On Barack Obama’s advertisement for young voters, Stephen Colbert says: ‘I love that man, but that has real youth pastor sitting in the chair backwards energy.’ Image via YouTube

Late-night presenters talk about the midterm elections, Adidas cutting its partnership with Kanye, and the Trump recordings from Bob Woodward

Stephen Colbert
With just two weeks before the midterm elections, Stephen Colbert focused on how Democrats are working hard to bring out the young vote. The Late Show host pointed to an ad in which Barack Obama tried to relate to young voters: “I’ve heard a lot recently about how voting doesn’t solve everything, and I can see why you might think that. It won’t hasten the release of Rihanna’s new album, the third season of Euphoria, or the Outer Banks.

“I love that man, but that has real youth pastor sitting in the chair backwards energy,” Colbert said, pulling out a mock chair – “Come on, guys, come on. Listen, listen you guys, I’m gonna yeet some truths your way. No cap. You know Archie from Riverdale wasn’t the only one to come back to life. Let me tell you about an influencer who got a lot of likes even though he only had 12 followers. Now everyone partake of his body-ody-ody.”

He also discussed Adidas’ decision to sever its lucrative contract with musician Kanye West after the latter’s repeated antisemitic remarks. No more shoes, then. You’ll have to microwave a Croc if you want anything as trendy as a pair of Yeezys, he joked.

“It’s about damn time Adidas did something,” he added, as “Kanye’s been calling them out.” In a recent podcast interview, West said: “I can say antisemitic things and Adidas can’t drop me, now what?”

“Now they dropped you,” Colbert responded.

Jimmy Kimmel investigated the “Trump tapes” that were made public by journalist Bob Woodward in Los Angeles. Trump often phoned Woodward at odd hours during his administration “because there’s nothing he likes doing more than talking about himself,” Kimmel said. “This is his take on phone sex.

“Why are you agreeing to do 20 interviews on tape with the guy who took down Richard Nixon with tapes?” he wondered. “The emperor has no brain.”

Additionally, Kimmel spoke on how the split between Adidas and Kanye was “terrible news for people who love shoes that look like severed alien feet.”

West seems to be doubling down by acquiring the right-wing social networking platform Parler as the reaction against him intensifies—he has been dumped by his agency, Vogue, Balenciaga, and Adidas, and a studio has shelved a finished documentary about him.

“I’m interested to see how this will pan out for Parler – I mean, you really don’t want Kanye West to acquire you. It’s sort of like when Godzilla acquires Tokyo,” said Kimmel. “And the truth is, the right wing has a lot of different sites to post on besides Parler already. There’s Truth Social, there’s Gab, there’s Get Her, there’s hater, there’s liar, there’s active shooter, sore loser – there’s never been more places to go to complain you’re being silenced.”

Trevor Noah

Additionally, Kari Lake, a GOP candidate for governor of Arizona, was investigated by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. “What makes Kari Lake’s story fascinating is not who she is, but who she was,” he added, referring to the fact that Lake was formerly an Obama contributor, a dependable local news anchor in Phoenix, and a longtime confidante of a drag queen in the area.

“Believe it or not, Kari Lake went from being a popular local newscaster to hating the media. She was personal friends with a drag queen, and now she says they’re a danger to children,” Noah explained. “I’ve heard of people being open to change, but this is almost not the same person. Like I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out the real Kari Lake was locked up in a basement somewhere while this Maga alien pretends to be her.”

“This is a bigger transformation than the drag queens she suddenly hates!” he continued. “Which, by the way, is particularly shitty. It’s already horrible to turn on any friend, but betraying the one who taught you how to get your contouring on point? That is unforgivable!”

Lake has sided with Donald Trump and strongly rejected the 2020 election results in the past. Maybe you don’t believe Kari Lake’s election denials matter to you, Noah said. You would be mistaken since “your aunt doesn’t simply buy all her turquoise jewelry in Arizona. Additionally, it’s a crucial swing state that supported Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. Additionally, if Kari Lake is elected governor, she may have the last word in the election of 2024.

When asked by MSNBC whether she would be ready to jeopardize the nation’s constitutional order in 2024 by refusing to recognize the results of Arizona’s election, Lake said, “Would you certify a crooked, corrupt election just to make peace?”

“She’s saying that if the election in 2024 is ‘stolen’ for Biden the same way the last election was ‘stolen’ for Biden, then she’s not going to approve the results,” Noah clarified. “And that would be chaos.”

To those saying Trump tried a coup and it didn’t work, Noah warned: “The reason it didn’t work is because there were various Republicans in key positions who didn’t go along with it. But if those people get replaced by people like Kari Lake, it’s a whole different story. Because you see, you don’t need to storm the Capitol when your friends have the keys.”

Thanks to Guardian staff at The Guardian whose reporting provided the original basis for this story. 


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