, you’ll see a lot of review websites that describe “PromoPanda” as nothing more than a petty internet scam.

promo panda is not a scam
Some search results for “Promo Panda Scam”

The problem is that these review sites are referring to an older version of, back when it was owned by some random scammer group.

Whoever or whatever owned the domain in 2017/2018 isn’t the same group of people that own Promo Panda now.

I reached out to Panda Inc. CEO Derek Sturman

After seeing a few of these results, I sent an email to one Promo Panda co-creator Derek Sturman.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that the previous owners of the domain were running a less-than-reputable online store. We had already launched by the time we figured it out, thanks to some users who sent us messages asking if those reviews were about us.”

So, fear not prospective Panda Inc. customers: if you see any articles or review sites like SiteJabber, Trustpilot, etc. about Promo Panda, you’re probably reading about some crappy Chinese online store that no longer exists.

Sidebar: Trustpilot sucks

Also in his email reply, Sturman included some choice words for Trustpilot.

Allegedly, the following went down:

Sturman was in contact with multiple Trustpilot representatives in an attempt to clear the non-relevant content from a reviews page for one

He was then notified by a Trustpilot account executive that company policy dictates there be only one Trustpilot profile per business.

Worse yet, Sturman was told that Trustpilot has a strict company policy in which a business’s review page can’t have any reviews wiped, even when that business “changes ownership”.

Sturman’s take:

“This policy would make sense in our particular case if, in fact, Promo Panda was a business that changed ownership. The reality is that Panda Inc. is a newly formed business that just so happens to have purchased a domain name formerly owned by scammers. There hasn’t been any ‘change of ownership’ business-wise except for the domain name. A domain name IS NOT a business.”

promo panda is not a scam trustpilot
An example of a “Promo Pand” review. Last I checked, the digital PR firm doesn’t currently offer “Backless pushup bras” 🤔

After attempting to explain this to the Trustpilot rep, he was simply shoveled over to a different who was even less helpful.

“Why the hell would I want to work with a company that doesn’t adhere to its own policies? They purposefully allow bogus, totally irrelevant reviews to clog up our page.”

Sturman encourages people to not only ignore Promo Panda’s Trustpilot page but to ignore Trustpilot pages for all businesses in general.

“It just feels like a small business protection racket a-la Yelp.”

Despite the misunderstanding, Sturman insists that he’s leaving the door open to Trustpilot should they desire to make it right.

“To anyone at Trustpilot who ends up reading this, feel free to shoot me an email so we can clear this up. In the meantime, I’ll keep telling business owners that Trustpilot is a complete waste of money. Promo Panda can do a better job of boosting their digital business reputation for far less money.”

If you ask us, Trustpilot, Yelp, and all those review sites are garbage anyway. Why waste time consuming content from crappy corporate monoliths when you can get the latest scoop from authentic indy blogs like LNGFRM? Admittedly, we may be biased on this front 🙂

Why would someone use Promo Panda?

There are two main answers to this question.

Let’s tackle each one individually.

You’re a musician/filmmaker/business owner trying to improve your online branding

Let’s face it – I think we speak for every creative out there when we say that promoting yourself can often feel like a shitty, dead-end endeavor.

It can also feel too self-serving to try and tell people “hey, look at me!” when you’d rather just shut up and do the things that we think are worth promoting in the first place.

Basically, Promo Panda uses some crazy tech algorithms (what doesn’t these days) to automatically find opportunities to be featured in online media.

What that means is that all you have to do is upload your info and order your placements just like you would buy something on an online store.

It sounds crazy until you try it. We know that it works very well because LNGFRM has actually been the destination for some very cool people who’ve used the platform.

This leads us to our next use case…

You’re a blog/site owner who wants more traffic to your site

This is why we use Promo Panda.

If you’ve ever seen an interview with or feature about some awesome personality here on LNGFRM, there’s a decent chance we covered that personality on account of Promo Panda.
It just makes it easy for us to know who and what to write about.

The result is that cool people are featured on our blog, our traffic goes up like crazy, and we don’t really have to work that hard. It’s awesome!


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