Alberto Rezende is proof that successful leaps in a career pivot are not only feasible but can also be exhilarating. With a fascinating journey from the hustle of investment banking to the thrilling arena of the sports industry, Alberto has quite a rich tapestry to share. Currently, he is the founding partner of Golf V.2 and Founding Partner and CIO for R+ Investments, synthesizing his financial acumen with his passion for sports.

Alberto isn’t just about strategies and numbers though; he practically lives the sports he promotes. From being a consecutive three-time winner of the NY Squash Men’s Open League to challenging his limits in half, full, and ultra marathons, he leads by example. This Brooklyn Heights resident for over 6 years (and in Manhattan for 14+) is also a board member of New York Squash. His journey symbolizes ambition, resilience, and most importantly, a love for sports.

With a fervor for cars, a Bernese mountain dog, and two sons who light up his world, Alberto Rezende is an investment banker not confined to the standard definition. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into his life, ventures, and passion.

Early life and career in the investment banking sector

Alberto Rezende’s early life and career were quintessentially New York. A Manhattan resident for over 14 years, residing now in Brooklyn Heights for more than six, he occupied the fervent world of investment banking. His affinity toward competition and determination became the cornerstone of his success.

In these seminal years, Rezende honed his robust operational mindset, a skill that would only fortify with time. He cultivated proven expertise in raising capital and fostering private equity-backed companies. Growing operating businesses and implementing strategic liquidations were part of his daily toil. Directly handling the colossal pressures and immense stakes of this global financial nexus, he thrived. His emerging passion for the sports industry was precipitated by his personal success in the NY Squash Men’s Open League, where he was a reigning champion for three consecutive years.

His banking stint laid the foundation for the critical financial acumen required for his later entrepreneurial endeavors. As a founding partner at Golf v.2 – a crown jewel of his post-banking pursuits – Rezende continues to lean on the knowledge and experience accrued during his early career. In fact, it wouldn’t be erroneous to say that his time in the world of finance was the springboard for his sports-centric enterprises. This extensive background also led him to serve in leadership roles such as Founding Career & CIO for R+ Investments and as Chief Financial Officer for NW Promotions (Nicol Squash).

Expounding on his journey from investment banking to the sports industry, he shared: “Both industries are extremely competitive and demand a high level of focus and determination.” His words testify to his unwavering commitment and relentless drive. Alberto Rezende’s life story urges an investigation into how one man’s journey through the hardened world of investment banking paved a path to revolutionize the sports industry. Through his story, we see that the intersection of finance, sport, and entrepreneurship is not just plausible but potentially ground-breaking.

From Wall Street to sports field

Alberto Rezende, once a prominent figure in the field of investment banking, came to a turning point in his career where his love for sports and business acumen intersected. Having a strong operational mindset from his previous realm, it was Alberto’s foresight and planning capabilities that drove him to conquer a new industry. In Alberto’s own words, “[This knowledge] tremendously helps in forecasting and planning to guarantee continuity and a stable business.”

The sports business was not foreign territory to Rezende. Already a dedicated squash player, having won the NY Men’s Squash Open League for three consecutive years, and an enthusiastic marathon runner, the passion for sport ran coursing through his veins. It made complete sense to use his skills and experiences to create powerful synergy.

Alberto started as the Chief Financial Officer for NW Promotions (Nicol Squash). During this tenure, his expertise was put into growing operating businesses and liquidating operations further bolstering his hand-on experience in the sports industry. The gravity of the role gave him insight into the operations of a sports-based business and laid the groundwork for his future enterprises.

In 2015, he found himself on the Board of Governors for New York Squash, first as a Sponsor and Partnership liaison, then more notably as a League Committee member. Alberto’s abilities to work with private equity-backed companies and raising capital were utilized – further demonstrating his value and firm grasp over sports industry operations.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to be a founding partner at Golf V2 – a venture that he is currently heavily involved with. This allowed him to put his wealth of experience into the day-to-day operations, ensuring the business demonstrates steady growth and success.

In a nutshell, Alberto’s transition from investment banking to the sports industry was underlined by leveraging his operational background. His own story is evidence that passion and profession are not at odds; rather, they can create a powerful alliance to build successful endeavors.

