best party games for switch


Local multiplayer has largely been replaced by online multiplayer in recent years. And it’s a logical move for many video game developers, especially given the frequency of loot crate systems and other microtransactions.

But local multiplayer is still alive and well on Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. I mean, hey, even the basic Joy-Con controller set-up is designed to encourage different playing options.

A single-player controller can quickly become a 2-player control scheme.

And as we all know from childhood, co-op games make for great party games. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best party games for Switch.

A few feature online multiplayer, but the bulk of the bunch give the option to have two, three, or even four players at a time on the same console.

So bring your Switch to a rooftop party like they showed in that promo commercial and challenge your buddies to some fun and fiddly multiplayer games.

Or if you’re feeling nostalgic about the old-time multiplayer games, check out our article on some of the best for the GameCube.


Snipperclips isn’t just a great multiplayer game, it’s a great puzzle game and one of the most adorable games currently on offer for the Switch.

You can technically play through the game solo, but it just isn’t quite as fun or as satisfying.

The basic idea is that at the start of each level, each player inhabits a sentient abstract shape (for an example, think of a filled-in U).

When both players’ shapes overlap, you have the opportunity to snip off the overlapping portion of the shapes.

You need to achieve very specific shapes to fit through doors or unlock other features of a level.

There are also some platforming elements that require precision and determination. But what’s a puzzle game without a little bit of frustration?


What can we say? It’s an online multiplayer, yes, and if you really want to squad up and take on the bad guys with your friends, you’ll probably need multiple consoles.

The good news is that the game itself is still fun and functional, and it’s free to play as soon as you hop onto the Nintendo Switch eShop.

That is, unless you want to blow some money on needless loot crates. In that case, you could end up spending a whole bunch of money on this game. And that’s where they get ya.

Anyway, it’s a fun party game, especially when you’re working with friends to put together a solid fortress and fend off the many other highly-skilled players running around the colorful landscape.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

As you can probably tell from the title of this game, it was originally released for the Wii U, a console that never quite came into its own, despite the best efforts of many talented game developers.

But now you have the option to download this game for the Switch, which is really just a far superior version of the Wii U.

It’s basically a nice shiny redux of the classic Mario side scroller games, you know, the ones that paved the way for the future of Nintendo, the Switch console included.

Thankfully, it offers a fun co-op mode where you and a buddy need to work together to the best of your ability to find a way out of these many tricks and traps.

By the way, is the implication of these games that Bowser himself laid out these complex platforming traps to try and keep you away from his precious Peach?

If you’re a Nintendo historian who knows the answer, please let us know in the comments below. We are very eager to hear the answer.


Ok, so TowerFall isn’t really bringing anything all that new to the table. It’s a battle royale style multiplayer experience, most likely riding the coattails of PUBG, Fortnite, and the lot.

But what it really offers is a chance to have the same kind of wacky fun without playing in an ugly 3D FPS environment.

Instead, TowerFall takes place on pixel-art platforming stages where skilled players can make use of the tips they learned from playing just about any side scroller since the invention of video games.

Fun items are scattered throughout the levels, giving you plenty of different ways to zap your friends right in the face when they aren’t paying attention.

And while TowerFall is a perfect party game to enjoy with some friends, it’s not all that great as a single-player experience.

Luckily, the game also isn’t very expensive, so you won’t break the bank by purchasing it just for its party capabilities.

Rocket League

Rocket League has a simple premise that is just undeniably appealing: soccer with futuristic rocket cars.

It’s difficult to find fault with a concept so pure and entertaining, and so we won’t even try.

The gameplay here is just insane, but after playing for just a few minutes, you start to find your own groove, and seeing other cars flying through the air suddenly doesn’t feel quite so frantic.

It gets the blood pumping and offers plenty of opportunities for you and your friends to get very, very angry with each other.

And when it comes to a multiplayer experience in a party game, that’s really all that you can ask for.

We’d also like the thank the developers for integrating a replay feature that shows off the lead-up to impressive goals and saves.

Mario Tennis Aces

The Mario Tennis franchise is a bit of an odd duck in the world of Mario. It’s certainly not as popular or quite as interesting as the Mario 3D games.

And it doesn’t have the same dedicated following as the Mario Kart series, which has become a party classic all around the world.

But what Mario Tennis Aces brings to the table is surprisingly realistic tennis gameplay, which can then be augmented with some wild n’ crazy game mechanics that make each game an absolute thrill.

For example, the Zone Shot feature allows players to cue up an exact shot that will likely be too powerful to block.

Then there’s the story mode, which makes the game worth a purchase if you want to play it solo at times.


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