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The dictionary defines success as having a place in life where one is satisfied or at peace, having status, power, or fame.

Success is defined in many ways. However, there are various ways to get to that end.

Some people call it reaching a high level.

Others define it as happiness and appreciation of life. And still, others have a different perspective.

Some people look at it as rewarding yourself. Others look at it as reaching a level of financial freedom.

And still, others refer to it as freedom from poverty.

No matter what you believe success is, there are times when your goals become elusive or the road to achieving your goals seems hard.

These times will vary depending on the type of goal you have.

To reach a certain goal, you must have the right plan to get to where you want to be. You need the right process to complete the project you set out to accomplish.

Listening to inspirational podcasts

Do you have time to listen to podcasts, and if you do, what type of podcasts are you listening to?

Inspiring or informative podcasts will help you remember that you are on the right track.

According to many studies, people who listen to inspirational podcasts are more successful than those who listen to funny podcasts.

Feeling comfortable at work

One surefire way to feel more at ease at work is to be physically involved in it.

If you are busy, like you should be, you can avoid stressing out about going to work.

You can even make a mental note that “it’s Monday.”

Here are some warning signs of being a failure:

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If you think you are better than the person next to you, then you are likely a lying idiot.

We do not lie to make ourselves look good, we lie because we can’t tell the truth.


If you believe in something and practice it, but you are hypocrites, then you are doing it wrong.

Apologizing a lot:

If you apologize to people a lot, then you have already failed.

People rarely forgive bad behavior and we should be honest with them unless they are assholes.

Bringing your partner on stage to lead:

Every major failure I’ve seen was because the leader was either an asshole or an idiot.

So, unless you have a good friend helping you out, do not put them upfront.

So you need a strategy to know whether you should be putting yourself upfront.

If you do it for someone else’s ego, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Of course, you are not going to go out and see 100 successful people and use every single one as a benchmark for your own career.

Instead, you need to look at patterns.

In the past, you’ve found that certain patterns are common among successful people, and you’ve found other patterns that are common among non-successful people.

The success test:

You want to find your own unique patterns. That is the surest way to beat the system and be successful.

Here is the successful test:

  • Find something you can do better than most people. What is it?
  • Measure the success of your achievement and let it be your baseline.

If you hit that baseline, then you are successful. If you hit a higher benchmark then you are a strong candidate for a successful future.

If you fail, then you’re probably an asshole, and you should probably stick to being that asshole.

The ugly test:

You’ll notice that, on the flip side, if you find someone with an outstanding performance, but they have a horrible demeanor, you won’t care much about the performance.

It’s only the demeanor that would make them memorable.

Here is the ugly test:

  • Figure out what your “ugly” stuff is.
  • What is the one flaw you have? (At this point, if you aren’t a sex offender, don’t worry about it)
  • Which of those flaws would you have to endure to be truly successful?

By not being yourself, you will succeed.

This is not to say that you should be an asshole, but that you should be genuine.

If you think a person is an asshole, then they are an asshole, and they should probably be avoided.

Use these to see if you are truly ready to be successful because you will be able to separate yourself from the masses, and become a true superstar.

What you should do instead

man sitting on chair beside laptop computer and teacup

The final advice for becoming successful is pretty straight forward:

  • Work harder than everyone else
  • Sleep less time than everyone else
  • Eat better than everyone else
  • Do more than everyone else
  • Do your own research instead of relying on the experts

This is pretty much identical to the advice most smart people give themselves, although they will spend a lot of time, effort, and money to do it.

So, when you’re not doing something, ask yourself: Is there a better way?

Do you believe that the only way to become successful is by blindly following the crowd?

The only way to be successful is to find your own unique way to be successful.


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