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The main reason why drummers wear gloves is mainly that they are concerned about their hands getting too cold.

It has been known for a long time that drummers were able to wear leather gloves to stay warm but no one really knows the science behind why this happens.

The best way to get to the bottom of this problem is to conduct scientific tests.

Unfortunately for all drummers, there hasn’t been a scientific study conducted in the past two decades so we are left to take our observations from all the drummers around us and come to conclusions from there.

So what happens? Well, the consensus is that a bit of extra weight is lost from your body when you wear leather gloves.

But why is that? After all, when you go out of your house into the cold temperatures and walk around, you don’t really notice the change.

But when you are holding drumsticks for an extended period of time, your hands will feel cold.

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This is what drummers know

five drummers playing drums

With gloves on, your body goes into thermogenesis which is the process where your body uses its stored energy to maintain a high level of body temperature.

If this does not occur properly, you will start to lose the ability to play your drums.

So to stay warm, we all have one thing to do, especially drummers, which is not to get too hot.

This is because people get too hot when playing drums.

It’s not very easy to feel the temperature of your hand but you can usually feel the temperature of your feet which is why you wear some type of footwear when playing drums.

The science behind wearing gloves on drums is not too complicated. There is a connection between body temperature and what you can feel on your fingertips.

If you take your hand off the drumsticks and allow the heat from your body to get to your fingertips, you can feel it.

This is called compensation. This is just a direct extension of thermogenesis.

If you don’t have a glove on, however, there is no compensation to prevent you from losing the feel of your fingers.

This is why so many drummers struggle to maintain a good feel

man in black crew neck t-shirt playing drum

So I am sure you are wondering how this relates to the other reason drummers wear gloves, which is because they get cold.

As mentioned before, if your body is already compensating for the cold temperature by using your muscles to maintain your body temperature, then there is no need for gloves.

But if you notice that your fingers get cold, you can usually feel it because of the connection between your brain and your fingers.

This is because of vasoconstriction, which is the constriction of blood vessels due to cold weather.

Think of it this way. It’s like if your arms are already sweating when it is warm outside.

But once you go out into the cold air, your arms start to get cold and can’t produce enough heat to keep your body warm.

This is what causes you to start shivering.

The shivering reaction tells your brain to send extra warmth to your arms and hands which helps you stay warm. The same goes for when you go into the cold.

Drummers are somewhat unique in that their brains are really good at figuring out if their hands are getting cold and then telling their muscles to do the same.

Therefore, when we feel our hands getting cold, our muscles automatically become constricted to try and keep us warm.

The funny thing is that you don’t really notice it when you are playing drums because you are thinking about other things.

But when you take the time to pay attention to what’s happening, you will notice that your muscles start to become uncomfortable and you start shivering.

This is what musicians know, but no one has really bothered to study it

Teddy and the Rough Riders

So to continue to get the optimal amount of warmth and comfort out of the drum set, drummers have developed their own ways to keep their hands warm and hold their stick better.

Some of these methods are just common sense but others are not. Some of these methods are for drummers who are “warm” drummers, meaning they don’t use gloves and hats all the time.

To help you get through the winter months, I will present to you a number of the most common ways drummers try to keep their hands warm and play the best drum set they possibly can.

The ostrich method

I will call this the “ostrich method” because it is exactly like an ostrich trying to cover its head with its wings.

You are trying to cover yourself from the cold wind by wearing a hat and gloves.

For those of you who don’t know, a hedgehog is a type of rodent that has a tough coat that is like an “open skin”.

In other words, the hedgehog has very little hair on its body and can feel its own cold temperature.

This also helps in warm climates.

To hide from the cold, you put a coat on and cover the top of your head. This is what I call the ostrich method.

A good way to remember the ostrich method is to imagine that you are trying to swim in the water with your eyes covered.

You have no way of seeing that there is a large rock right in front of you.


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