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Drummers often listen to rock, pop, and hip-hop music, but there are also more eccentric sounds that can be heard. Here are some examples of what they’re listening to when they play live.

Spotify playlists play a big part in what drummers are listening to when they play live

These playlists are the first thing that drummers will go to when they go to tune their instruments.

Often, they’ll listen to a playlist that is made specifically for live shows.

So there will be songs that are played when the drummer’s part starts, as well as songs that are played as a support or a filler.

Artists such as Diplo, Big Sean, and Joey Bada$$ have been known to make a playlist specifically for their live shows.

There are also some events where drummers choose a playlist based on what is going to be played.

They might mix hip-hop and funk in the first half of their set, then play a more classic rock tune in the second half.

What’s in your pocket?

Many drummers are using earbuds or headphones to listen to their tracks.

This isn’t just because they’re in the zone and can’t hear anyone else around them.

It’s more likely that drummers are listening to their tracks on a tablet, phone, or laptop that isn’t on the stage.

This gives them a chance to check and double-check what they’re playing, as well as listen to their backing track.

If they’re working on a particularly tricky part, they might be able to listen to it back on a playback system.

These headphones and earbuds can be used at the same time, or they can be separated.

Sunglasses may also be used as a backup to try to stay in the groove

Teddy and the Rough Riders

These are often used by drummers who work indoors or need to stay in the background, away from the audience.

Drummers are often seen with their shades on the other side of the room, waiting for their cue.

It’s likely that, especially in drummers who are getting tired of the set, they will be seeking shade or looking around.

It’s not just the drums that take up all of the stages. A couple of the players often go and have a chat with the audience.

However, these chats are usually brief, and rarely more than a couple of minutes.

Most drummers talk to the audience to create a connection, but this may not always be the case.

You might not be a vocalist or a guitarist, but if you play in the band and you are thinking of making a name for yourself as a percussionist, you have to be comfortable with the power of your voice and sound.

Most of us have a voice; it’s a very important instrument. And drumming is the most powerful instrument, too.

I’ve always said that a drummer should be paid double in the show business world. Not for his drumming. But for his voice.

How are drummers using technology?

As we know, drummers tend to go way off-piste when they are given access to a mobile phone.

So, it should come as no surprise that drummers are also taking to the internet to get ideas and inspiration.

They’ll be watching videos on how other drummers play their tracks, analyzing how they play and how to play them.

On the stage, there’s now an app that allows drummers to analyze how they are hitting their drums.

For example, if there is a drop-out in the backing track, they can look at the bars on the app and see if they can use this to their advantage, by hitting the cymbals harder to create a more dominant sound.

Many drummers are doing online courses, using the lessons to improve their playing.
They’re analyzing their work, identifying problems, and trying to fix them.

The apps are also a great way of keeping your practice up to date.

You can’t be too prepared if you want to stay up with the latest techniques and styles.

Image caption Drums aren’t the only instruments that drummers work with – on this drum kit, the snare is made of perspex, the top half of a banana and the bottom half of a chocolate biscuit

What’s the gig etiquette?

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I think it’s important for drummers to follow some basic house rules.

This doesn’t mean they should be robots on the stage.

It’s vital for the audience to feel engaged, and being told to sit down is annoying to the audience.

If someone feels they have been heckled, then the show needs to end, no matter what the singer or musician is trying to do.

So, it’s important to be friendly.

Be in the moment, make eye contact with the audience and treat them with respect.

If you’re too busy having your own fun to listen to what people are saying, then you are not being as professional as you should be.


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