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The kiosk at a mall, gym or any other place you’d visit can be a great way to grab a meal to go.

The kiosk at a gym is also very useful. You may have to pay for the gym membership there, but there are many gyms that offer a discounted membership to those that have a gym membership at their home gym.

Some gyms offer a low cost (a free month) to customers who visit the kiosk for the first time.

Kiosks will also be useful if you go to an office building or a place with a lot of employees. You can grab a quick bite to eat while you’re at the office, or grab a snack at lunch time.

The main difference with the food kiosk at a mall is that you can buy anything you want from the kiosk without waiting in line.

Kiosks are easy to use, and there are a variety of things you can do with them. Here are some menu ideas to help you out.

1. Kiosk sushi

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Kiosk sushi is a great place to grab a quick sushi lunch. Most high end sushi restaurants have different items on the menu that are available in a standard price range, but these sushi are usually more expensive.

The typical menu at a mall food kiosk however, would have sushi available at every price range.

You can get sushi with greens and seasoned soy sauce, sushi with sweet and sour sauce, sushi with rice and chives, and of course, regular sushi.

2. Kiosk deli items

Kiosk deli items are more like grab-and-go. You can buy hot foods and cold foods at these kiosks.

The typical menu is the same as a standard deli.

A typical deli would have hot subs and sandwich meats like roast beef, turkey or ham. You can find more filling deli items like calzones, garlic bread, pastas, and salads.

You can also find grilled food options at a kiosk. There are a lot of choices like chicken, beef or seafood.

3. Kiosk sushi (Tokyo sushi)

Tokyo Sushi is the one of the popular places to get sushi in a mall. You can find restaurants that sell you Japanese sushi prepared right in front of you.

These sushi restaurants use an assembly line, so you order your sushi and pick out the rolls or nigiri that you want.

You can also get all-you-can-eat sushi with appetizers like cucumber salad, edamame, miso soup, and more.

4. Kiosk deli pizza

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You can also get a quick pizza at a mall food kiosk. Most places that you go to for pizza make pizza right in front of you and when you are done eating, the pizza is ready for you to take to the counter.

These are the types of pizzas you can find at a kiosk:

  • Spicy chicken pizza
  • Garlic mushroom pizza
  • Oven baked cheese pizza

Use these pizza recipes to make your own pizza at home, or find a recipe to make your own pizza at home.

5. Kiosk chicken nuggets

A lot of chicken nuggets sold in the mall are not real chicken nuggets.

They are usually deep fried chicken shaped nuggets and they usually have fillers in them.

Kiosk chicken nuggets are usually made from chicken breast, and there are less fillers in the nuggets that you get at the kiosk.

6. Kiosk ketchup

This one should go without saying, but you can find the ketchup you want at the kiosk.

If you can find a local food court at a mall that uses Heinz ketchup, then you can get the ketchup for the kiosk.

You can also find different types of ketchup and find the best flavors for your next burger, grilled cheese, hot dog, or sandwich.

7. Kiosk Italian ice

You can find Italian ice at the food kiosk. These are mostly traditional Italian ice flavors like strawberry, lemon, and chocolate.

The only difference between the kiosk and a traditional Italian ice restaurant is that a kiosk Italian ice doesn’t come in a tub.

It comes in a little cup, which makes it easier to consume.

A few of the better flavors are rocky road, Neapolitan, and salted caramel.

8. Kiosk bakery items

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If you want to try a little bit of everything at the kiosk, you can find the bakery items there as well. Kiosk bakeries make bagels, croissants, muffins, doughnuts, coffee cake, donuts, cookies, and more.

The prices are usually the same as if you would buy these items at the bakery, but the cost of these items are lower.

If you don’t like any of these items, you can always buy some from the bakery before you leave the mall.

9. Kiosk hot dogs

If you are looking for hot dogs, you can find some at the kiosk.

The hot dogs come in most of the different types of flavors and can be grilled or baked.

There are also some places that you can get one of the burritos with hot dogs inside.

If you don’t like the burritos, you can usually find bologna on a stick, chicken nuggets, burgers, and veggie burgers.

10. Kiosk cupcakes

You can find cupcakes in a lot of different flavors at the kiosk, especially if you are on a diet.

They can be larger than those you would normally get at a bakery, and they usually have white icing with sprinkles.

The kiosk ones usually are very sweet, so try to limit yourself to a few small pieces, but if you want a big one, you can probably get it if you get the employee’s okay.


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