Relaxing Breakfast

My lifestyle has been (relatively) stable for nearly four years, so much of my morning routines are not too different from those of someone who works a standard 9-5 day.

I have three, well, three fairly consistent tasks that I do every day, any time of day:

Make breakfast

plate of cooked food

If you’re like me, you’ve likely discovered, like I have, that if you don’t write or create something every single day, you begin to lose momentum and a sense of direction in your professional and personal life.

Even if you’re able to sit down and work every day, the result will only be as good as your last piece.

If you’re looking to be the best writer, artist, entrepreneur, and CEO of your business, you have to create a daily habit around what you’re going to be creating in the short- and long-term.

A reliable and actionable list, done regularly, is the key to any habit.

Make coffee, or tea, depending on how you like it

Making a coffee in the morning is not only a good start to your day, but it has the power to open you up to possibilities and give you a boost of energy that helps you perform better in the afternoon.

I’ve seen people have great mornings without coffee, and I’ve seen people who hate coffee have brilliant mornings.

The reality is, it’s all about your choice of beverage.

I personally drink a good Americano in the morning, and while I know some people insist on the cappuccino, I’ve had both, and think you’re better off with a straightforward cup of joe.

Break your eggs, to your liking

I know this is something a lot of people have an issue with, and for good reason.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve wasted eggs because I overshot the time of the morning I should be doing things, and I’ve also seen people who overcook them or don’t use the right ingredients, which wastes calories and reduces the chance that the eggs will be ready in a timely fashion.

I make sure my eggs are warm, runny, and runny enough.

Make my daughter breakfast

lunch date x

You would think I’m the mom, but my daughter’s no different from the people I work with.

It’s easier for me to convince her to sit down with me and have a breakfast that I’m familiar with than it is for her to get up and make something for herself.

If I’m really good at my job, it won’t be long before she has her own morning routine and chooses when to make her own breakfast, but for now, I like doing it.

And she’s usually pretty appreciative.

Pour my coffee

Coffee is all well and good, but it has to be hot enough for me to drink and isn’t really helping me as much as it is filling me with caffeine.

I like a medium-bodied coffee, with a little bit of cocoa. And I always add my cream and sugar, as well as cinnamon if I’m feeling it that day.

I like to work in the mornings because I often have to get up early.

I try to get two articles are written per week (and sometimes more if I can). I’m pretty fast with my writing and editing, and I work best when I’m well-rested.

So to avoid losing momentum in the morning, I need to keep moving.

Reading a few paragraphs before I dive in will help me get into the zone and will help me stay focused.

Watch just one video

I have a personal rule that says I can only watch one video before I start working.

I find that I get so absorbed by the video that the main thing I’m thinking about while I’m writing is what’s going to happen next, and that can drain my creative energy.

There’s no need to binge-watch your favorite TV show. Get out the Google Cardboard and watch a VR video.

Or let Google Chrome save you some time by letting you watch videos right in the browser.

I like to read and write in the morning, so I take my coffee and laptop out to the patio and get started.

Drink my water and watch the sunrise

This is a no-brainer. It’s the one thing that will make sure that I stay hydrated.

It also keeps me grounded and gives me a few minutes to catch my breath. I used to drink only coffee, but that got boring pretty quickly.

I can never drink too much water, either.

Especially if it’s a particularly hot day, I like to drink a glass every couple of hours to prevent dehydration.

Put on my headphones and listen to a podcast

Seated man listening music on this phone

There’s something about the podcasts that seem to make my writing flow better. I’m much more likely to get words on the page if I know what to expect.

Podcasts like “The Most Creative People,” “Getting Personal,” “Tiny Beautiful Things,” and “Freakonomics Radio” are perfect for me, because they have a wide range of subjects and they’re a great way to learn new things.

Do a little housekeeping

When I get home from work, I like to spend a little time cleaning my room.

There’s always some clutter lying around.

If it’s a particularly clean week, I’ll do a full room overhaul, starting with the bed.


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