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Yes, I’m here to tell you that your favorite film or TV show doesn’t have to be completely perfect and completely flawless.

Sometimes, a good movie has to be flawed, so that we can relate to it and enjoy it.

The problem is, all too often, movies or shows about success don’t seem realistic.

You know, the ones where the protagonist or characters study all night for a test, then go to class on the way to the test, and then after the test, go on a field trip.

Now, before I get into this, let’s take a step back and remember that just because a movie or show seems to be set in the real world, doesn’t mean that it is.

For example, The Fast and the Furious was never actually set in reality. The plot was always hinky.

The fact is, you don’t need to have real-world physics to have a great movie. And, also, it doesn’t even have to be realistic to have an interesting movie.

Sometimes a movie can be successful simply because of its unique plot and characters.

Here are movies about success that are successful for multiple reasons.

Forrest Gump

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This movie follows the story of a simple, average man named Forrest Gump.

He eventually becomes a successful politician, then a United States President, and then, of course, an iconic movie.

Without a doubt, this is the best movie about a man who became a “successful man” simply because he decided to do what he wanted to do in life.

Gump learned to go with the flow of life and live each day to the fullest.

Forrest Gump is a must-watch movie for every man. If you haven’t seen this film, do so. It will change the way you look at life.


In this movie, robots known as “Humans” are forced to leave Earth, so that they can live on other planets, like Mars.

The Humans have decided to create an entirely new homeworld for themselves and their robots.

As the only one to realize the Humans’ intentions, is a man named Wall-E.

He is the only robot who still has human feelings, so he is shunned by his peers.

But, it turns out that he does have human feelings. After spending time on Earth, he can no longer stand the idea of leaving. It’s time to go!

Wall-E gets shot out of the air and crashes lands on the shore of Earth, where he is discovered by a young girl named Eve.

He decides to try to bring peace to the planet by cleaning up the trash on the beach.

The Pursuit of Happyness

I was with a friend next to Bercy in Paris. We shot a bit at night.

This movie tells the incredible true story of Chris Gardner, an unsuccessful entrepreneur.

He is forced to become a down-on-his-luck mechanic, after losing his construction job.

On the day he’s scheduled to be fired, Chris gets a lucky break from an unlikely source and ends up landing an incredibly high-paying job.

Eventually, he can buy a home for himself and his wife, plus another for his younger brother.

Cool Runnings

This is the story of a Jamaican bobsled team that attempts to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games, as Jamaica was banned from the 1988 Winter Games for “fraud.”

The team ends up having a whirlwind experience, competing in just two of the four competitions, but still managing to qualify for the Winter Games.

The movie received positive reviews from critics, so this is a great movie about what not to do when you want to achieve something great.


This movie tells the true story of the Soviet Union’s military doping program, during the 1980s.

A group of talented Russian athletes begins using steroids and human growth hormones to boost their performances.

The state then uses this as an opportunity to accuse the Americans of being “dopers” as well, leading to a massive state-sponsored doping scandal.

This movie is an incredibly emotional one and one that will make you angry and sad.

It’s also one of the most historically accurate documentaries about sports.

The Basketball Diaries

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best, and best-known, actors of the late ’80s.

In this movie, DiCaprio, alongside several other aspiring and struggling actors, spends the majority of his time in his backyard practicing basketball.

This movie will give you a peek at what it’s like to be a basketball player in the ’80s. You will see how intense and demanding the game can be, even for someone relatively new to the game.

It is a deep and rich look at this game that showcases all that is attractive and what’s attractive about basketball, as well as some of the grind, of the game, and the obstacles.

The movie is filled with heartbreak, inspiration, triumph, and of course, lots of hoop shots.

The movie will make you fall in love with the sport all over again.

Rent it on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, or Vudu.


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