Founding partner of Golf v.2 and R+ Investments

Stepping away from his illustrious career as an investment banker, Alberto Rezende made a remarkable transformative leap into the sports industry. His cognitive business acumen, coupled with his insight into operational management, evidently proves successful, as he now claims the title of founding partner for both Golf. v.2 and R+ Investments.

Firing straight down the fairway, Golf v.2 was Alberto’s first venture into the sports industry. With his acute entrepreneurial prowess, Rezende sought to drive innovative changes in the realm of golf. What truly set Golf v.2 apart was the focused concept behind it; a vision of creating a golfing experience that rivaled no other. As the founding partner, Alberto took charge of strategic decision-making, capital raising, and also operational management. A testament to the success of his initiative, Alberto proudly exclaimed, “The proof of concept for Golf v.2 totally exceeded expectations and has led to plans for more facilities opening this September.”

As well as steering Golf v.2, Alberto also co-founded R+ Investments. A more traditional return to his roots in finance, the company demonstrated his strong investment banking background. Here, Rezende adopted a steady and pragmatic approach, focusing more deeply on strategic analysis and risk management. This focus on meticulous planning and robust market understanding has underpinned the consistent growth of the company. As Alberto explains, “With R+, our pragmatic approach to the market has led us to constant growth.”

The winning drive

Through dedication and hard work, Rezende won the prestigious New York Squash Men’s Open League for three years consecutively, an achievement that gracefully compels exploration.

“In my formative years, I began playing squash, a sport that inculcates tandem elements of physicality and mentality. Squash’s inherent requirements of strategic game planning and physical versatility molded me into a competitive player,” Rezende recollects his journey to winning the coveted title thrice. Notably, his passion for squash over the years remained unshaken, grounded in the love for the game.

However, the intersection of marathon training and squash is where Alberto found an unforeseen avenue for growth, an unexpected juncture where two sports collided and cooperated for him. A consistent runner of marathons, full or half, and even ultramarathons, Alberto discovered this training to be a breeding ground for his squash ambitions.

He says, “Marathon training became the unexpected catapult for achieving my squash goals. The physical endurance and mental tenacity running required unwittingly prepped me for the challenges squash posed. And in the process, I found myself falling in love with the rhythm of running.”

Rezende’s passion for both sports is clear. Besides winning the NY Squash Men’s Open League multiple times, he was also a crucial member of the Board of Governors, acting as a Sponsor and Partnership Liaison and a League Committee Member for New York Squash between June 2015 and October 2021.

Beyond the finish line

A deeper dive into Alberto’s passion for marathons, featuring his participation in half, full and ultra-marathons reveals how this former investment banker turned sports industry professional has transformed not just his career, but also his personal life.

Alberto Rezende, is no ordinary man. He isn’t just a former investment banker or the current founding partner of Golf v.2 and R+ Investments. Beyond the corporate offices and meticulously calculated investments, Rezende possesses an iron will and a desire to conquer challenging terrains, translated beautifully through his commitment to participate in marathons of varying scales.

Indeed, the marathons – whether half, full, or even ultra, are no mere avocational extracurriculars for him. They’re an integral part of who Alberto is and how he functions. It’s a test of endurance, resilience, and discipline, virtues integral in both his personal and professional life. Whether he’s dealing with businesses, liquidating operations, or pacing for a marathon, Rezendes knows the key lies in steady pace, meticulous planning and impeccable execution.

“It’s definitely an adjustment but an amazing one,” says Rezende, an acknowledgement reflecting both his marathon experience and parallel corporate journey, implying how each had demanded of him to step up, adapt and evolve. “With the help of my wife, we manage to work incredibly well as a team and maximize our time in a manner that allows us to have a very steady balanced life.”

This mutual support doesn’t just reflect merely on the married life of the Rezende couple, but also sheds light on their collective effort to balance between their family life and Alberto’s busy work schedule, all while nurturing his marathon pursuits. The intertwining essence of their life truly encapsulates the essence of what Alberto embodies – a seamless blend of a successful career, an active lifestyle and a happy family life.

The intersection of professional triumph, passionate pursuits, and family life

Behind his success, Alberto Rezende lives a personal life filled with passions and a strong family foundation. After spending a little over a decade honing his skills and creating a niche in Manhattan, Alberto decided to plant his roots in Brooklyn Heights, where he has called home for the last six years. The dynamic ambiance of this warm locality and its close-knit community served as the ideal milieu for Alberto’s flourishing personal interests and his growing family.

