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You need to consider a few things before answering this question.

Is success assembled of friends?

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For instance, before succeeding in your job, should you hang out with your current boss or should you hang out with other people?

Before becoming a successful individual, should you hang out with people who only think about themselves or should you hang out with people who are willing to support you in achieving your dream?

Before being successful in any profession, should you hang out with your friends or should you hang out with people who have the same dream as you?

Before trying to get anything that you want in your life, should you hang out with people who are already successful?

Sometimes I ask myself this question, should I be friends with an individual who is not successful yet?

After answering these questions, you might ask yourself if becoming successful mean losing friends?

You need to consider the above-mentioned questions before concluding that becoming successful means losing friends.

Are you willing to commit to being successful?

Are you willing to stick to the goals that you have set for yourself? Will you actually commit to achieving them?

Before being successful, should you have a goal in mind? You need to be conscious and make the commitment to achieve your dreams.

This is the first step towards success. If you have committed yourself, you are fully aware of what your task is and you have committed to complete it, you should then follow your plan.

After achieving your goal, should you then start having friends again? You need to understand the psychological process in which you should become successful again.

If you have tried everything and have failed to achieve your goal, you need to commit yourself to another goal and succeed at this one before starting a new goal.

If you have failed in achieving your goal, commit yourself to another one.

For example, if you had set a goal of becoming a great businessman and you failed at this, then commit yourself to this goal of becoming a great musician or a good singer.

By setting up a new goal, you have clearly understood that this is what you should strive for again.

This process is called commitment and the more you commit yourself the easier it becomes for you to become successful again.

You cannot be successful if you are losing friends

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As long as you have some value for your friends, you should not lose them. Remember, your friends should be the ones who will support you in achieving your dream.

But what if your friend doesn’t want to support you and you are losing all of them? It is only for a temporary period that you may feel that they are not supporting you.

The best thing you can do is not to lose them, but to find new friends who are willing to support you.

If you lose your friends, you are losing your real friends. That is, if you had a friend, he or she should support you, even when you are having a bad day.

If you lose all of your friends and you are not losing friends with a good personality, you will have no friends in the future.

Remember, losing friends is better than losing money. A person who is losing his or her friends is in trouble.

Before becoming a success, you need to spend some time with your friends to know how they feel about you.

You need to hang out with them, ask them to help you solve some problems. If you have made a mistake, your friends should give you advice, not tell you to get rid of this mistake.

It is better to hang out with a positive and constructive person than hanging out with a negative person.

You have to take great care of your friends. Be a friend who stays with your friends even when you are having a bad day.

Don’t dump your friends when you are having a bad day. Your friends will support you.

Dump these friends before they dump you

It makes the most sense to have a shopping cart when going shopping.

You also need to be an authentic person with no baggage, no harsh words, and no failure behind you.

When you are in a place where you are always telling other people what you want, it is better that you don’t tell them what you really want.

Be a clear person who helps others achieve their goals and don’t be like the type who asks other people for help when you are still not able to achieve your goal.

If you are a funny person, don’t become successful. Be a guy or a funny woman and an effective manager.

If you are friendly, don’t become successful. Be a person who is ready to stand by others and defend their actions and decisions even if you know that their actions may be wrong.

Don’t stand in the way of other people when you know that they are doing the right thing.

If you are serious about a person and he or she is not serious about you, don’t be a friend with him or her.

You may be able to fool people for a while, but not forever.


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