As a real estate agent, your earnings depend on several key factors- but not all of them are direct income sources. Some additional revenue is more like an indirect income source. These are called compensation strategies or revenue generation systems.

Some examples of these include creating a business relationship with a property seller, developing your network to increase exposure for your listings and marketing tools, and earning extra money online through writing or surveys.

Many agents earn supplemental income by renting out their own home or investing in rental properties. And some even choose to exclusively work from outside companies that offer fee-based services, such as helping you find a mortgage or managing your house sale.

There are many ways to make good money as a real estate agent without having a steady stream of direct income.

What does it mean when real estate agents say they are a “La expert?”

how much do real estate agents make in la

It means that they have mastered the art of talking about houses enough to get some business through marketing, sales, or both. And since they are paid for each house they represent, this can be lots of money!

That is why most people who want to become real estate agents go into it later in life- so that they can make good money.

However, before you choose that path, you should know what kind of income potential you will face as an agent.

Here we will talk about how much real estate agents make, what factors influence their paychecks, and some tips to increase your compensation as a broker or associate.

What Does An Agent Earn In Average?

Agent earnings vary greatly depending on several different attributes such as: location, personal qualities, and sale production (or lack thereof).

But average agent salaries are still pretty easy to find. You can use our free tool to determine yours by entering your area and position.

We also have averages broken down by revenue level, years in the industry, and more.

What is the average real estate agent salary in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

Average real estate agents’ salaries vary greatly depending on several different factors, including location, number of clients, industry affiliation, and more. However, we can speak with some degree of certainty about what the average realtor makes in their career!

According to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average realtor made $61,000 per year in 2017. This amount represents an 8% rise from 2016 when the average realtor earned just under $56,000 per year.

This seems like a substantial increase, but it actually marks a decline in income for most realtors as the NAR notes that this figure is “net pay after taxes and other benefits.” These include things like retirement funds, health insurance, etc.

That said, this doesn’t take into account potential bonuses or raises beyond the basic wage, so this figure should be considered only as representative of the average monthly income for a realtor. Obviously, if you are able to negotiate higher wages than the average then you will definitely be making more money!

Another important thing to note is that these figures are net incomes which already deducts costs such as rent, mortgage payments, and employee payroll. The NAR also notes that not every member reports their income, so there could be even lower numbers out there!

Overall though, this gives us a good starting point to compare how much others make while working in the field.

How do I become a real estate agent in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

Being a real estate agent is not for everyone, which is why most people never consider it as a career option. But if you have a deep passion for helping others find their dream home, then this is definitely a profession to pursue.

Real estate agents are professionals who help individuals or businesses sell or lease their property by acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and getting the best possible deal for each party involved.

Agents get a percent of the sale price that they represent your buyer or seller as well as receiving a set fee per transaction depending on what type of agency you belong to (producer, franchise, etc).

There are many different types of real estate agencies so there is no one size fit all when it comes to income! However, most earn anywhere from $500-$5,000 per active listing they have, and $1,000-2,000 per closed sale they negotiate on behalf of a client.

That being said, unless you are very talented at talking about houses and giving good market reviews, don’t expect to make a lot of money off of your talent. A solid work ethic and persistence will take you much farther than expected!

Another thing to remember is that although making a ton of money as a real estate agent may be the goal, taking care of your clients is way more important.

How do I get a list of homes for sale in La?

The next step in having lots of exposure is to find all the listings that exist for your area, and determine which ones are professional quality advertisements.

There are two main ways to gather this information. You can either visit each individual’s website or you can use what’s called an MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Most big cities have at least one MLS that contains all of the properties for sale in the area, and it’s free to belong to. By becoming a member, you get access to all of the listing info, photos, and even some basic stats about the property like price!

By creating a profile on, you get not just the rentals available through our site, but also the MLS lists as well. This way you don’t have to go around searching individually, you can us them under One Resource.

What is the best time to buy real estate in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

The best time to purchase an investment property in any area is when there are no better alternatives. When market conditions are poor, you can still pick up great deals by going into it with your eyes open.

When we say ‘investment’ property, we mean something that will yield enough income to at least cover its monthly costs, and often much more than that. This is why most people who enjoy owning their homes also have a second home or house they use as a getaway.

There are many ways to make money investing in real estate. Some do very well buying and renting out houses, while others invest in commercial properties or buildings. No matter what type of real estate you choose to pursue, however, you need to be able to evaluate whether a deal is good for you before you pull the trigger.

As always, keep your expenses under control and don’t overextend yourself! Also remember that even if a downturn keeps happening, next year might be better – and may present you with new opportunities.

What is the best neighborhood in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

As we mentioned before, buying or selling a home is both an exciting and stressful experience. The most important person you will work with during this process is definitely your real estate agent!

Real estate agents are paid according to two main components – their sales production and marketing performance. Agent fees are usually split into three categories: 1% – 6% for payment of dues (the MLS), 2-4% for producing effective advertising materials such as flyers, brochures and advertisements, and then the rest for performing services like showing houses to potential buyers and negotiating on your behalf.

The cost of these third party resources is not included in their overall fee.

Agents that use an outside service to produce promotional materials or that do very little direct marketing themselves receive lower fees than those who are more professional about it. This could be because they share some of the costs with another company or they feel that things get lost over time so there’s no need to pay extra to have them done properly. It also depends on what kind of results you want to see. If someone else does all the work, you can save money by spending less time doing it yourself!

There are many ways to become a successful real estate agent in La without having a lot of money to invest. For example, you can start out as a virtual agent where you represent sellers or buy mobile homes and apartments instead of houses.

What is the average sale price of homes in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

The average home sales price in Louisiana is $150,000! This means that if your property was listed as an investment or rental property, then you should consider lowering your pricing to attract more buyers.

This isn’t always possible (especially when listing online), but it is important to know how much agents make in our state so that you can protect yourself from being overpriced.

Most real estate agents earn anywhere between $800-$2,500 per transaction depending on the area and number of transactions they have.

However, some very successful agents charge up to six figures for their services which is why it is important to ask about compensation before agreeing to work with them.

What are the most expensive homes in La?

how much do real estate agents make in la

The average real estate agent makes around $60,000 per year! This is not including any additional benefits like being a member of an association or professional group.

There’s also lots of expenses that agents have to pay out monthly such as mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, and more. All of these costs add up quickly so it can easily cost over $1000 every month!

Furthermore, many people believe that working for a big agency with lots of employees means you make much more money than someone who is self-employed. But this isn’t always the case.

It depends largely upon what you sell and your sales volume! If you only do a few things each week then yes, you will get less money but if you work hard and consistently then you can earn quite well too.

Just because something seems pricey doesn’t mean it is! Compare yourself to others in your profession to determine how well you are doing and don’t just rely on advertisements and interviews.

You must verify all information about yourself and your career directly through talking to other professionals and reading personal blogs, magazine articles, and testimonials.


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