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There are so many different sides to stand-up comedy, ranging from the social experience to the comedy itself. What many people do not know is that it takes practice.

Now, many people say that “it’s easy”, but that is simply not true. What many don’t realize is that stand-up comedy is not for everyone.

People tend to not have the courage to just go out and do it, or they think it is way out of their league.

So if you are someone who is considering trying to stand-up comedy, let’s discuss some things you can do to improve your chances.

Make friends with actors

A BTS (behind the scenes) photo from John Buckleys music video 'Running back to you'. Director - Benedict Webb, DP - Joel Tucker

One thing that makes people get into stand-up comedy is the good friends they make on the circuit.

When you become a comedian, you are working with people in your community. You will have to go perform at various clubs across your city.

As you start to perform, you will make some good connections with other comedians. If you make friends with actors, you may get asked to open for them.

In many ways, it is similar to appearing on television. Actors often try to land comedy roles. Some comedians make a living by appearing in movies.

This can be very helpful to you as well.

Write a book

This can be a very powerful tool to gain fans and support. When you are someone that is not as experienced in stand-up comedy, you can write a book that describes your comedy style.

This can help you build an audience. When you write a book that portrays your personality, people will listen to your material because it will be more relatable.

You do not have to be someone who does political comedy. A relatable comedy style is great to have.

The most important thing you can do to become a successful comedian is to be comfortable with yourself.

The more you can focus on your talent, the better chance you have at being a successful comedian.

The idea is to have fun doing it. A lot of people only consider comedy as a career choice, not a hobby.

So when you are a comedian, make sure you are enjoying yourself.

Keep it simple

Being a stand-up comedian is a lot more complicated than it appears.

If you want to become a successful comedian, you must understand that doing stand up requires more than just a set of jokes.

It is also essential that you keep the activities simple.

The jokes must not take too long to come out of your mouth and you must give each joke its own point, otherwise, you will never be a successful comedian.

Keep it informal

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You must have a bit of fun with your comedy. You must keep things conversational so that the audience becomes comfortable with you.

Most people, when they first hear a new comedian perform, will experience a period of discomfort.

However, after a short while, most people will get used to the jokes. You must ensure that you remain friendly to your audience.

This will ensure that they will start to get used to your jokes and your style.

Share your personality

You must be able to express your personality through your jokes. You must be able to make them laugh by making jokes about yourself or your life.

You should also be able to empathize with the audience in a relatable way.

If you can connect with your audience by sharing personal experiences, then they will be more likely to relate to your jokes. This will allow them to laugh and feel close to you.

Be honest

If you are being a successful stand-up comedian, you need to be open with your audience.

The more honest you are, the more they will relate to your act. You should not lie about your life or makeup anything that you have not experienced.

People want to see someone who is being true to themselves, so if you can be that, you will be more successful.

Know your audience

The best way to become a successful stand-up comedian is to know your audience.

By knowing your audience, you will be able to produce something that they will be able to connect with.

For example, if you are telling jokes about drunk people, you need to make sure that your audience fits into that demographic.

If you can keep their interests, they will keep coming back for more.

Be yourself

When performing stand-up comedy, you must be yourself. You must have a style that people are comfortable with.

If you are worried about doing something that will offend your audience, then you may want to reconsider performing stand-up comedy.

Just be yourself and try to make your jokes funny and relevant.

Focus on your audience

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic: Everybody’s Tour expressing how they feel about his lyrical music. This photo means a lot to me because Logic is one of my favorite rappers and catching this reaction from the fan reflects on how I was feeling during the concert!

You must focus on your audience. You will never be able to connect with an audience if you do not talk to them.

By focusing on the people in the crowd, you will be able to create a connection with them.

They will be able to laugh at your jokes because they are a part of your audience.

Do not try too hard

Do not overthink things and do not try too hard. You must be yourself and you must not try too hard to be funny.

This will help to ensure that the jokes are authentic and the jokes will also be relevant.

People want to laugh at your jokes and not feel that they have to think about your jokes.

Learn the craft

To become a successful stand-up comedian, you need to become well-versed in the craft of performing stand-up comedy.

Some many books and courses will help you to improve as a comedian.


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