Finding employment as an illustrator is not easy, which can make it seem like a very elusive career. But with the right strategies, you will know what to do if a recruiter or manager does not show much interest in your work or in meeting you!

There are many ways that people find job opportunities including word of mouth, referrals, advertising, social media, interviewing, and creating your own website or portfolio. This article will talk about some of these tips and how professional artists manage their careers through them.

Many professionals have their own personal tools they use to look for jobs, but most keep them private because it is considered “interfering” with others’ potential employers.

We decided to create this article so that anyone who feels stuck in their artistic career can learn more about how other creatives managed theirs.

Join a studio

how do illustrators find work

As we mentioned earlier, being able to showcase your work is one of the most important things for aspiring illustrators to do. But how can you get people to look at that art? You could start by joining an illustration studio, or creating your own!

There are many ways to make money as an artist in this industry — it’s more popular than ever before – but the best way depends on what kind of artwork you want to produce and who will pay you to create it.

Some artists earn the highest salaries producing highly conceptual illustrations or designs that require very little production time. Others make the most money when they learn new software well so that they can put their skills to use quickly. A third group makes the most money producing fun, florist-style illustrations or cute characters.

No matter which type of art you prefer to draw, there are always others with jobs available. By looking around for openings and applying through the appropriate channels, you’ll be sure to find something soon!

But how does someone know if an opening exists where they live or if an application was accepted? That’s where these six tips come into play.

Find an illustrator friend

how do illustrators find work

As we already mentioned, being an artist is a long process that can take years to see results of. Creating illustrations is a craft that requires lots of experimenting with different styles, media, and techniques.

As you begin your career as an illustrator, it’s important to have someone who inspires you and supports you. You want to make sure your supporting person isn’t only looking out for him or herself but also for you.

This may mean having lunch together once a month to discuss business strategies, or going to the same yoga classes so you have something in common, or meeting up at a coffee shop every morning to brainstorm ideas.

Whatever it takes to keep each other motivated and working hard, those are the people you want to be around.

Use LinkedIn

how do illustrators find work

A lot of people use social media to connect with friends, but it can also help you find new jobs or develop relationships that lead to employment opportunities. Social networks like LinkedIn have gathering areas, called groups, where individuals share their experiences and information they have related to your field.

By joining these groups, you get an opportunity to show off what skills you have and to showcase yourself as an expert in your area. By introducing yourself and discussing your career and job goals, you’re giving other members of the group a chance to learn more about you and possibly offer tips or advice on how to reach those goals.

Furthermore, many employers actively search for professionals via social sites such as LinkedIn. Therefore, by being visible through this site, you are helping promote your talent and self-branding as well.

Join a convention

how do illustrators find work

Finding work as an illustrator is not easy, but it is possible! The best way to find employment as an artist is by joining a professional organization or conference that focuses on promoting artists and giving them opportunities to show their work.

Conventions are great ways to connect with other creative people and get exposure for your art. There are many different types of conventions, such as film festivals, book launch events, and even culinary expositions.

Many major universities also have artistic organizations that host various type of shows every year. Participating in these events can help you gain more experience while establishing connections to potential employers.

By attending these gatherings, you will be able to showcase and discuss your artwork, meet some influential individuals, and increase your network. If you’re looking to break into the field professionally, this is important to do early on.

Be consistent with your work

how do illustrators find work

As mentioned before, being persistent is one of the most important qualities to have as an artist. If you are not able to spend time developing your craft, then what use is that quality? You will be wasting your energy up until you find employment.

It is impossible to get ahead in this industry if you do not put in effort into your art. Whether you are trying to break out or just to hone your skills, there is always something to learn!

Keep experimenting with new styles, mediums, and approaches to create effective artwork. The more you expose yourself to, the better chance you have at finding success.

There are many ways to gain exposure for your illustration style and talent. Social media sites can be a great way to spread your artistic influence. Share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and let people know who you are and what kind of content you produce.

You may also want to consider starting your own account to showcase your talents. Having your own space where people can access and admire your work is very valuable.

Buy prints

how do illustrators find work

Finding employment as an illustrator is not easy, but it’s possible to earn enough money for your creative needs from sources that don’t involve handing over all of your hard-earned cash. One way many artists make money today is by buying art supplies or other materials and then marketing them through social media or their own website.

By selling your empty space, you create room for more creativity!

Most people are familiar with using printed matter to learn about different styles and concepts when looking at illustrations. Creating your own illustration style is an excellent way to gain inspiration and knowledge of how others develop theirs. By studying the techniques of others, you can incorporate those into your personal style.

There are several ways to market print designs including creating your own site, offering goods in Amazon’s marketplace, and producing and distributing them yourself via printing companies. Some of the best ways to get started include sharing your work online, responding to calls for artwork, and approaching businesses to see if they will pay you to design something.

Start a blog

how do illustrators find work

A very popular way to get into freelance illustration is starting your own website or blogging platform where you can share your work and create an audience. This is especially helpful if you are not quite sure what style of drawing you want to pursue, as you can gain inspiration from other artists’ styles.

Running a site or sharing your art on social media sites is another way to promote yourself as an illustrator. By having a steady stream of income, it helps mitigate against job loss due to quitting or being fired.

By creating and promoting your work, you will also be introducing new artwork and concepts to potential customers which is always valuable for your career growth.

There are many free tools out there that make it easy to start a blog or manage, a hosting service most bloggers use.

Join a contest

how do illustrators find work

Finding work as an illustrator is not easy, but it’s definitely possible! One of the best ways to gain exposure for your artwork is by entering into some kind of drawing challenge or competition.

Most art competitions ask you to create two or three illustrations within a set time frame. These are then judged on creativity, style, and how well you use techniques in your field.

Some give prizes for the best illustration per category, while others have a winner chosen with a prize pool that depends on the event. But no matter what type, everyone who enters gets a “entry form” which features their design and a link to their website/social media account.

That’s why it’s important to develop a strong social media presence – so people can learn more about your work and connect with you. You should also make sure to update your website, add new content, and promote yourself via various mediums.


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