The humber real estate program is an educational tool designed to help you become a professional property investor. It was created by Ryan Johnson, who has spent the past eight years developing this system. He released it as a free online course in May 2018, with all materials being paid for via his membership site.

The h-program comes with 2-year access, which means you get use of the courses until August 2019. If you are looking to make money investing in real estate, this is definitely worth checking out!

You will learn how to invest in rental properties, do your own renovations, find new tenants, and more. There are several modules within each section that contain about one hour each of content. This gives you enough time to read through the material and apply it towards improving your investment skills.

There is also an additional member area where you can chat with other students to gain tips and tricks from them. These are both free to use so there is no risk spending your money to improve your business!

Bottom line

This program will teach you everything you need to know about buying and renovating rentals. All of the lessons have been written by experienced landlords so you know they are quality information. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a landlord yourself, these lessons will give you knowledge you can apply to other areas of the market.

Definition of Humber Real Estate Program

how much is the humber real estate program

The Humber River real estate program was designed to help buyers find their dream home or get rid of their current house within a set budget.

The area around Toronto that this program covers includes Thornhill, West Harbourfront, North York, Forest Hill, Don Valley East, Stonewater Bay, Downtown Etobicoke, Rexdale, and Scarborough Town Centre. This article will focus only on what is included in the Humber Real Estate Program for sellers!

This including but not limited to: professional photography, up-to-date listings with market information, $1,500 towards closing costs if you are selling your house quickly, and an exclusive listing service where your property will receive more attention from potential buyers.

These services are all paid for by the seller after they choose to use the HRE (Humber Real Estate) program’s services. There is no cost for using the services unless you want to pay extra money to advertise your property outside of the HRE program.

Who is Humber Real Estate Program for?

how much is the humber real estate program

The Humber Real Estate Program was designed to help you achieve your real estate career dreams! This program will teach you how to be a successful real estate agent or broker, with special emphasis in professional marketing, business management, leadership, negotiation, communication and technology.

The education of an aspiring Realtor comes from many sources and is not necessarily confined to classroom settings, but rather interactive lessons that can be learned through self-learning and practice. The HREP offers both traditional classroom courses as well as online courses which are easily accessible anywhere there’s internet access.

Not only does this give students around the world full access to the curriculum, it also gives them the option to take courses at their own pace without being constrained by timeframes. It is even possible to do some parts of the course while working and saving money by learning about marketing strategies during non-peak hours.

What types of homes are available?

how much is the humber real estate program

As mentioned before, the Humber real estate program is open to all home sellers. This means you do not have to be in the real estate industry or work full-time as an agent to participate in the Humber Realty Group’s training programs.

This also means that anyone can take part in The Best Of Team Training Programs at no cost! That is some pretty powerful incentive I would say.

The only requirement for taking part in the HFG Business Skills Online Course is that you must sell a house within the next 6 months. If you don’t then it’s totally okay to wait until you do to learn more about marketing, negotiation and business skills.

What is the process like?

how much is the humber real estate program

As mentioned earlier, The Huber Organization has partnered with IAship to offer their Refinance Mortgage Programs. This partnership allows our organization to spread our message beyond just being brokers that only do sales!

We can now use our expertise in mortgages to help you achieve your financial goals by finding ways to lower or eliminate your monthly payments so you will not have to spend more money each month for housing!

The number one reason why people are unable to refinance their mortgage is because they simply cannot find a lender who will agree to give them credit. By working with IAship, we are able to connect you with lenders that will work with you!

Not only does this make it much easier to get the ball rolling on getting rid of your current loan, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore other products such as interest-only loans or income properties!

There are never any up-front costs involved with these services – you pay nothing unless you qualify for a new mortgage and then there is an activation fee which covers overhead expenses for IAship.

What are the costs?

The main cost of the Humber real estate program is for your broker to be paid a commission. This is typically one percent of the sale price, which can add up quickly!

That means that if you hire a very experienced agent who sells a million-dollar home, they may earn as much as $10,000 per year in revenue creating an incentive to close deals. And since most people pay attention to whether or not they will get their money back during the buying process, this can create a lot of stress for them.

It also doesn’t help when they find out that there are additional fees such as listing expenses that need to be covered. All of these things contribute to why many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the real estate market.

Fortunately, we have some great tips here for you to consider next time you start looking at a house. We’ve included everything from how to pick the right neighborhood, to what to look for when searching online listings, to more about negotiating with sellers.

When will I hear from a representative?

how much is the humber real estate program

The next step in your journey to becoming a real estate agent is meeting with an agent or team of agents! It’s very important to remember that you are hiring these professionals so you should make sure that they does not work for you before investing in their services, nor them as individuals.

Agents have to deal with lots of people every day, sometimes even rude ones, which can be hard to bear when you want to refer them to another person or get some business done. Therefore, it is essential to check out this individual’s references and ensure that they are trustworthy.

Also, most agents require at least one open house per week, which means that you will need to choose where to host it wisely. Finding a property that is in a good area that most people go to look around makes it more likely that someone will show up and buy a home.

Can I get my down payment assistance?

how much is the humber real estate program

If you’re in the market for a new home, then the next thing to consider is how much your down payment will be! The average cost of a house these days is around 2-3% down with no government aid.

That means if you have a $20,000 deposit, you’ll need to find a property that is at least $240,000 or better! More than half the buyers out there can’t even do this because they don’t own enough money to buy a home.

Fortunately, the Canadian Mortgage Broker Association (CMBA) runs an educational program called the Humber Real Estate Down Payment Assistance Programme. This program gives eligible participants up to $2,500 in monthly mortgage payments for one year so they can purchase a home.

This is not a guaranteed loan, it is only available to people who meet certain requirements and are approved during application processes. But once accepted, CMBA makes sure everyone knows about the programme by promoting it across all media channels.

Who are my competitors?

how much is the humber real estate program

There is one major difference between myself and other real estate agents in this market, however. My competition only represent themselves – they do not have any kind of mentor or leader that teaches them how to be better at their job.

I work for The Humber River Region Realtors’ Association (HRRRA), which means I get trained and educated by some of the best realtors out there!

My association has monthly meetings where we train ourselves and each other on new technology, strategies and tactics to use when selling or buying a home. We also discuss anything related to being a good agent – such as marketing, negotiation and social skills.

This education is free for me, the member – it does cost money for the HRRRA, though. They pay for our training so that we can improve as professionals and give back something to the community.

It is important to know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses before you go into business with them. Find out who their leaders are, what programs they are involved in and whether or not those programs are worth attending.

By educating yourself about the people you will be working with, you will know if someone is going to help you succeed or hinder your success. You will also learn if they are willing to put in the effort needed to succeed.


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