Today, digital illustration is one of the most popular art forms. With technology constantly evolving, artists can now create their illustrations almost anywhere at any time! Gone are the days when you needed to have a studio space with all of your supplies to make masterpieces. You can pick up a tablet or computer device and start creating!

There are many different styles of digital illustration. Some people call it “cartooning” because it looks like cartoons, but I prefer calling it “illustration.” This term feels more accurate as it includes things such as painting, drawing, sketching, and creative writing. A lot of these types of illustrations look similar, but each artist has his or her own style.

Digital illustration is very popular due to its availability. Anyone with an internet connection can produce quality artwork quickly. Technology makes it possible for anyone to express themselves creatively!

This article will talk about some basic ways to learn how to draw using digital media. We will also go into some detail about a particular platform that is becoming increasingly common: Instagram.

Bonus points if you are already familiar with this app!

Why should you add digital drawing to your artistic repertoire?

Many reasons!

It is totally free to use, which means you do not need to spend money to begin practicing your craft. There are no limits to what you can create either!

You do not need special training to get started.

Why is Instagram popular?

digital illustration instagram

People love to look at pictures! It’s an easy way to take a break from your daily life by looking into the space and time that have been freed up due to less responsibility. You don’t need to make anything, you just need to be able to take a picture or pick something out of a gallery that you like.

There are also lots of ways to use Instagram in order to generate more traffic to your site or business. By adding appropriate accounts as followers and/or giving away freebies, people will share your account with their friends and family, which can spread word about your brand.

It’s a very simple tool to use for huge successes, so why not give it a try? There is no cost involved unless you choose to promote products through advertising or sponsored posts.

How to get started?

First, create a profile on the app where you can upload pictures and add other users as “friends.” Then, start experimenting with making and editing pictures and posting them.

What types of content are popular on Instagram?

digital illustration instagram

Recent trends in social media have focused heavily on creating engaging, entertaining content to get more engagement and likes for your posts. Content that is interactive or pictures or videos of something interesting are great ways to start!

Something else important to note about Instagram is its audience. The platform is known for having very casual users who love posting small, quick stories and updates.

This can be tricky when trying to create formal illustrations, but don’t give up! There are many ways to improve your drawing skills while keeping it fun!

Take some time every day to doodle or take random notes and then edit them into an illustration later. Or you could try taking some simple picture prompts (like doing a notebook sketch) and adding your own style to them.

How can I get more engagement on Instagram?

digital illustration instagram

As we know, engaging with others is one of the most powerful ways to boost your social media followers and fan base. By interacting with other people’s posts, comments and messages, you draw attention to your account and generate interest in what you have to offer.

Running an illustrative or creative business means marketing for money so achieving this goal is very important. Luckily, it’s easy to achieve on the free version of IG!

There are several types of engagements that can be done on Instagram, such as commenting on a photo, tagging someone in a picture, and creating and responding to stories. Each of these requires posting something new to gain attention and/or interaction.

This article will go into detail about some simple ways to start promoting your own art and encouraging conversations around it.

Take advantage of the timeslice feature

digital illustration instagram

A lot of people have noticed that there are a ton of beautifully designed illustrations all over the internet. They’re so beautiful that you can tell someone made them to perfection or even paid significant money for it.

Mostly, these artists use Photoshop or another graphics software to create their designs. With the ever-growing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, creating digital artwork is in high demand.

Businesses are paying professional designers to design logos and marketing materialsfor companies to use and rebrand with their own style.

And while some people make a good living doing just that, most people who advertise online use a free tool to create their own illustrations. You probably already know some of those tools!

In this article, we will talk about one of my favorite free tools for illustrators – the timesliced illustration. I’ll also share some tips and tricks for using the app to your benefit.

Use Instagram videos

digital illustration instagram

A new way to use digital illustration is via video! While still drawing, painting or sculpting your illustrations, you now have the option of creating them as a video instead.

You can take your time editing in apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, but most don’t require too much advanced software. There are many free ones that get the job done.

The best part about this style of illustartion is that anyone can do it. All you need is a camera and some artistic skills!

Your followers will love watching your creations turn into stories and games they can access at any time.

Create engaging images

When it comes to digital illustration, there are many ways to go about it. Some artists choose to do very detailed drawings that use lots of textures and patterns. Others prefer using simpler styles or even stylized versions of well-known brands or characters!

Whatever style you decide on, make sure your audience enjoys what you create. If yours look too professional with perfect lines and shades, then something more casual would be better. Or if their favorite things are totally cartoonish, try making some for them!

Your first rule should always be to love what you put out into the world. If your illustrations don’t make people feel good, no one will want to watch them or read them. Your creativity will die along with theirs.

Planning a trip is great but having an incredible time while traveling is the best way to enjoy yourself. The same goes for spending time with friends or family. Having fun is half of the battle when investing in others.

Budgeting doesn’t mean staying within budget, it means putting away money to spend on things that matter to you. Invest in your dreams by spending how much money you have on a movie or book you truly desire to see/read.

Use Instagram’s editing tools

digital illustration instagram

As we mentioned, you can add text to your images by adding it as a caption or writing next to the image. But there is another way to edit your pictures on Instagram!

You can take some of the background features and decorations out of the picture and replace them with your own. This is called “editing” the image. You can choose from several styles like silhouettes, vignette, and more.

There are also various textures and brushes that you can use to cover up parts of the photo. For example, if the person in the picture looks funny with their mouth open, you can quickly fix this by using an appropriate texture or brush.

And although they’re not strictly part of digital illustration, photorealistic looking illustrations are another way to edit pictures.

Personalize your account

digital illustration instagram

As seen before, one of the most important things to do is to personalize your profile. This includes changing your username, adding or editing bio content, and choosing from various design templates.

You can also add and remove filters, choose from different style packs, and pick whether to show off your work publicly or keep it private.

There are many ways to make your digital illustration instagram unique! Be creative and expressive with what you share!

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