Cooking can be both a therapeutic pastime, a survival skill, or a professional pursuit. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned kitchen wizard, the world’s largest video sharing platform, Youtube, is a treasure trove of cooking classes to better your culinary skills. They range from step-by-step tutorials for beginners to advanced tips and techniques for professional chefs. This blog post seeks to curate a diverse selection of some of the best cooking classes available on YouTube. With the vast assortment of these informative and entertaining videos, you have the liberty to learn at your own pace, revisit concepts, and master those techniques without the pressure of a traditional cooking class.

Benefits of Online Cooking Classes

best cooking classes on youtube

Online cooking classes offer an array of benefits from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Save on time and travel costs: Learn at your pace without the need to commute.

Flexibility: Schedule classes according to your convenience, pause, rewind, or repeat a session anytime.

Budget-friendly: As compared to traditional cooking schools, online classes are often cheaper or sometimes even free.

Variety: Decide what you want to learn, be it regional cuisines, baking, vegan, or gluten-free cooking.

Face-to-face interaction is not eliminated: Most online cooking classes provide opportunities for interactions with professional chefs via live chats, email, or discussion forums.

Everyday ingredients: The best part about online cooking classes is they often utilize ingredients we already have in our pantry.

Start enhancing your culinary skills from your kitchen, today.

Overview of Best YouTube Cooking Channels

As we delve into the culinary world of Youtube, we encounter a spectrum of cooking channels. This digital realm offers plentiful opportunities to master various cuisines and dishes, right from comfort-food basics to gourmet masterpieces.

The beloved channel “Binging with Babish” — real name Andrew Rea — treats viewers with pop-culture recipes, mapping the space between fictional food and reality. “Food Wishes,” led by Chef John, showcases his quirky personality and innovative techniques to simplify complex recipes. Rosanna Pansino’s “Nerdy Nummies,” is an excellent choice for those interested in adorable, theme-based baking.

For real-time, aesthetic cooking, “Peaceful Cuisine” is a timeless favorite, with the soothing sounds and process of cooking being the prime focus. Thus, from novices to experienced cooks, YouTube offers a wealth of knowledge.

Review of Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Classes

best cooking classes on youtube

Gordon Ramsay, the acclaimed chef and culinary genius, offers charming and engaging cooking classes on his Youtube channel. He takes your culinary skills to new heights by making complex dishes appear simple and approachable.

His step-by-step guidance is practical and easy to follow. There’s no doubt that Ramsay’s experience and expertise shine through in each class, making it an enjoyable watch even for non-cooks.

Despite his reputation as a tough personality in the kitchen, his instruction style in his classes is relaxed and empowering, providing a wonderful balance as an educator.

The only downside? We’d suggest you need to have a fair bit of basic cooking knowledge to keep up with him.

For professional culinary instructions mixed with the zest of an unbeatable personality, Gordon Ramsay’s cooking classes on Youtube are second to none.

Analysis of Binging with Babish Cooking Classes

best cooking classes on youtube

Engaging, informative, and entertaining with a dash of quirkiness, Binging with Babish cooking classes certainly stand out.
Andrew Rea, the professional behind Babish, meticulously takes viewers through culinary journeys inspired by both popular culture and classics.

Highly detailed and informative, his classes offer unique insight into techniques used by professional chefs. The professional ambiance is punctuated with subtle humour, making it interesting for beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

Babish’s clarity in instruction and systematic approach in presenting recipes make his classes exceptional. Viewers not only learn to cook a dish, but also gain understanding about the science and cultural history behind it. This contextual richness makes learning an enriching experience.

However, a downside could be his emphasis on perfection which can intimidate new learners. But the overall structure and content quality make Binging with Babish a top-notch site for expanding your culinary prowess.

Evaluation of Laura in the Kitchen YouTube Classes

best cooking classes on youtube

Laura in the Kitchen is a standout amongst YouTube cooking classes. Laura Vitale, the channel’s charismatic host, is a self-taught cook who delivers tutorials with her signature passion and easy-to-follow format.

One noteworthy aspect is the simplicity of the recipes. The ingredients are often already in your kitchen pantry, making meal planning easy and cost-effective.

Laura’s clear instruction and demonstration make complex recipes feel attainable. Her joyful energy makes cooking feel less like a chore and more like a fun new hobby.

That said, the speed of her tutorials may pose a challenge for beginners. However, with repetition and patience, mastery is possible. Her channel also lacks structured lesson plans if you’re seeking a sequential learning experience.

Overall, Laura in the Kitchen offers a delightful mixture of taste, techniques, and personality, keeping viewers hooked on cooking.

Summary of Food Wishes with Chef John

best cooking classes on youtube

Food Wishes with Chef John is an absolute treasure trove for both budding and seasoned home cooks. Chef John brings a unique blend of education and entertainment on this YouTube channel. He believes in making cooking accessible to everyone and therefore explains each technique in detail.

The astounding thing about Chef John is his ability to take complex recipes and break them down, making the culinary process seem almost effortless. Post-lesson, the viewers are left with not just a dish but an enhanced understanding of cooking techniques. His warm and inviting personality combined with his dry wit makes learning entertaining.

Besides teaching recipes from different cuisines, he also provides valuable tips on enhancing the flavors of your dish. To sum it up, Food Wishes with Chef John is an enriching culinary journey that imparts cooking lessons in a friendly and light-hearted manner.

Review of Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

best cooking classes on youtube

In our pursuit for the best cooking classes on Youtube, we stumbled upon Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills. Really, it’s an exceptional culinary journey.

Oliver’s approach to home cooking is straightforward and engaging. His instructions are clear, and he breaks down complex cooking techniques into simple, manageable tasks.

Though a Michelin-starred chef, Oliver’s teaching style is not intimidating. Instead, it encourages budding cooks to explore their culinary skills.

He covers a wide range of cuisines, making it a comprehensive culinary course for eager learners. Perhaps his most inspiring aspect is the sheer passion-turned-brilliance that resonates in his videos.

Each class ends with Oliver preparing a dish using the techniques taught, offering insight into practical application. On the downside, Oliver tends to move fast, so beginners might need to pause and replay sections.

In conclusion, Jamie Oliver promotes cooking at home with his refreshing, personal style offering an enjoyable learning experience. His classes are a fantastic blend of knowledge and entertainment.

Insights on Sorted Food Cooking Classes

best cooking classes on youtube

Sorted Food provides an engaging online culinary experience combining entertainment with education. Having millions of subscribers, Sorted Food offers a variety of classes that cater to all levels of chefs, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Their content isn’t just about recipes; it’s about understanding food. You get to learn about different ingredients, cuisines, and techniques, all explained in an approachable and humorous way, making it easier to follow and less intimidating for beginners.

Apart from their regular cooking sessions, Sorted Food occasionally invites renowned chefs to cook and share their knowledge.

Highly recommended for people who love digging deeper into the world of gastronomy, Sorted Food indeed brings a satisfying feast of knowledge to your screen. With its wide-ranging, comprehensive classes, you’re sure to find something to level up your culinary skills.


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