A lot of people are completely unfamiliar with a bald singer. They might wonder why someone would have such a large head.

When they see a bald singer they might ask the question, “Can he really sing?”

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Bald singing is a controversial topic. People believe that bald singers have a problem.

Some think that bald singers are bad people, whereas others think that bald singing is proof that bald people are not as smart as everyone believes.

There are several theories to support the idea that bald singers are inferior. They believe that bald singers are not competent.

Others have concluded that bald singers suffer from a range of health problems.

A more recent theory suggests that bald singing is possible because of the brain.

Some types of bald singers include:

  • Bald soloists
  • Bald choral singers
  • Bald male professional opera singers
  • Bald male classical singers

Other bald singers include:

  • Organ musicians
  • Singing magicians
  • Bald singing children
  • Bald audience member

Bald singers

Slowly going back through all my old pictures from my previous job. Love this one of the singer.

If bald singers are from the human species, then bald singing is a possibility. A person with a bald head has the ability to sing acceptably.

Bald singers do not need a large head for their singing voice. Bald singers with normal to small heads have vocal cords that function properly.

They also have nerves that supply the required messages to the brain. The theory suggests that a large bald head is a dead-end for the nerves.

Bald singing

Bald singing is possible because some of the nerve cells are present in the bald area of a person’s scalp.

The human nervous system creates different regions. The nervous system is organized in a series of processing centers, called the cranial nerves.

A person has nine cranial nerves.

The facial nerve controls the eyes. It transmits information to the spinal cord which in turn sends information to the brain.

A bald head is not a dead-end for the facial nerve. It’s just not as densely packed with nerve cells as other cranial nerves.

A bald singing person’s voice is not affected by the same injury that affects the facial nerve.

An injury to the facial nerve is an injury to one of the nine cranial nerves. When a person has a facial nerve injury, they can’t smell, taste, or feel.

A person can suffer facial paralysis or lose part of their face.

Bald singing is a medically unexplained phenomenon. It has been occurring for thousands of years.

Many people claim that bald singing is not possible because bald singing is unheard of.

Bald singing hypotheses

greyscale photo of trumpet players playing

For centuries, several theories have been proposed. One of the theories is that humans were not always bald.

There have been theories that say that baldness was caused by sin. The bald singing could have been caused by sin, disease, or a natural cause.

Some scientists have claimed that there was a group of people with bald heads who lived on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.

In the Bible, the story of Noah’s ark is said to have taken place at Mt. Ararat. If this is the case, the Bald Singers theory is plausible.

The Bald Singers would have worn horned hats.

One of the beliefs of the Bald Singers is that they all had an even distribution of brainpower among them.

Bald singing – The evolution of speech

man playing drum instrument

Another theory suggests that the way a person’s head was shaped might have affected their vocal cords.

The way people talked, their voice, their head size, and the shape of their heads can affect the way that sound is processed in the brain.

A study was done on a study done on humans, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans.

They found that a gorilla’s vocal cords can be ten times thicker than a human’s. Their human vocal cords are two times thinner than a gorilla’s.

This means that a gorilla can produce sound with more power and volume than a human can.

A human’s vocal cords are more muscular and thick than a gorilla’s. A human can produce sound more quickly than a gorilla.

A human can make a note sound like three notes at a time. A gorilla can make only one sound at a time.

A human is a better vocalist. The study showed that a gorilla can make a pitch sound like three pitches at once.

An orangutan can make a pitch sound like five pitches at once. A gorilla can make a pitch sound like seven pitches at once.

A human can make a pitch sound like five pitches at once.

The study concluded that a higher degree of vocal control and lower physical complexity is required for higher levels of speech.

Bald Singing is a fascinating phenomenon. It’s an intriguing mystery, with no scientific explanation.

With a better understanding of the brain, we could be able to explain bald singing.


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