Many people rely heavily on the internet for their daily lives — from checking Facebook, shopping online, looking up information, and of course, using it as an easy source to find new homes!

By creating an account on one of the many real estate websites like Zillow, you agree to give them your personal information and use of your data is our very own business partner.

That being said, how long does it take for your house to show up on Zillow can be quite frustrating at times. It definitely takes longer than what most expect when they first join, but don’t worry-it’s totally normal!

There are several reasons why this happens, so here’s a little bit more about that. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid any disappointment and keep trying to see your home listed even though it may feel like giving up.

It depends on the location of the house

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

The timing related to when your home appears on Zillow also varies depending on where you live, what kind of remodel you have in process, and whether there are other similar homes nearby.

Zillows’s website contains a tool that helps determine how long it takes to get an estimate on your house by looking at listings near yours. This can give you a better sense of just how quickly or slowly your house will be listed with us!

The length of time that houses appear on Zillow is not set in stone – but it gives you some insight into how likely it is that they’ll list your property within the next six months.

It depends on the condition of the house

Even if your home has been on the market for a few days, you should still be keeping an eye out for it on Zillow because this website can take some time to update its listings.

Zillow will launch new technology or tools for real estate agents and sellers every month! The best way to ensure your house is shown correctly is by registering as a seller agent with Zillow. This gives you access to more features, updates, and data than being a buyer agent only.

As we know, everyone’s pricing strategies are unique so what works for one seller may not work for another. By using Agent Level Pricing, which allows you to edit price and sale information at any time, you get the most accurate representation of how much your house is worth.

It depends on the availability of photos

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

Sometimes, even months pass before your house is listed on Zillow. This happens because there are not enough pictures of your home available at the time it goes up or the listing agent does not have access to be able to edit the list until they find more photographs.

It can also take weeks or months for an individual to review all of the listings in their neighborhood to determine what price your home should sell for. They may want to add features or reduce the value due to poor quality of the property or incorrect pricing.

It depends on the availability of the house for sale

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

Even though Zillow listings are free, it does cost money to list your home on their site. And, how long you have to wait for it to show up varies depending on whether the house is currently listed as sold or for sale by owner (FSBO).

If a seller lists their home with a real estate agent, that agent will typically pay Zillow a monthly listing fee in exchange for access to all of the agent’s contact information for potential buyers. The agents then work hard to get those contacts to visit their website so they can promote the property and earn compensation from anyone who responds.

On the other hand, if a FSBO decides to use Zillow instead of hiring an agent, there’s no paid service level for them. Instead, they must invest in domain name registration and hosting services directly through Amazon or Google, and they must build their own audience online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It depends on the seller

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

As mentioned before, how much time it takes to see changes on Zillow is dependent on what you are looking at and when they update their listings. If a seller updates or removes a picture quickly, this may cause them to appear less credible.

It’s also important to remember that not every agent has access to all of the tools in our system, such as the MyListings feature or Verification Tools. Agents with access to these features will be able to view more accurate information.

For example, agents without access to the Verification Tool can’t confirm whether the address listed on Zillow is correct. An incorrect address could make the listing seem less authentic.

It depends on the buyer

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

As mentioned earlier, you can use Zillow Listing Tools to add photos or take down listings at any time. But, how much time it takes to have your house show up in search results also varies depending on who is looking at your home!

It’s not just about how many people “like” your listing on Zillow, but instead if they are viewing it through their own personal account or as an agent. If someone is browsing as an agent, then it will be more likely to get picked up faster than if they were going directly into their account.

It takes a long time

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

After you upload your house information onto, Zillow, or any other real estate listing websites, it can take anywhere from one day to several weeks before your home’s photos are actually posted to their site.

During this waiting period, your house will remain “unlisted” and inaccessible to the general public. Agents have no way of accessing your house until it is listed!

This is totally normal and makes sense because agents need access to your house in order to represent you as buyers or sellers. has a very large network that includes other real estate sites where your house can be published, so there’s not necessarily an urgency to get your house online as soon as possible.

It’s also important to remember that most people look at real estate listings via the internet, so even if your house doesn’t have any pictures up yet, it probably already has exposure.

As mentioned above, don’t worry too much about how quickly your house gets picked up by agents and potential buyers, but do make sure to update your house description and list price whenever you have something new to tell everyone about yourself or your house.

And try to schedule a showing as soon as possible after publishing your house – while your house is still relatively fresh, there may be more interest than expected.

It takes a short time

how long does it take for your house to show up on zillow

Many people have asked how long it takes for your house to show up on Zillow, so we decided to do some research!

It can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on whether you’re selling your home quickly or not, what state you are in, if you’ve listed with a broker, etc.

We gathered information about how long it took by asking around among agents and listing on our own before buying a house. We also researched how many days it actually took Zillow to review and publish listings, as well as how they manage their database size.

Overall, we were able to determine that it takes on average just over two months (25 working days) between when you put your house up for sale and when it shows up on Zillow.


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