As a real estate agent, your success depends on many different factors, not all of which have to do with you as an individual. More than likely, you’ve heard of agents who make a lot of money in their business, but you may also know that they don’t agree very much.

They’ll tell you it takes a lot of work to make big profits, and that being able to collaborate well is more important than having a large social circle. It can be difficult to recruit people who will go along with you and contribute to your career if they aren’t paid enough or supplied with necessary materials.

There are ways to change this culture though, and you can start making changes today! Here are some easy ways to bring in extra income as a real estate agent.

Start a blog

how can real estate agents make extra money

Starting your own real estate business or investing in property is a great way to make extra money. And while most people start their search by looking at listings, you can create your own website and advertise it online to gain new clients.

A well-designed website with lots of rich content designed to attract readers will help you grow your client base quickly.

By offering valuable information to potential buyers and sellers, you’ll stand out from other agents who may not be as engaging. You could even take it one step further and begin writing about things related to either buying or selling so that you can pick up some tips yourself.

Agents also benefit from starting a YouTube channel or blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger to share their knowledge and promote their services.

Running a real estate agent business through Realty MIX gives you access to all of our tools, including an advanced CRM, web hosting, and more than 2 million pre-built websites ready for you to launch.

Offer your services as a financial advisor

how can real estate agents make extra money

Being an experienced real estate agent, you can easily pick up some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to investing in property. Many agents have their own personal investment strategies that work for them, which they share with other members of the community so they can help others achieve their dreams of owning a home or business!

Some of these strategies include: buying residential or commercial properties, getting creative about how to invest in property, and investing in stocks or funds. Some agents take extra steps to ensure their clients are well-informed and understand the implications of different investments. These people are considered professional investors.

There are many ways to go about being a successful investor, but one thing is certain – you will need to learn from someone who has done it before. An experienced investor is very valuable, and having someone who knows what she/he is doing can only benefit you.

Become a photo curator

how can real estate agents make extra money

As mentioned earlier, real estate agents have photograhic skills that they can use to make some extra money. This is one of the biggest ways that they create revenue for themselves. They curate pictures and display them on their social media accounts or through an app to get more likes and comments.

Agents who do this hire photographers for events such as housewarmings, closing ceremonies, and open houses. The agent will pay the photographer for his or her services.

By offering your time as a photographer at no cost to the seller, you’re adding value to the property and getting paid for it, too! A lot of sellers like having their own photos taken because it gives them something unique and them self-expressionful.

The trick is finding the right balance between being supportive and encouraging while also keeping yourself organized and on schedule. Having a back up plan means you don’t lose work due to unexpected delays or cancellations.

Another way to earn additional income as a realtor is by investing in photography. There are many affordable options out there for professional quality photographs.

Start a letter writing service

how can real estate agents make extra money

Many experienced real estate agents have a lot of contacts they use to generate business. They may not be comfortable sharing these with other people, however!

Some agent’s make money through advertising, but this often requires them to have a strong social media presence or lots of resources to market themselves. Some agents are too shy to go talk to potential clients in person, so they start using the phone as a way to connect.

Publish a book

how can real estate agents make extra money

A lot of real estate agents make a good living serving their clients, but some have to struggle just to pay for their monthly bills. They’ll spend hours working hard for no return- that is, unless they decide to self publish and market their books or guides online.

There are many ways to become an author and the opportunities increase every year due to the popularity of digital media.

You can write your book yourself, use free writing apps such as PenToolBox or CoWriter to draft it, and then edit it via sites like AuthorshipReboot or Grammarly.

Some people start with a very simple memoir or how-to book and develop it from there. Others create fiction novels or nonfiction academic textbooks and supply them through platforms such as Scribd or Amazon Kindle.

Realtor books are always a popular choice since they contain lots of information about the field and tips and tricks for professionals. What if you don’t know anything though? You could still get creative and do something different!

A popular way to promote your book is to put up flyers and advertisements at local libraries and community centers so more people will come across it. Some even organize open events where anyone may attend and guests get a small talk time with you while getting some resources out of the event.

Become a life coach

how can real estate agents make extra money

Being a real estate agent is already quite stressful, which is why some agents choose to add additional stress onto their lives by offering professional services to others.

Many people hire real estate agents to help them find or sell a home. As a broker, you can take things like listing homes for sale, helping negotiate deals, and serving as an advocate for your seller or buyer.

Some brokers offer more formal consulting services, such as helping individuals or businesses with career counseling and guidance. This could be about changing jobs, finding new opportunities, improving relationships at work, etc.

Real estate agents are also trained in business and finance, so they can give advice regarding these areas. Some professionals only provide limited service types, but if you’re good at it, you can make money doing what you love!

Brokers must be licensed by both your state and local governments before they can offer these services, however.

Start a online business

how can real estate agents make extra money

Online shopping has become a habit for most people, with many now choosing to stay at home instead of going out to buy something. Some even argue that it has made spending too much time in stores possible because you can just order what you want online and have it shipped to you!

With the explosion of the internet and all of those smart phones, doing your grocery shopping through Amazon or Walmart is totally viable. And while this may sound like a way to make money as an agent, it’s not.

As a real estate agent, you are already selling products (homes) so why not use your knowledge to start an additional side income stream? There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is starting an online store.

You can pick anywhere from clothing to housewares to gadgets to sell them on your site. It is completely free to set up and starts earning you immediately via sales and affiliate programs. Plus, you don’t need a lot of investment capital to get started.

Become a virtual assistant and earn multiple jobs

how can real estate agents make extra money

As we know, being an agent is not easy to do unless you are passionate about it. Having your own real estate office can be very expensive!

Fortunately for many people, though, there are ways to make money online as a real estate agent. You can start by setting up some sort of website or profile where you can advertise yourself as an expert in the field.

From there, you can begin offering your services as a VA (virtual assistant). VAs work mostly from their computer and help out with things like social media marketing, responding to emails, and other tasks that have to do with running a business.

In addition to those, most VAs also offer editing and proofreading services and/or cover letters and promotional material for various positions.


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