Finding a place to study real estate can be tricky since there are so many ways to get this license. Some schools offer certification courses while others offer degree programs or even just a certificate! There are also state boards that regulate real estate agents, but not all states require it of you as an individual agent.

In fact, some people do not need to be licensed at all! As long as you are not representing yourself as an agent, then your license is not needed.

If you already have a house-hunting background and want to become a professional broker, then starting college today may be unnecessary. You can find plenty of resources online for pre-licensed brokers to learn more about the business!

There are several reasons why getting a real estate license can be difficult, depending on which school you choose and what kind of license you desire. This article will go into detail about some common things that can hinder individuals from becoming professionals in the field.

Prepare a list of questions to ask a real estate agent

how hard is it to get a real estate license

Asking about licensing is one of the most important things you can do as a buyer or seller looking into buying or selling a home. More than likely, your agent has access to at least two different licenses!

The listing agents license allows them to represent sellers in their area. The agency that represents you as a homeowner will often have an associate broker who works under them. This person has less formal requirements for being licensed but still must meet education standards and spend time working with clients under the associate broker’s supervision.

The second license is usually either a salesperson’s license or a professional contractor’s license. These people are allowed to perform certain tasks such as putting up signs, inspecting the house, etc., which play a key part in helping you find and negotiate your perfect home.

Both these professionals need to be able to read and write clearly, so test them by asking if they are certified in something related to houses.

Establish your budget

how hard is it to get a real estate license

While some states require only that you take a basic test to get your real estate license, most require much more than just that! In fact, in many states, you have to pay additional fees for being overqualified before you can even start taking tests.

Some of these qualification costs are large up-front expenses like the Test Fees mentioned above or monthly monitoring fees. Others are cost per test courses which can add up quickly if you need to retake certain exams frequently.

In general though, the qualifications process will set you back around $1,000-$2,500 depending on how many licenses you want and what state you live in.

Pass a series of exams

how hard is it to get a real estate license

The process of getting your real estate license is not easy, which is one of the reasons that there are only a small amount of people who become licensed brokers. There are three main parts to this, however!

The first part is passing the state exam for broker’s agents. These vary from state to state but all require you to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and show proof of financial stability. Some states also ask if you’ve worked in an office setting before so they can verify that you can work under pressure, deal with others, and represent someone else’s interests professionally.

Next comes the education portion, where you must prove that you know the basics of real estate by taking both pre-licensing courses as well as continuing education classes while you’re still working. This could mean anything form studying marketing techniques to learning how to assess house conditions and numbers to understanding tax laws and regulations.

Last, once you pass all these tests it’s time to actually get your license! This usually requires going through what’s called “examination preparation training” where you learn everything about the area around your prospective workplace and test sites.

Be a good communicator

how hard is it to get a real estate license

As mentioned earlier, being able to communicate well is one of the most important things to have when you’re looking to become a real estate agent.

This includes having conversations with potential clients as well as negotiating with other agents or brokers. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be very talkative, you must at least make an effort to speak clearly and concisely when talking about selling or buying a house!

Your ability to listen to what others are saying and respond appropriately will go a long way towards helping you succeed in your career.

Know the area well

how hard is it to get a real estate license

The next thing you will need is your license, which requires that you know your local real estate laws very thoroughly. This includes familiarizing yourself with the surrounding areas and how hard it can be to get a house means knowing who has what listings and when they are closing!

In some cases, people trying to get their licenses may not have enough knowledge of the law or the market. If you do not understand the basics of the law in your state, then you should look into those before getting your license.

Also, if you do not know anyone who owns a home, there are ways to learn about homes for sale in your area. You can go through many websites that offer this information so check out several ones.

The main reason why someone would not be able to get their license is because they do not know the legalities of being a broker. For example, in most states, you must show proof that you can pay your bills independently as well as prove that you know the fundamentals of business.

Have and keep your own transportation

how hard is it to get a real estate license

Being able to drive is one of the most important things that people look for in a real estate agent. Realtors are professionals who handle lots of money, so having a license means you know how to deal with finances!

Most states require you to be licensed as an agent if you want to represent sellers or buyers. But what about being a listing agent? Or buying a house yourself and representing it as a seller?

There’s nothing wrong with being a part-time agent, but unless you have at least 6 months under your belt being a full time agent is the next best thing to having a license.

Getting a license takes anywhere from several weeks to a few months depending on whether you are taking the online certification route or the traditional classroom approach. You will need to prove your identity and proof of residence, plus you’ll need to pass the exam which can cost anything from $100-$500+.

But even though it costs some money, being licensed is a pretty good way to make some extra cash.

Have your own source of money

Being a real estate agent is a great career! But before you can start working, you have to be licensed as an agent. Getting this license requires that you are prepared to put in some effort and spend some time educating yourself about the process.

Most states require that you take both a written test and a practical exam to prove that you know what real estate laws are and that you’re able to handle transactions under stress. Some also require you to pay a small application fee and have proof of insurance, so make sure to check these things properly!

While it may sound difficult, getting a real estate broker’s licence isn’t too hard if you are willing to do some research and prepare correctly. In fact, many people who become brokers later in life were not professionally trained at first, but they still picked up the skill set easily once they invested their time into it.

Enjoy being a landlord

how hard is it to get a real estate license

As a real estate entrepreneur, you will need to have enough money to invest in property. This can be your own home or apartment that you rent out, or it may be buying and renting a house or condo from someone else.

Landlords are usually good employers because of all of the things they make their tenants feel comfortable with. They take care of the place like his/her own, pay the bills on time, keep up-to-date with regular maintenance, and treat their neighbors respectfully and like family.

With a little bit of business under your belt, you’ll know what to do if something happens to the property. You can handle most problems yourself, but for more serious issues, you’ll want to reach out help as soon as possible. Your community will also benefit from your leadership skills since many landlords hold open meetings to discuss important matters such as safety, regulations, and market conditions.

Being a landlord is an enjoyable position to be in since you get to work close to home and earn some nice income.


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