The other major test for becoming an active practitioner is the Performance Skills Assessment (PSA) exam, which has 100 questions that focus mostly on practical applications of skills such as counselling or meditation. There are 25 minutes to complete in this test so it’s not too long!

The cost for taking the PSA test is $150. This includes both the registration fee and the examination itself, but not the time allowed during the test. For example, if you take the test at 9 AM your testing window will be from 8:45AM-10:15AM and you will have just over one hour to prepare.

There is no timing restriction for the test so you can spend the allotted time being more prepared or less depending on how much sleep you got the night before. You also get two hours after the test to process what you had and where you went wrong.

Who takes the exam?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The Professional in Social Work Licensing Board (PSWL) administered its first ever Examination for Certification of Competence in Paranormal Practice (ECCP) in May 2019. This two-day, written test is geared towards licensing professionals who work as paranormal investigators or psychics. It is not intended to certify individuals with non-paranormal practices such as mediums, spiritual counselors, or other practitioners whose work does not involve investigating mysteries or predicting future events.

The cost is $150 per person. There is no way to pay via credit card; you must use PayPal. If you already have a Paypal account, you can log into that and add an additional payment method.

You will need to bring your own device to take the test due to there being no online testing software or provision for using a webcam. You also cannot take the test while connected to the internet.

After taking the test, you have up to five days to register yourself as a candidate and upload your results. Once this has been done, one week will be given to receive confirmation from PSALB that it was completed successfully.

What are the test dates?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The Professional School Admission Council (PSAC) will be hosting its PSIQ Test for prospective students in February. This is an online, computer-based exam that can be taken anywhere there internet access is available.

The exam covers three main areas: reading, writing, and math proficiency. There are twenty-four total questions in each area with a time limit of six minutes per question. All three areas have a proportionate number of questions depending on how much experience you have in the field.

After all 24 questions have been answered, the student has six minutes to register their answer before being prompted to move onto the next question. You get one chance to make a mistake on this test, so it’s important to do your homework!

This doesn’t mean just looking up terms and definitions though, instead try practicing applications of concepts in context. Take a look at some examples of past exams here to find out more about what to expect.

Where can I find the test dates?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The last time the PSI was given as an exam was in February of 2018, so there are no upcoming test dates at this time. However, you do not need to take the test until September 2020! That is over two years from now, so you have some time to prepare before taking it.

The PSI is only given once every four years, and since it has been canceled for the past two years, people have had time to study and hone their skills. It may be difficult to get practice tests or full length exams without paying money, but there are ways to gain insight into how well you’re doing and what areas of the test you should focus on.

There are several good sources that offer free, limited quality testing material.

How can I take the test?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The Princeton Review has designed this exam to be as accessible as possible for students regardless of experience level or time in profession. You do not need to have previous testing experience, nor does it require that you are familiar with the psychometric theory behind the tests.

The PSYCHOMETRIC EVALUATION EXAMINATIONS PROGRAM (PEE) is an objective, multiple-choice format assessment tool. It was developed specifically for practicing professional psychologists and professionals in related fields who desire validation of their expertise. This means that these assessments were created with the knowledge that anyone taking them will already possess certain skills or know what answers should look like.

There are four exams consisting of twenty questions each. All four exams must be passed to receive your certification. Each one costs $150 to take.

Your registration fee includes access to both past and present versions of all four examinations. Your registrations also include a copy of the relevant manual so you can study more thoroughly before the examination.

Are there any test centers?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The other major part of the exam is the testing center. There are two types of testing facilities that PSI employees use to assess fitness for employment: Vue Test Centers and Private Testing Rooms.

Vue Test Center locations can vary, but most are in high-traffic areas where people gather frequently, like airports or shopping malls. By being in public places, more people will have exposure to your skills, making the job market feel less limited to only those who live close to a Vue Test Centre.

Private testing rooms are much better than Vues because they give you more space to work with, which helps focus. They also offer a private area where you can relax between tests so you do not have to worry about leaving someone outside waiting for you.

There are several reasons why an employer may choose to hire you over another applicant, including if they noticed you during the application process or if they heard you speak at a recruitment event. Therefore, it is important to make yourself visible to the community!

By advertising your services as a professional psychotherapist through social media sites and word of mouth, you increase your chances of getting hired.

What are the test costs?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The cost of the exam is determined by two main factors, your educational background and certification level you want to achieve. Depending on these 2 components, there are different price points for the PSIQ examination.

If you have never taken any sort of psychology course before or if you are not quite sure what degree you would like to pursue, then the most basic qualification is called “Associate” which will set you back $199.

For those that want to move up one step, “Certified” requires an additional $299 fee and all the way through to “Master Practitioner” which sets you back $649!

There are many ways to pay for the PSIQ exam so whether it be via credit card, PayPal, direct bank deposit or even using a voucher code, they are all paid for at the time of registration.

What are the score ranges?

how much is the psi real estate exam

The psychometric examination process for licensure varies from state to state, but most require you to demonstrate your proficiency in at least one of three areas: reliability, validity, and responsiveness. These three domains evaluate how well you perform as a psychologist, not just whether you can type quickly or remember some rules.

The specific content within these domains changes slightly depending on what area of psychology you’re testing, but all three use similar test formats and question types.

Most states also require an advanced degree (either a master’s or Ph.D.), which is usually given pre-licensure, so they don’t weigh this domain heavily. However, many do require that you pass all three, so it’s important to be aware of them!

Score range ___________ is typically considered adequate/passing for licensing purposes. A few states may have higher or lower cutoffs, however.

Will I get a certificate?

how much is the psi real estate exam

Certificates are always a nice touch, but they are not needed to be successful in career readiness with The Professional School of Psychology. Even if you pass your exam without getting a certificate, you will still have succeeded!

Psychology is a very diverse field that covers many different areas. Having a license or certification does not guarantee that you will make an excellent psychologist, only that you can practice psychology under licenses and certifications.

If you feel like you need more education in the field, try taking some courses outside of Premier Education Programs (PEP) or The Educational Institute of Psychotherapy (PEIP). Both offer course materials at a much lower cost than offering them as a certified package.


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