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According to Apple’s predictable iPhone launch timetable, the iPhone 13 series will be unveiled in mid-September.

The iPhone manufacturer hasn’t issued any warnings to investors or consumers about possible launch delays this year, so the iPhone 13 should be available as soon asnext month.

The new iPhones aren’t completely hidden, as they are with every new iPhone introduction.

So far, a slew of iPhone 13 leaks and speculations have all painted the same image. The iPhone 13 series will be available in four sizes and will be direct successors to the iPhone 12 devices from last year.

The new phones will have a design that is almost identical to the iPhone 12, with a few key differences that have been seen in leaks. The most recent iPhone 13 speculations seem to corroborate earlier leaks, presenting the same basic picture of the iPhone 13 design.

Previous speculations about the iPhone 13

Like its predecessors, the iPhone 13 will feature flat edges as well as flat front and back glass panels.

The width and height of all models will remain the same, but they will be thicker than previously.

According to previous rumors, the phones would be just 0.2 mm thicker than their iPhone 12 counterparts. This is enough to boost the battery capacity of each of the four iPhone 13 variants. It’s also possible that iPhone 12 cases will not fit iPhone 13 models.

The notch is the most important design alteration. The iPhone 13 will be the first to have a notch that is smaller than prior models. At the top, the Face ID bezel will still be visible.

Camera updates

Finally, on all four iPhone 13 versions, the rear camera modules will be bigger than previously.

Apple is said to be working on numerous camera improvements. The most significant is the addition of sensor-shift OIS technology to the main camera on all iPhone 13 models. Last year, it was a function that was only available on the iPhone 12 Pro. Because the cameras have grown in size, the camera modules will be thicker than previously.

The most recent leaks

A schematic allegedly showing the final design for the iPhone 13 Pro Max was shared on Twitter by a leaker. We’re looking at a smartphone with a smaller notch and a triple-lens camera, as shown below:Image

Svetapple.sk, a Slovakian-language site, teamed up with Innocent a few days ago to post pictures of alleged iPhone 13 covers (seen below).iPhone 13 Design Leak

When Apple comes to design modifications, the site claims that its pictures are in accordance with the iPhone 13 Pro Max schematic above.

“The Notch”

In comparison to the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 has a larger notch.

Svetapple.sk and Innocent are the sources of the images.

According to the site, the notch will decrease by almost 25%. The space in the bezel will be 2.57 cm, down from 3.45 cm before. The notch on the iPhone 13 will also be 26.63 mm wide.

The iPhone 13 will be 1.3 percent thicker than the iPhone 12, according to the source. Rather than the 0.2 mm increase stated in most publications, this is a 0.1 mm increase in thickness.

The rumored iPhone 13 schematics also show a significantly bigger camera bump than last year’s model. On the rear, the camera module takes up more space than previously. Svetapple’s own pictures reveal the same narrative about the iPhone 13’s design (below).

Based on the designs for iPhone 13 cases, the camera hump will be bigger than that of the iPhone 12. Svetapple.sk and Innocent are the sources of the images:

iPhone 13 Design Leak
Finally, the iPhone 13 case images suggest that the side buttons will be somewhat lower than previously.

There’s no way to know for sure until Apple reveals the iPhone 13, as there usually is with iPhone leaks. That should happen in a few weeks, most likely on September 14th with a virtual iPhone 13 event.


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