Yu Ting Huang interview

We know that just about all of our readers out there have, at some point, set up a social media profile and waited for it to catch on. 

Maybe the page was a personal account or maybe it was for a business, a band, or an upcoming event that you were planning. 

But of course, simply creating a page on social media doesn’t mean that it will automatically attract attention, since there are literally millions of other people, businesses, etc. who are also trying to earn attention from their desired online audiences. 

This jostling for online attention and engagement has created a new professional specialization of its own, usually referred to as social media management or branded content creation. 

Social media expert and content creator Yu Ting Huang has a great deal of experience handling the many different steps involved in creating excellent photos, videos, and websites that can help market a brand in the hyper-competitive online space. 

At the moment, Huang has been working with a CNC company called i2R CNC, where she helps brainstorm new ideas, sketch out concepts, designs 3D models, and actually operates the CNC machines to create videos that can then be used on social media or on the company’s website.  

A CNC machine is a highly advanced machine that uses data sent from a computer to perform extremely complex operations on wood and metal. 

As Huang explained to us during the interview, these machines attract buyers of different backgrounds, including individual buyers who just want to do some projects at home or in a workshop, and business clientele who use these machines as part of their manufacturing process. 

LNGFRM’s interview with Huang shed some light on how to create successful online content and how these complicated machines can do much more than you’d think.  


How did you first get in touch with i2R CNC? 

Huang: I was on a hunt for new gigs when i2R CNC posted the opening on Indeed. So I met them at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and found out that we are all from Taiwan. It’s a happy coincidence.

When you create content for i2R CNC, do you have specific inspirations or points of reference? 

Huang: We set up meetings with the whole team to discuss the weekly theme. Then I research what’s available already and start to sketch the concept. The open-source database of museums and foundations around the world is quite helpful as a reference.

Has your past photography and videography work informed the work you’re doing for this brand? 

Huang: Yes, of course. It all shares the same aesthetic because I love to capture the moment. The video is an eye to lead the audience into the world as if they were there.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since working with i2R CNC? 

Huang: There were times that I failed and needed to adjust the machine or 3D file again. It makes me realize the beauty and joy of building things from scratch. It is an entry ticket for me to work on woods thanks to modern technology.

Can you tell us a bit more about all the things that CNC machines can be used for? 

Huang: The CNC machine provides both precision and automation for woodworking, and it can also work on metals. In short, you can create a 3D model then use the computer to build a bridge to make the machine work for you.

Do you think your branded content has attracted individual buyers in addition to businesses and commercial clients? 

Huang: Most clients are individual buyers who love doing DIY projects around the globe. We provide expensive flexibility add-on choices to build their dream machine, whether they are beginners or professionals.

Do you have any big plans for i2R CNC content in the near future that you’d like to share with our readers? 

Huang: Let’s keep it as a surprise. New machines are coming this year. Please stay tuned on our Instagram, and we will reveal the latest updates!


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