When they sing, they are allowed to sing. When they do not sing they are not allowed to sing.

We have been permitted to sing, but if you find yourself having difficulty singing in church, just remember, you are not allowed to sing, because it is not permitted to do so.

Even if you do not sing in church, you should be singing some other time, out in the open.

Shall I hear another story?

A young child of a couple traveling one day was not permitted to sing. But the parents of the child could not help themselves.

They burst into song, and as they sang they each sang loud enough so that their voices carried into heaven.

They stood with their mouths open and their mouths opening so much that their tongues could not come out, but their voices from their bellies were heard to resonate and ring in heaven.

As their song reached its crescendo, the child who had been unable to sing spoke and said: “Mommy, why did you let Daddy sing?” She had not been able to sing because her mother had discouraged her.

Are Jehovah Witnesses allowed to kiss?

With Your Friends

Some people think that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not permitted to kiss.

If it’s not prohibited in the Bible, it must be permitted, right? Wrong.

To kiss is not permitted in the Bible. Although in the 20th century, it became more common for Jehovah’s Witnesses to kiss in public, it still is not allowed.

It is not even encouraged.


In the 10th Commandment, Jehovah’s Witnesses are prohibited from dating.

Even though they do not specifically mention a wife, it is clear that a wife is not included.

What does that mean for young Jehovah’s Witnesses who want to marry? “To marry is to join with the devil, with unrighteous persons and to cause their death” (Revelation 22:17).

If a young Jehovah Witness decides to pursue a relationship, they must inform their parents, who must first approve the relationship and must get the consent of the young man’s father.

Parents cannot be swayed by feelings. When a man’s father expresses his approval, it is given with an understanding of the consequences.

Don’t forget the Sabbath

Everyone is always busy working but lunch should be the time of day that will make you sit down, relax and enjoy some downtime and a burger or two. Capturing that feeling was the brief.

If one was thinking about following Jehovah’s Witnesses, it would be easy to forget the Sabbath.

Their teaching on the Sabbath is so wonderful, that it’s hard to put the Bible in its proper perspective and understand that there are real consequences for those who fail to follow its precepts.

In particular, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a very specific interpretation of the day.

The only commandments that Jehovah Witnesses may break on the Sabbath are:

  • Eating of meat
  • Eating shellfish
  • Sewing
  • Leaving the house
  • Shopping

None of these are permitted on the Sabbath. Even looking at a Bible is forbidden.

Have you been asked to speak in church? Have you been asked to pray?

The Bible gives very specific instructions for these activities. To pray is permitted on the Sabbath, even for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

To give a speech in church, the clergyman must be circumspect and avoid extra-biblical prophecies that are prohibited on the Sabbath.

A speech must be within the context of the Bible and therefore is forbidden on the Sabbath.

The other thing to note is that when speaking in church, you should be serving.

It is better to do anything on the Sabbath than to speak. The Bible says it is better to work than to wage war. It is good to give your time to God if you can afford to.

If you cannot afford to give your time, give a portion of your tithe to your local congregation.

What if I have children?

Child with iPhone at Christmas

There are some specific instructions for childbearing. One of them is that women may not wear any makeup.

However, this does not mean women should not wear makeup. Women are allowed to wear makeup as long as it is for a religious reason.

Men may wear makeup, but they are not required to wear it.

However, there is a verse in the Bible that prohibits women from wearing male clothing.

This verse was not meant to condemn anyone, but to affirm the ideal. There are three things to understand about it:

1. Women are allowed to wear male clothing as long as it is done modestly. The instruction to not wear male clothing does not mean that a woman cannot wear male clothing.

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2. Even if a woman wears male clothing, there is no requirement to wear it at all times. It is not required that a woman always wear male clothing.

A woman may be at home, or school, or doing an errand, or a woman may want to wear male clothing while at a friend’s house, or while spending the night, or while going to a friend’s party.

A woman should wear male clothing with the understanding that she is allowed to wear male clothing and she is not required to wear it all the time.

3. The rules of modesty are not meant to judge a woman for being outside of the guidelines.

It is about women choosing what to do on their own, not telling a woman what to do.


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