Alberto is not just a devoted businessman, he’s also a devoted family man. He’s a proud husband and father to two energetic boys and a playful Bernese mountain dog. This homeowner of Brooklyn Heights plays the dual role of being a business magnate and a loving father seamlessly, providing ample time for his family, while also focusing on his business dealings.

Beyond the scope of his professional prowess and the warm confines of his family life, Alberto harbors a deep and passionate love for cars. His penchant for automobiles is just as strong as his enthusiasm for the sports industry, making him a self-proclaimed car enthusiast.

During his tenure on the New York Squash Board, Alberto exhibited his knack for operational efficiency and strategic partnerships outside his immediate workspace. He reflects, “…my tenure with the New York Squash Board was a positive one that allowed the organization to continue its growth plan. I brought in several sponsors and helped seek monetization of untapped resources.” This not only speaks volumes about his evident commitment to whatever endeavor he embarks on but also affirms his wholesome contribution to the sports industry.

Alberto’s life paints a vivid picture of a man who ties his professional accomplishment with personal contentment. His settled life in Brooklyn Heights, his passion for cars as a car enthusiast, his overwhelming love for his family, and his notable achievement in the sports industry all bear testament to his fulfilling and well-rounded life journey.

The catalyst for sports evolution in New York City

Reflecting on his tenure with the Board of Governors, Alberto Rezende has consistently demonstrated his invaluable insight into the intricate dynamics of sponsorship and partnership liaisons. As the Sponsor and Partnership Liaison, he was instrumental in facilitating strategic alliances, leveraging his previous experience as an investment banker to raise capital effectively and negotiate thriving relationships with private equity backed companies. Rezende’s operational acumen, honed during his tenure in the financial sphere, embodied his potent ability as the League Committee Member where he illustrated his prowess in fortifying the operating businesses involved.

Rezende’s dedication to sports, and in particular to squash, is palpable. It is reflected not only in his role as a Member of the Board of Governors but further mirrored in his continuous streak-winning the NY Squash Men’s Open League for three consecutive years. This personal victory justly pronounces his long-standing affiliation and passion for the game.

Highlighting his commitment to his work, Alberto shares that “Sports are an essential part of anyone’s life, and everyone loves them. In today’s world, especially in a high-density city setting such as New York, it’s challenging to access quality sports and instructions.” His words echo his drive to improve the standard of sport in the bustling city, underlining a desire to make such experiences more accessible.

Acting as the bridge between the board and potential sponsors, Rezende has always strived to make quality sports more attainable for urban dwellers. “Making it more accessible and possible will always be a part of our goal.” His work has been pivotal in initiating partnerships that bring the community closer to the sports they love, and this mission continues to be at the heart of his current business endeavors.

Alberto’s role in the growth of New York Squash and commitment to his sports-related projects illustrate his lifelong dedication to enhancing the sports industry, ever ensuring that it remains a critical part of the lifestyle of busy New Yorkers. His journey from investment banking to the sports industry is far from over as he continues to emerge as one of the pivotal figures in the field.

Charting his upcoming endeavors and visionary roadmap

In an age where high-pressure careers can often stifle personal passions, Alberto serves as a beacon of inspiration.

Alberto’s calendar is filled with exciting events and initiatives. One of the most heartening is his upcoming marriage blessing in October, an event surely to be imbued with love and joy. Alberto exemplifies the power of balance between personal, professional, and passion projects.

However, his responsibilities extend beyond family and Golf v.2. The former NY Squash Men’s Open League champion is now looking forward to participating in a series of half, full, and ultra marathons. His commitment to fitness and sports extends to the broader community through his participation in these events, all while further strengthening his ties to the sports industry.

In terms of future plans within the sports industry, Alberto’s recent ventures shed light on his evolving vision. In Alberto’s own words, “We hope to continue to grow in the same manner as we are and to continue to deliver world-class instruction for juniors and adults who want to improve and excel at the game.” Tracing his journey from investment banking to launching Golf v.2 has been remarkable, and it’s clear that the powerhouse industry titan has no plans on slowing down. Alberto Rezende is a testament to the possibilities that follow when one dares to make a career out of their passions.


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