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First off, I would like to start by saying that people who are any good are usually very good in bed.

Secondly, drummers are usually pretty good in bed.

If you haven’t already figured out the reasoning behind this, here are some reasons why drummers are better in bed.

Drumming takes practice

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Drumming involves repetitive motions. Playing the drum requires concentration and coordination, which is very similar to sex.

If you practice sex regularly, you will also get better at it. I don’t want to give you the impression that drumming is boring and dry and that practicing sex is fun.

It’s not. However, practicing sex in between play sessions will be a lot more fun than practicing sex when you have been asked to do it for the third time in a row and you are very tired.

You will be able to do this because your brain will be syncing with your hands.

So practice sexual arousal and sensitivity by learning and practicing various moves and positions for the first time.

There is a lot of multitasking involved

Your brain is wired to have to keep three sets of eyes on one thing at one time, while drumming while listening to a band, during sex while watching a film, while talking on the phone with a loved one.

If you look at the stimuli that it’s keeping in its mind at once, you will be able to control the amount of attention that is applied to each thing.

You will be at your most relaxed when you are at your most horny

Sex is the best way to calm down if you are in a bad mood or feeling anxious or nervous. It’s the best way to feel comforted and relaxed.

With the type of multitasking that drumming requires, drummers can be at their most relaxed while under the influence of sexual arousal.

You may be thinking, but isn’t drumming strenuous? Yes, drumming can be strenuous.

However, when you are playing the drums for hours at a time, you will be relaxed at the same time.

Drumming can easily turn from an intense and stressful time to a calm and enjoyable one if you focus on drumming while having sex.

Drumming will always be a relief when your stress levels are high. If drumming can be a stress relief, can you imagine what it could do to your sex life?

You don’t need condoms

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Just like drumming, condoms are an intimate barrier between two people. But drumming can be enjoyed without condoms.

When you have the focus to follow the music while you perform sexual intercourse, having to worry about condom usage won’t be an issue.

Drumming and sex are very similar in that sense.

So don’t feel ashamed about practicing sex while drumming. You will only get better at both if you practice the two.

Drumming doesn’t require you to sit on a bed or couch

Sex may require you to have sex while on a bed or couch. Drumming does not require you to sit on a bed or couch.

You can stand or lie down on a drum kit and play at the same time while enjoying yourself with a partner.

So sex and drumming can be practiced anywhere at the same time, and the only person who will see the intimacy between you is your partner.

Drumming isn’t a sexual act, drumming is a sexual act

When you make drumming a sexual act, you create a divide between it and sex.

By making it a sexual act, you have to put in a lot of effort to achieve the same level of intensity that you would if you were doing it with your partner.

You are either going to do it with your partner, or you are not going to do it at all.

Drumming will always be about sex and pleasure; it’s not about the experience of drumming itself.

You will enjoy sex more

It’s almost cliché, but once you get the hang of it, drumming will always be enjoyable.

Once you understand that your thoughts should be put into a new perspective during sex, you will always be aroused, and aroused sex always feels better than a regular orgasm.

And because drumming and sex are inherently intertwined, drumming sex will always be more pleasurable than a regular one.

If you are practicing drumming, you will enjoy sex more. As with any other exercise, you will be better at drumming sex once you get the hang of it.

Drumming will help you open your hips

We all have small, tight hips, which doesn’t exactly leave us open to many sexual positions.

Drumming helps open your hips up, thus increasing your sexual pleasure. When you are hitting your partner, it is impossible to stop drumming.

The motion of the drum is supposed to start at your head and continue all the way down.

When you are starting at your head, you can basically have sex with your partner’s hips and not stop moving until you get where you want to be.

You can always end with your partner if you want to.

Drumming sex is a pressure-free way to get to the point where your partner’s body wants you to be.

Drumming is enjoyable for beginners

Drumming will always be difficult for novices, but once you master the basics of drumming, you will always be a good performer.

Like most forms of physical exercise, drumming should be fun.

Once you realize that you are a good performer, the act of drumming will always be fun for you.

You can do it anywhere, anytime

Because drumming doesn’t require you to practice on a bed or couch, you can do it anywhere at any time.

While you can practice sex anywhere, you don’t want to get distracted while drumming.

When you want to have sex with your partner, you will want to practice drumming and get better at it, rather than think about it.


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