As mentioned earlier, real estate is a great way to make money if you know how to do it well. With that said, how much money you make as a realtor depends on several different factors.

Some of the biggest determining factors include: competition, market conditions, your marketing skills, and what types of properties you choose to represent yourself as an agent.

This article will go into more detail about some of the things that can influence how much money you earn as a realtor.

Second, you need to calculate your commission

how much do u make in real estate

As I mentioned before, agents’ commissions are typically determined by two main factors– listing price and sales price. The higher either one of those numbers is, the higher their paychecks will be!

However, there are some other less obvious components that can have an effect as well. These include such things like how long the agent worked for the house seller or buyer, whether they are represented by another broker, etc.

There are even situations where having too many partners (or no partners at all!) could hurt someone’s compensation.

Third, you need to factor in other costs that may be involved

how much do u make in real estate

Other significant expenses include the cost of your real estate license, as well as any professional licenses such as those for mortgage brokers or tax professionals. These are very common, especially if you plan to start working full time as a broker!

Running an effective business takes money, so make sure to look into the possible costs of starting up before diving in. You should also consider how much money you’ll need to invest both in terms of capital (up-front spending) and recurring monthly expenditures, which depend on the size of your company.

Making enough money as a real estate agent can take some time, so don’t expect to reap the benefits of being an entrepreneur immediately after buying a licence! It will probably take you at least a year until you feel that you’ve made enough money to really enjoy what you do.

Fourth, you should know how to be a good negotiator

how much do u make in real estate

As mentioned before, being a strong seller is very important, but knowing when to negotiate is just as important if not more so. This is particularly true in real estate where there are often lots of things that can prevent a sale including your house getting torn down or going under due to lack of sales!

As a buyer, you’ll need to know what makes the market slow and what may keep it moving along.

Fifth, you should know the market well

As mentioned before, being familiar with the area and markets is a key part of investing in real estate. This includes knowing how much money you have to invest as well as what types of properties are best for your budget.

For example, people often feel that buying a house is the most expensive thing they can do, but it’s actually one of the cheapest!

Buying a home means paying either rent or mortgage payments, depending on if you prefer living close to where you work or if you like the idea of having your own place. A lot of people choose the second so they end up owning their homes even though they pay rent.

By choosing a more affordable neighborhood, you will save lots of money in monthly housing costs. It’s important to determine which type of lifestyle you want first before deciding on a property.

Another way to reduce cost when investing in real estate is by looking at older houses. Older houses may be slightly larger than ones built today, making them similar in price. Check out online listings, talk to other owners, and visit some homes to get an overall picture of prices.

Sixth, you should have a good marketing plan

how much do u make in real estate

As we mentioned before, being active online is a great way to market your real estate business. But making sure your followers are aware of who you are and what you do is an equally important part of promoting your brand.

That’s why it’s very important to create an effective social media strategy that includes developing strong messaging and promotional content for different platforms.

Your messages and advertisements will be more successful if you know how to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and address their needs, questions, and comments directly.

Seventh, you should choose your clients carefully

how much do u make in real estate

As mentioned before, being rich is not about having a lot of money! It’s about living with a sense of abundance, which includes: health, relationships, career, education, savings, etc.

So, how much do real estate agents make? The average agent makes around $80,000 per year (or about $480 per day!). This sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?!

But what if we told you that this figure is actually the very top 1% income for REALTORS®? In fact, only 8% earn more than $100k per year as an agent!

And even these agents don’t necessarily make the most out of their position – some say they’re overpaid while others feel undervalued.

Eighth, you should get their permission

how much do u make in real estate

As mentioned before, your income as a real estate agent depends mostly on how well you manage your business. But what most people don’t realize is that getting paid really doesn’t happen all at once!

Most agents start out making very little money because they underestimate just how much it takes to build up a successful career.

Don’t be one of those people! It will take time, effort, and lots of trial and error but eventually you’ll reach the point where you can truly say “I make a good living doing this.”

The best way to achieve this is by learning from others who have done it before. You could read books or listen to podcasts about becoming an agent, but talking to other agents is far more effective than anything else.

You want to talk to as many different types of agents as possible so that you can learn not only about the profession, but also about different ways to run your own agency.

There are several ways to approach asking if you can interview them, but my favorite is called – ‘cold call.’ This means calling someone you’ve never spoken to before without any kind of introduction.” __________________

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for general education purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Seek professional guidance along with a risk assessment prior to investing or hiring anyone to assist you in such matters.

Ninth, you should know your clients well

how much do u make in real estate

As mentioned before, being able to read people is one of the most important things that real estate agents need to be proficient in. This includes reading their body language, what they are saying, and how they respond to you as well as others.

Being able to do this will help ensure that you’re aware of whether or not they could sell their house soon, if they want to move, and if there are any potential issues with the property that might hurt its saleability.

It can also help determine if they seem like trustworthy individuals who would go through rigorous procedures to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the selling process, which helps ensure that you get the best possible deal for their home.

Lastly, knowing your client well allows you to understand when they are no longer willing to work with you because you’ve done something that has made them feel uncomfortable or betrayed an expectation that they have about you.


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