As a professional real estate agent, your success in getting more clients will depend heavily on two things- how well you market yourself and how effectively you use social media to promote your business.

Running an effective advertising campaign takes time, so don’t expect results immediately. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find that your sales will grow rapidly.

A successful marketing strategy often starts with knowing who your potential customers are and what they need. By meeting their needs, you’ve got half of the battle won!

In this article, we’ll look at some ways to develop your client base through traditional methods as well as those that rely less on spending money. You’ll also learn about some easy ways to boost your followers on all major social media platforms.

Be where your clients are

how do real estate agents get clients

As a property professional, you will be working with both buyers and sellers of real estate at some level. Therefore, how to get more business is really about being in the right place and offering the best service to your potential client.

Where possible, try to connect with people outside of work so that you can widen your network. For example, if someone you know is looking for house agents, invite them along to an event or meeting to learn more about the profession.

At the same time, why not put together a group yourself? There’s no reason everyone who wants to be a property agent has to be hired by another person – they can start their own agency!

By giving good value for money and going above and beyond what the competition does, you’ll soon have lots of business. Plus, it’s just plain nice to help other people, isn’t it?

Running your own agency gives you even greater freedom than being employed by someone else. You decide when and how to spend time on marketing, negotiating sales contracts, etc. — everything except cold calling and door-to-door visits, which are done by professionals who work as agents.

Make a good impression

how do real estate agents get clients

The way to get new clients is by making a great first impression. Your demeanor, your appearance, how you dress – all of these factor into what people perceive about you as an individual and a professional.

Whether you are working with high-end or low-income clients, their perception will affect whether they feel comfortable buying or selling a home from you.

They may like you but if they don’t believe you are going to help them achieve their goal, then they will look for someone else who seems more likely to succeed.

Clothing that fits well and makes you feel confident in yourself can boost your confidence which can be reflected to others.

When looking at real estate listings, there are several things that stand out to most people. These include beautiful pictures, bright colors, lots of windows, and easy access to surrounding areas.

If you could take some time to do something fun outside of work and improve on those qualities it would only benefit your business.

Running a real estate office means being around houses and properties so having nice clothes that match up and showing off the property you are representing is important.

Beautiful, matching clothing sets you apart from other agents and makes you seem more professional.

Be there when they need you

how do real estate agents get clients

As a real estate agent, your success depends largely on how well you connect with your clients. You must be willing to go after what you want and work hard to achieve it.

Your clients will form relationships with you based on who you are as a person and what you represent for them.

They’ll keep coming back because you listen to their needs and help them find solutions that suit them. When they call or come in for an appointment, they expect to talk about you but also see yourself as a valuable asset.

You can make sure this happens by setting up meetings during non-work hours so people have time to get to know you.

During business hours, stay accessible via phone, email, chat and other methods so people do not feel like they have to meet you face to face to speak with you. This is especially important since most of these conversations are about someone’s house!

Try to understand why your client wants to move forward with a sale or purchase and what his or her goals are. If necessary, put aside your own goal of making a sale and focus only on theirs.

Be confident

how do real estate agents get clients

As we mentioned before, being a great real estate agent doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years to build up your reputation as a reliable professional leader in your field.

So how do you get more clients? By investing in advertising and marketing strategies and creating loyal followers that will keep coming back!

But what kind of adverts are most effective and how can you make sure they work for you?

In this article, we will talk about some ways to increase client base growth through social media. Specifically, we will discuss five types of business accounts you can establish to better promote yourself.

I have also included tips and tricks to help you manage all these profiles effectively so you can focus on doing what you love!

Bonus points if you can implement at least two of these services into your business model – it won’t cost too much, and you will gain valuable insights.

Be positive

how do real estate agents get clients

As a real estate agent, your success in getting clients will depend heavily on how well you use marketing strategies. But before you can launch any campaigns, you have to start with a strong base of very happy customers who will spread word about you!

As a seller’s agent or buyer’s agent, your success in generating business will be dependent on which side of the market you are working. If you are an excellent seller’s agent, then people will go to you for help buying a house, but if you are more of a buyers agent, then they will look at those services as too expensive.

Both types of agents need to develop their own style that works best for them. What is important though, is that you always remain friendly, professional, and straightforward with potential clients.

If you don’t keep up this level of professionalism, no one else will! You must believe in yourself and what you are offering, otherwise nobody will. Your self-confidence will also play a crucial part in creating lasting relationships with prospective clients.

Running your own real estate agency means there will never be a shortage of work, so it is good to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Be consistent

how do real estate agents get clients

As mentioned before, being consistently professional is one of the biggest ways to get more clients for your real estate business. When you are running late for an appointment, that is okay because you will make up for it later by staying ahead of schedule, but if you are always 30 minutes behind schedule, people will begin to feel like they cannot depend on you.

Likewise as a Realtor, your customers will begin to doubt your expertise in the market and whether or not you can help them find their dream home.

If you are too busy, people will assume that there is no good reason why you want to succeed – that you do not really care about helping others achieve their dreams.

As such, try to be conscious of how you present yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you notice that you are becoming distracted or nervous, take a break and reset.

You may need to learn how to prioritize better so that you don’t overwork yourself and risk failing to complete what you have set out to accomplish.

On the other hand, you could also ask someone to hold off on buying until you are able to close the deal… just keep in mind that this person might decide to go with another agent instead!

Be honest

Another way to gain trust is by being totally honest with potential clients.

Know your market

how do real estate agents get clients

As we mentioned before, being aware of the area you live in and doing some research about homes for sale in your potential target area is a great way to identify if there are any opportunities.

If there are no agents that seem to be thriving in the community, then it’s time to look somewhere else!

By having a general idea of what areas have the most activity and how many people like or dislike the property will make a difference in whether someone becomes your client.

Does this house sound perfect? It might be because you already know something about it – maybe its price has come down, or it’t been listed for a while. If so, try talking to other sellers who may have similar properties, see if they can recommend an agent they used recently.

Or perhaps there’s a friend or family member who owns a home in close proximity and could offer their input.

Be proactive

how do real estate agents get clients

As a real estate agent, your success in getting clients will depend heavily on how proactively you are about finding them. You must be willing to go after what you want, but first you have to know what you want.

As we discussed before, being a successful real estate agent is not enough just having a good personality and knowing how to talk about houses. Being a professional real estate agent means more than that.

You need to develop your sales skills by doing things like giving presentations, responding to calls for appointments, answering questions under seller’s list, etc.

These activities can easily be done from home unless you are going into person close then you would need to work on your phone presence as well.

But even outside of those, you still need to put in some effort to find customers. There are many ways to do this including attending events, putting up signs, sending out emails, talking to people directly, and creating a website or listing yourself online.


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