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There is nothing wrong with wanting to give the perfect gift to your friends and family, but this year why not get them something that they will actually use, it will be even better than one of those presents they never wanted in the first place!

Food of the month club gifts

root crops on display

Every month the month club will send the recipients a new product. The ingredients are organic and good for you.

The food is carefully prepared in a tasty manner.

The value for the money you get back is outstanding, whether you’re giving one to yourself, a friend, or your spouse.

That’s how to make people love your gift, and this year you can do that with a food of the month club gift!

What will your food of the month club gift include?

There are many different monthly food of the month club options.

The monthly membership rates range from $29 to $39, they also offer packages that let you buy up to 6 months of the same food item.

The meal kit delivery service Blue Apron is one of the best-selling monthly food of the month clubs. Not only will they provide the recipes, they will even provide you the ingredients needed to make your food.

You will get to cook all the meals yourself, in your own kitchen, or at a hotel restaurant.

They also provide you with pre-portioned ingredients so you do not have to buy anything else.

Eden Healthy Foods

If you’re looking for healthy food of the month club options Eden Healthy Foods may be for you. They offer a more natural way to provide your family with healthy meals at a great value.

They offer a 60 day guarantee for all meals. The monthly menus are made up of wholesome, delicious, healthy, plant-based meals.

Whole Food Monthly Meals

Healthy eating of the month club Whole Foods also offers a healthy meal plan.

It offers 6 new dishes each month. You can choose from a variety of options to make up the entire meal including sandwiches, sides, and desserts.

A Wellness Life weekly plan

The Wellness Life is a healthy eating of the month club. They work with the entire spectrum of lifestyle to offer a quality meal at a quality price.

They also offer a gift box that you can give the recipient at Christmas.


If you want a food of the month club that is super easy to set up, you can buy the cookd food of the month club.

You just buy one pack of the ingredients, cook it up, and they give you the food for free for the next month.

This is perfect for those who are cooking for a crowd and want to feed their friends and family with a healthy meal each month.

Meal designers monthly

Popcorn coated chicken

Meal designers also have monthly food of the month club gift ideas. They will send you a menu, all of the ingredients needed to make that menu, and the best part is it is completely customizable for you.

So you can pick out exactly what ingredients you want to use, whether it’s whole grains, nuts, or even chocolate, the menu will have it for you.

There are hundreds of tasty meals to choose from with this idea, including gourmet vegan meals.

Atlas Monthly

Atlas Monthly has a monthly food of the month club, but it is not for the traditional person who enjoys cooking. Instead of coming up with all the dishes yourself you can just ask the designers to choose a menu for you.

You can then use their recipes and try out their food at home.

The Foodie Monthly Food Box

The Foodie Monthly Food Box is a monthly food of the month club gift for the foodies in your life.

They can order a box of their favorite treats and ingredients to make meals. It is easy to get groceries at a super store like Whole Foods, but it is easy to get this box instead.

This is a fun way to build up your supplies for cooking delicious food.

Imbibe monthly

Imbibe monthly is a monthly food of the month club that offers good deals on alcohol for you to enjoy with friends.

You can pick from several different options and follow the best recipes to make the best beer, wine, or liquor.

This is a great option for those who love having fun with food and drinks.

Vegan Tuesday

Vegan salad bowl

Vegan Tuesday is a monthly food of the month club where they send you vegan snacks. It is geared for anyone who eats vegan.

There are many of options to choose from and it’s a great way to find all the vegan treats that your friends love to eat.

Vital Produce

Vital Produce is a monthly food of the month club. Each month they send you healthy organic produce in a box. You can choose from different boxes to try out different types of produce.

You also get recipes to help you get creative with the healthy organic produce that you get every month.

Milk Crate Designs

Milk Crate Designs has a monthly food of the month club. The boxes include everything you need to make a delicious dinner and include all the ingredients.

If you are a beginner cook or just looking for a fun gift, this is the perfect food of the month club for you.

The Dinner Mother

The Dinner Mother is a monthly food of the month club that will send you a delicious dinner each month. Each month you can pick what you want to cook and how you want to prepare it.

All the ingredients are organic and gluten free and it is all grown by local farmers.

It is a way to get great local food and make dinner easy to prepare and a fun activity for you and your friends.


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