We all have our own thing going on, from our interests to our personal histories to our favorite member of the Beatles. (For me, it’s always going to be George Harrison, mostly because of the mustache.)

And since we’re all different in many different ways, it means that not everyone is suited to every single job on the market today.

That’s partially based on skillset, i.e., a professional wrestler probably shouldn’t transition to professional baking midway through his career, although that would be adorable.

But it’s also due to personality types and internal preferences that we tend not to say out loud.

For example, if you’re a creative individual who has a significant amount of social anxiety, you may have found that working in the returns department of a retail outlet store is just not the best fit for who you are as a person.

But fear not! There are plenty of creative careers for introverts out there, and we have compiled a short list for you to peruse at your leisure.

Let’s jump right in.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can have lucrative, flexible careers based around making things look nice. From posters to websites to packaging materials, graphic designers can help influence the visual identity of a brand, a movie, or an individual.

The Tools

Nearly all graphic design work is completed via computer software programs, and as such, it’s possible to make graphic design a work-from-home career.

Some designers prefer to use a drawing tablet accessory to navigate graphic design software.

The Know-How

Apart from needing in-depth knowledge of design software programs, graphic designers also need to be knowledgeable when it comes to composition, color pairings, and illustration.

Freelance Journalist

The exponential rise of internet traffic over the last 15 years has resulted in a massive demand for online content to attract a consistent readership.creative careers

And while many sites employ a full-time writing staff of their own, a large number of outlets still need additional content from freelance writers and journalists who can cover a wide variety of topics.

If you already have some experience in writing or with writing feature articles, then you may want to establish yourself as a freelance journalist.

The Tools

You’ll need a working computer with a decent internet connection. If you’re covering topics specific to a geographic location, you may also need to travel on your own dime until you can be reimbursed by a publication.

For interview and voice memos, you should bring along a basic audio recorder that saves data to an SD card.

Once you have several articles to your credit, you can think about creating a website that introduces yourself to potential clients.

The Know-How

Obviously, being a freelance journalist requires strong writing skills. But it also requires the ability to pitch yourself and your work by being thorough and confident in how you present yourself.

Over time, you’ll start to establish key contacts with editors for various online publications who can help you find work in the future.

Set Painter with Theater Company

Theater companies, whether amateur or professional, need hardworking carpenters and painters to help create impressive sets for upcoming shows.Creative Careers for Introverts

If you have a background in painting, then this may just be the quiet, artsy profession for you.

The Tools

Most of the time, the actual brushes and paints themselves will be provided by the theater itself. It’s just up to you to put together sets according to the director’s guiding vision.

However, if you find that there are supplies lacking that could help make the set truly great, try to speak with either the theater’s manager or the director of the upcoming production about the possibility of getting some minor funds to buy the supplies you need.

You could also bite the bullet and buy the supplies yourself, with no hope for reimbursement. This way, you’ll be able to wow the theater with your work and justify increased funds in the future.

The Know-How

You should have significant prior experience working with oil and acrylic paints. You may also find yourself working with simple house paints.

If you have any experience with minor woodworking projects, then you could prove to be a valuable asset by assisting the set carpenters.

You can also offer suggestions for how to make the set even better.

Music Producer

Music producers have a number of responsibilities when it comes to helping others realize their artistic ambitions.Creative Careers for Introverts

Many producers work with specific musicians or studios and aid in the recording process, as well as mixing and mastering the final versions of recorded tracks.

Once you’ve established yourself as a talented music producer, more and more artists will go out of their way to work with you, which can make for a lucrative and steady career.

The Tools

Music producers should be very familiar with a number of digital audio workstations (or DAWs), as well as mixing boards, mastering software, and even audio equipment such as microphones and preamps.

It also doesn’t hurt for a producer to be proficient in a few different instruments, especially keyboards.

The Know-How

Above all else, music producers should be very good listeners.

They’ll need to make sure that every audio track of every song is free of mistakes and imperfections, and that the overall song is mixed to give listeners a pleasant experience that highlights the most interesting musical elements.


We hope that these job ideas for creative introverts will serve a springboard for you to look into even more careers that could appeal to your specific personality type.Creative Careers for Introverts

If you’re considering making the switch from your current career to one of these jobs or another creative endeavor that you enjoy, it’s important to do so with caution.

By all means, if you’re unhappy at your current place of work, you should definitely look into ways to find work that you actually enjoy.

Just be sure that, before you quit your current job, you have plenty saved up so that your new creative career has plenty of time to get going.

If you’d prefer a career that doesn’t require as much creativity, check out this list of jobs for shy people.


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