If you’re a serious food enthusiast or an aspiring chef looking to refine your cooking skills, you probably have one thing in your wish list, too – joining a top-notch cooking class.

The world overflows with a plethora of diverse tastes, flavors, and culinary traditions. Would it not be a delightful journey, sampling, and mastering these gastronomic wonders?

Cooking classes offer so much more than just recipes. They push open doors to different cultures, histories, and narratives spun around food. They return us with culinary knowledge and a rich palette of skills, lasting us a lifetime.

In our endeavor to help every food lover out there, we shall traverse across continents in an upcoming series of blog posts, each featuring the best cooking classes worldwide. With insights right from their kitchen, let’s start our voyage of epicurean discovery.

Le Cordon Bleu (Paris, France)

best cooking classes in the world

Spanning across more than 20 countries, Le Cordon Bleu is a culinary institute recognized globally for its unparalleled expertise and tradition.

Nestled in the heart of the French capital, Le Cordon Bleu Paris boasts a rich legacy that spans over 120 years.

Learners here are enthralled by the enriching environment that encapsulates the vibrancy of Parisian gastronomy. Training under world-renowned chefs, students get hands-on experience, unearthing the secrets of French culinary arts.

Offering a variety of programs – from cuisine and pastry to boulangerie, each class is a tacit promise of excellence. This institute is more than just a cooking class – it’s a passport to the culinary world.

If your dream is to master the art of French cooking, there’s no better destination than Le Cordon Bleu Paris. An experience here is more than acquiring culinary skills; it’s tremendous personal growth and enrichment.

The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY, USA)

Discover an unmatched epicurean journey at The Culinary Institute of America, nestled in the picturesque town of Hyde Park, NY. Revered globally for its world-class culinary education, this well-established institute grooms future masters of the kitchen.

Here, you have the opportunity to learn under the watchful eyes of seasoned chefs and industry veterans. The extensive curriculum entails not only mastering diverse cooking techniques but also gaining in-depth understanding of the art of flavor.

Imagine sautéing, roasting, and baking in state-of-the-art kitchens, discovering exquisite wine pairings in a dedicated wine tasting room or learning the delicate craftsmanship of pastry-making. Every class is an immersive gastronomical experience that goes beyond a simple cooking lesson.

Choosing The Culinary Institute of America is not only a decision for an education in food preparation, but a passport to a world where culinary arts transcend the ordinary. Forge your culinary path at this prestigious institution.

Cookery School (London, England)

best cooking classes in the world

Located in the heart of Little Venice, Cookery School at Little Portland Street offers London’s most comprehensive cooking courses.

Well known for its professional approach to teaching, it holds the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE) certification, ensuring a high-quality learning environment.

From beginners to avid home cooks, everyone can benefit from these classes. They offer a variety of courses, including bread making, cake decorating, and classic French cuisine. Their signature Master Class is a unique, hands-on experience where students cook and eat a five-course meal.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by professional chefs, aspiring culinary adventurers are guided through each recipe with meticulous attention to detail. Each course emphasizes sustainability, using only locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Cookery School at Little Portland Street is truly one of the best global destinations for culinary education.

Tante Marie Culinary Academy (Woking, England)

best cooking classes in the world

Located in the heart of Woking, England, is the widely renowned Tante Marie Culinary Academy. Established in 1954, it takes pride in being the first Independent L’Art de la Cuisine school in the UK.

The academy is famous for its ground-breaking professional and recreational courses in culinary arts. Its curriculum, designed by leading industry experts, offers a comprehensive approach to food preparation, presentation, and hospitality services.

At Tante Marie, students are inspired to explore their culinary talents in unique and innovative ways. Its modern facilities, equipped with high-end kitchen tools, and a team of expert chefs amplify the learning experience.

From intimate classes to intense culinary programs, all have a touch of Tante Marie’s tradition of excellence. Today, it’s graduates carry their learned prowess to the finest kitchens worldwide, making Tante Marie a key player in the international culinary scene.

Thailand Thai Cooking School (Bangkok, Thailand)

best cooking classes in the world

Nestled in the heart of bustling Bangkok, Thailand Thai Cooking School is renowned for its immersive and enlightening experiences. Classes are carefully designed not just to teach recipes, but to delve into the philosophy of Thai cuisine, as learners understand the intricate balance between sweet, sour, hot, and salty.

Hands-on lessons take place in a traditional open-air kitchen, where students learn to prepare mouth-watering Thai delicacies from scratch. Each class also includes a tour to a local market where visitors gather fresh ingredients and gain insight into local culinary culture.

Furthermore, the instructors’ passion, expert knowledge, and warm hospitality make learning both enjoyable and memorable. After your class, you’ll not only be able to impress friends with exotic Thai dishes but also leave with a deeper appreciation for Thailand’s rich culinary tradition. Thailand Thai Cooking School is indeed a must-visit cooking school for any food aficionado.

Academia Barilla (Parma, Italy)

best cooking classes in the world

Nestled in the heart of Italy’s gastronomical haven, Parma, is the world-renowned Academia Barilla.

More than a cooking school, it’s a culinary journey that immerses you in authentic Italian cuisine. Its Professional Cooking Program is curated by culinary masterminds who have a firm grasp of innovative and traditional techniques.

The culinary classes, often held in their state-of-the-art kitchens, goes beyond teaching recipes. They delve deep into the history, culture, and science behind each dish, offering a holistic culinary experience.

Moreover, students get to explore Parma’s countryside, visiting local producers and learning firsthand the entire chain of food production. A key highlight is the opportunity to learn the art of creating Parma’s iconic cheese and Parma ham.

Joining Academia Barilla’s cooking class is not just enlightening, it’s a tasteful experience that stays with you long after.

Escuela de Cocina Luis Irizar (San Sebastián, Spain)

best cooking classes in the world

Nestled in the heart of San Sebastián, Spain, the Escuela De Cocina Luis Irizar is an institution with an undeniable cachet. This esteemed culinary academy has been shaping chefs since 1993, all under the watchful eye of Chef Luis Irizar, a towering figure in Basque cooking.

Renowned for its meticulous and holistic approach to food, the classes here are comprehensive. They span the breadth of Basque cuisine, from classic staples to avant-garde innovations, enabling students to master the art of traditional and contemporary cooking.

Emphasizing hands-on guidance and immersive learning, the institution also harbors a strong ethos of sustainability. This blend of tradition, innovation, and eco-consciousness makes Escuela De Cocina Luis Irizar one of the best cooking classes one can attend.

Attending a class here is not merely about acquiring a skill. It is a profound culinary journey through the rich tapestry of Basque food culture.

Blue Ribbon Cooking School (Seattle, USA)

best cooking classes in the world

Blue Ribbon Cooking School, situated in the heart of Seattle, USA, is a culinary enthusiast’s dream come true. At Blue Ribbon, you wander into a world of delectable aromas and culinary secrets, your private haven for engaging, hands-on culinary adventures.

The professional yet passionately intimate approach of the instructors makes learning an enjoyable journey, as they guide you through the intricacies of various cuisines. Blue Ribbon is renowned for its versatility, offering lessons on a wide range of cooking styles from classic French to avant-garde molecular gastronomy.

The added perk of a stunning view of Lake Union certainly adds to the charm. At Blue Ribbon, you not just learn cooking; you live it. Experience the art of gastronomy at its best at Blue Ribbon cooking school. Embrace the chef within you in this gourmet paradise.


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