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The best way to be productive during quarantined times is to keep busy.

Even inactive quarantine, staying busy, whether at work or school, is the best way to be productive and keep your mind away from the sickness.

Here is some general advice on keeping busy:

Set an emergency plan

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Knowing what to do in a crisis is a sure way to be productive.

For example, in the event of a fire, or a plane crash, many people begin a game of Monopoly, which is similar to Scrabble.

Or start making Thanksgiving dinner and put it in the freezer.

The key here is to have an emergency plan. Put it on your refrigerator door so that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Make sure that the plan is easy to understand and you can easily and quickly follow through with it.

Create some time limit to staying home

No matter how much you try to avoid being sick, there is always going to be a time when you will be sick.

But to be productive, you need to know how long you will be sick.

Use the following information to figure out the duration of your sickness and the days you need to stay home.

Temperature reading:

This is the same rule as the temperature reading that you used when you were sick. But this time, you will be measuring for symptoms. Put the thermometer in your mouth.

Check your temperature at the same time each day for the first seven days of your illness.

Flu symptoms:

Look at the symptoms of the flu. The main symptoms are feeling warm and having a low-grade fever.

The flu isn’t necessarily something you get a headache and a sore throat for, but when those are the only symptoms, you know you’ve got the flu.


Coughing is a sign of the flu. When you feel a cough coming on, make sure you take medicine that contains cough suppressants.


If you have diarrhea, it’s clear that you have the flu. If you have diarrhea for two or more days, you should stay home.

Monitor your employees and don’t give them flu information

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As important as it is to know how long you are going to be sick and the days you need to stay home, you need to be careful not to infect everyone at work.

Monitor the emails that come into your company from a project manager and read through them before you open them.

Then, delete the email if you don’t need the information.

If the project manager is asking you for anything urgent, ignore it. Once the employee has been at work for more than an hour, ask the employee to email you back.

Do this as early as possible, so that there will be no backlog.

Also, make sure that the project managers know not to send emails from their company addresses, such as john.s.fields@nextech.com, or bob.a.fields@nextech.com.

When reading emails, always read the header. You don’t want to waste time looking at emails when they can wait and are just a waste of time.

Also, don’t open emails that are sent out to a group.

Share a homesick day with your colleagues

The best way to not be a jerk to your coworkers is to share your time off with them.

This will also help you make sure that they will help you with your projects when you are sick.

A lot of people won’t work while they are sick, so to be productive, you have to sacrifice a little bit. And it’s OK to be vulnerable.

Besides, it will be a nice chance to work with other people, instead of each other.


The biggest problem with the flu is that it’s contagious and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But there are a lot of things that we can do, which will keep the problem away and also prevent the spread.

Don’t be the person who has to work when he is sick. Instead, delegate some of the work to your teammates, and let them do it.

Using the following, you can delegate all of the work to your teammates and they will do it without a problem.

Make sure that everyone has their phones when they are at work.

You can also keep track of your company’s agenda, to see what projects you have on your plate, and who you need to speak to.

If someone needs your attention, you can use the agenda to let them know you need to talk to them for the next hour.

Utilize a productivity program

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To stay productive, you have to not only keep a schedule but be able to change it.

This can be very difficult, as your body’s natural tendency is to stay in bed and just rest.

But with a productivity program, you can change the things you need to do daily, to match the times you are more active.

You can use a productivity program like TaskWarrior to track your daily activities. It will also allow you to collaborate with your teammates, as you are working on tasks together.

Also, you can have scheduled meetings with your teammates. You can also set up a calendar to see who you need to meet within the next month.


The flu can be deadly, as it has a mortality rate of over 30%.

And there are many ways to avoid getting it, while at the same time, keep productivity high.

The best thing is to share, rather than take, the flu so that you can help everyone around you and prevent it from spreading.

Always keep in mind that everyone has the right to work, and be productive, even when they are sick.


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