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If you think becoming a writer is as simple as writing a book and publishing it on Amazon, think again.

Writing a book is easy if you have written 1,000 other books. Becoming a successful novelist is much, much harder.

Yet, it’s definitely worth the effort. So, let’s talk about how to become a successful novelist.

What is a Successful Novelist? If you’re a writer and don’t know how to become a successful novelist, consider these elements to create a successful career in writing.

1. Like writers

Diwan-e Shams (Mevlana’s poems)

A writer’s words can have a profound influence on people. If you want to be a successful novelist, you need to write for people.

There is no other way to be successful. You can be a great and successful writer in many other genres, but there is no way to become a successful novelist if you’re writing to please your friends and family.

And, for a writer, the best way to make sure you’re appealing to people is to become a writer who shares common interests with them.

How do you create a strong connection with people? Write stories that appeal to them.

Write stories they love. Or, at least, write stories they can understand. What do they love? What interests them?

So, what kinds of stories do you love? If you like science fiction, how about science fiction with an engineer that turns out to be an alien?

Or, science fiction with zombies and sentient humans? And, if you like fantasy, how about a spaceship with vampires?

Or, you could go for something more down-to-earth and real, like a traditional romance.

2. Proficiency and skills

If you want to be a successful novelist, you need to understand the craft of writing.

Read books, take classes, and read more books. Learn to master your craft.

The most successful writers are the ones who have learned to master their craft.

3. A strong work ethic

Did you know that only 4 percent of college graduates who decide to become writers become successful writers?

One of the biggest mistakes a writer can make is writing something they don’t want to write. Writers must constantly push themselves to write.

But, there is also a difference between pushing yourself and obsessing over the writing.

When you are putting your creative energy into pushing yourself, you become engrossed in the process and lose track of time.

But, when you obsess overwriting, you become disconnected from reality and you feel pressure to write.

No matter how good you become at the craft of writing, your success will never be complete if you’re not willing to put in the effort.

4. Put your work out for grabs

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A successful novelist must put out work. Every week. Every day. Period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an extremely busy professional or if you’re a stay-at-home mom.

If you’re a writer, you need to give every bit of effort into your writing. There is no excuse not to.

How do you get people to want to read your work? You give them a reason to want to read your work.

That’s right. You have to give people a reason to want to read your work. And, you can’t just say “read my book,” you have to give them a reason to want to read your book.

This can be as simple as a pitch you create to tell people what your book is about, or it can be as complex as the marketing plan you use to promote your book.

Every good author gives people a reason to want to read their work.

5. Expand your objectives

Sometimes, even the best writer will have trouble selling their work.

That’s why it’s so important for writers to expand their objectives.

Do you want to sell a million books? Or, a hundred books? Or, a thousand books?

How are you going to go about reaching your goals? The same way a lot of successful authors go about reaching their goals.

They write a lot. They keep writing. And, eventually, the market opens up for their work and they become successful.

6. Develop your brand

Becoming successful is a two-step process. First, you have to become the best writer you can be.

Then, you have to build a brand around your work.

But, when it comes down to it, people will only pay attention to you if you give them a reason to.

You can’t just give your readers a reason to read your book. You have to give your readers a reason to like your book.

That’s right. If you want to make it as a writer, you have to like your work.

7. Know your market

You can’t sell your work if you don’t know your market.

What makes your book different?

What are your key selling points?

When you are writing your book, you have to make it unique in some way. You have to make it your own.

You have to let your reader know that your book isn’t like all the other books they have read before.

And, you have to give them a reason to like your work.

You can’t just write a book about how to become a successful writer.

You have to make it funny, quirky, and unique.


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