“Be able to love, heal and accept yourself, so you can then offer these gifts to others”

Productivity is changing rapidly in today’s modern economy.

More companies, like Google and many others, encourage and reward employees for keeping a good amount of projects in progress.

Even if that project ends up taking a lot longer, you will have less to worry about in the end.

For example, Google will pay your overtime rate for getting more done. At the very least, it is a good incentive to make sure you are working as efficiently as possible.

From the side, though, it is all about making sure that you are building a long-term relationship with your team.

If you are more productive, you can have more good interactions with your team.

Many other benefits will follow, like achieving the best performance reviews, earning the best bonuses, and having more say in the organization.

Being productive will also help you improve your own workflow. Here are a few ways that this can help:

Make sure you are switching off from work often

Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide value and grow. It all starts with a conversation. You have to let go of your assumptions so you can listen with an open mind and understand what’s actually important to them. That way you can build something that makes their life better. Something they actually want to buy.

Switching off from work ensures that you are having fun and enjoying the moment when the work is going well.

It also means that you are not spending more time on tasks that will not be completed but are still fun.

Avoid spending most of your time on the computer. For example, if you have to write something, get up from the computer, walk around, and try to find the best window to write from.

You will only have a few minutes to write. Why not use it to see the sunlight, your family, your surroundings?

In this way, you will spend more time on your work and have more time for yourself. This will give you the energy to finish your work faster.

Make sure you are finishing your tasks and not just starting them

It is hard to feel happy when you are doing something that you have to do.

It is not that you are not happy doing it, but it is not that it makes you happy, either.

By completing the tasks, you are not only being productive, but you are also building up a more positive attitude.

This will help you stay more engaged and happy when you are working.

Develop good time management

woman holding iPhone during daytime

Most people have a bad time management system. It is one of the main reasons that they are not having a good work-life balance.

If you have a good time management system, you will not be wasting time on mindless tasks.

The best thing to do in this case is to build a good process that allows you to complete your tasks in a better way.

You can use and work with different time management tools, but what will help the most is to get your tasks organized and priorities in line.

Remove distractions

When you are working in a cluttered environment, you will waste more time trying to find the things that you are supposed to be looking for.

Some distractions will definitely help you complete your tasks faster and better, but you should not let the distractions take over the working environment.

Don’t let them change your work style or make you feel useless.

Become more organized

If you spend a lot of time writing notes, reading up on new things, you will soon need more space to put all of your research notes.

Instead of piling up your notes and documents on the desk, use a file system to make sure everything is organized and available at the same time.

Talk to your manager

Lawyers looking at documents

The best way to see if your manager is on your side is by talking to him or her. Not many of us have a good relationship with our managers.

Sometimes it is because we haven’t been able to express what we need from them.

Of course, there is also the other way around where people just think they are good at communicating but they are not.

You might have a very good communication relationship with your manager, but your productivity will not increase.

You might not be able to communicate your real needs.

If you are struggling with the same challenges, you might want to talk to your manager and explain your situation.

This might help to solve the problem.

Develop your social skills.

In the work-life balance, you have to develop your social skills.

We have a stereotype that all programmers are antisocial geeks who live alone in their parents’ basement.

I do not want to have the image of being antisocial geeks, but I do not think that you can have it all.

The one thing that every programmer needs is friends. When you get to know someone, you get closer and more intimate with them.

The more intimate that you get, the closer you will get to that person, and you can just relax.

That will help you focus on your work and put in your best effort.


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