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The genre has reached the level of “pop” popularity and contains hits such as “Meant to Be,” “Part of Your World” and “Smoke On the Water,” and despite being an often played genre, country music remains a more real and human culture than rap music, since the instrumentation is often not influenced by genre conventions.

Furthermore, rap songs are often loaded with technological shortcuts, hyper-sexualized lyrics, etc.

As it pertains to the music industry, country music songs are different because of the unique instruments, tones, and overall production, giving country music a softer and more innocent vibe.

Every genre has its share of downsides

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Hip-hop certainly has its shortcomings, but it also has its virtues. When rappers speak about politics or racism, it’s difficult to believe they’re sincere.

However, once a listener thinks about the context of the topic, they have a hard time believing rap can be so drastically different from the point of view they expect.

There is, however, one area where rap is lacking.

No genre is as overtly sexualized as rap, and this is arguably the defining characteristic of rap’s lack of cultural respectability.

Music is an extremely important part of social cohesion and this is clearly lost when someone talks about the myriad ways they can’t wait to get their penis inside of you.

Rap suffers from a widespread perception that it’s all about the dick

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This view has permeated the minds of the music industry for decades, but it’s even more problematic in the age of social media.

Rap has no qualms about being racist, misogynistic, or homophobic. In fact, these songs are often presented as if they were actually created to inflame racial tensions.

Yet how often is the song criticized for promoting bigotry, racism, or homophobia? Rap still sells.

There are more than enough racist, misogynist, and homophobic rappers and songs to go around.

Hip-hop indeed has a long history of misogyny and racism

The offensive content, however, is almost always contextually inserted into a song.

It’s also true that, even if rap was more misogynistic and racist, this would have little effect on the music video’s popularity.

Rap has far more powerful influences than the music videos in the industry, most notably music and television.

The overall quality of rap music is undeniable

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The genre has the largest amount of popular musicians and beats that have been performed in the genre.

Similarly, country music has the biggest number of musical artists that have experienced mainstream success, due to its country music-oriented radio stations, television shows, and concert tours.

Therefore, it is almost a universal consensus that rap music is superior in this respect.

However, despite the strength of its popular artists and the quality of its musicianship, rap music lacks that one essential element to make it successful in any genre: a distinctive aesthetic, a quality that distinguishes it from its own genre.

What is it that makes rap a distinct genre from country music? It is the following factors:

1. Rap is often associated with stereotyping African Americans as aggressive or macho

Which was a central component of the hip hop scene in the ’80s and ’90s when it was predominantly dominated by black artists, who would often break down and cuss out racist authorities and other powerful individuals.

This type of rhetoric is heard in many rap songs and is common in hip hop culture today, although a direct comparison between rap and country music would not be possible, because country music is more harmonious and less confrontational in its message and production.

2. Rap music is often heavily sexualized and often focuses on sexual deviancy

Country music song is far less sexualized or deviant in its lyrics and production.

3. Rap music can be found in music videos with explicit language and sexuality

Whereas a country music video would not be able to have this in the same way.

4. Rap music is loaded with disrespect for authority,

For this reason, rap is often associated with street culture, while country music is more family-oriented and even wholesome.

As a result of these characteristics, rap is often perceived as a style that is controversial or radical, which is why it does not garner the support of the people who enjoy country music or vice versa.

Recently, Kanye West visited President Obama, who was seen laughing in response to West’s outspoken opinions on Trump and other political issues, which shocked many listeners, despite West’s personal and professional relationship with Obama over the years.

This made many people wonder what made Obama laugh in the situation, and it is hard to imagine him laughing in such a scenario since it is such a political position that could influence a large segment of the public, regardless of whether or not he is a fan of West or Trump.

There are various reasons why people enjoy rap music and country music, but this does not change the fact that rap is a style of music that goes against the grain of mainstream culture, which many people are not willing to accept.



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