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This is exactly the time when people are most tempted to get into all kinds of projects or start working on new habits that will take up their time and put them under stress.

The key, however, is to realize that there will be a point when you have more or less nothing to do, and when you do, you have to deal with it, and deal with it right.

If you are still on the fence, here is a quick way to start your productive day and get things moving without a huge time investment.

Sleeping: A multi-tasking genius

In many ways, sleeping is a great productivity tool for the modern person.

Our body produces and stores energy at night. When you sleep, your body is engaged in transforming the energy, which is the best possible way to boost your productivity.

I used to think that you could get your body energized using coffee, soda, or even stimulants, but the science behind this is very clear and compelling.

Yes, you will have some caffeine when you sleep, but not enough to be a big deal.

The really good news is that sleep is in a perpetual state of expansion, as you are either expanding or shrinking, based on your metabolism, and therefore the amount of energy that you are burning.

Let’s say that you are at a 2A-intensity at night, and during the day, you are at 1A.

This is not the kind of sleep that you will get from stimulants, and definitely not the kind of sleep that will make you have a hard time getting up and starting your day.

However, there is a way to increase your energy throughout the day: your sleep at night.

Our brain requires rest, and just by pushing your body too hard during the day, you will make your brain tired and make your concentration drop, which will hurt your productivity.

Here is one way to optimize the amount of sleep you get: get up at the same time every morning and don’t use an alarm clock.

Unless you have a special need to get up early, you can wake up at the same time every day and put yourself in the right mood to start the day.

I don’t know about you, but I get up at about the same time every day without an alarm. I do this because I know how important it is to start the day on a good note.

Similarly, try to go to bed at about the same time every night, and don’t use an alarm clock.

Getting better sleep


If you can get more sleep, your sleep quality will also improve, which will have a positive effect on your mental and physical condition.

What you do daily determines your sleep quality. If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, then your brain will be less active throughout the day, which will translate into less REM sleep, which means that your sleep quality will be poorer.

If you get up at 5 AM and spend the rest of the day at your desk, you will have to use a lot of energy, which means that you will also need to get a lot of rest during the day.

If you sleep more, you will have to get up earlier to give yourself enough time to get everything done, so you will not be getting the rest that you need.

With such a positive effect on sleep, you can see why going to bed at the same time every night is so important: it helps your body and your mind get into a good rhythm, which improves both your sleep quality and your work output throughout the day.

Using your energy better

By using your energy more efficiently during the day, you will spend less time working, which will result in less stress, better sleep, and better productivity.

Doing simple things like turning off the internet and turning off your phone, unplugging and unplugging devices that you use at night, and getting a longer afternoon break, will help you use your energy more efficiently.

Taking long and regular breaks from work can be a key factor for better performance, so don’t forget to take your lunch break every day.

You can also do some fun stuff like working out and reading. Getting away from the computer and having some fun will be good for you.

Fighting stress

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for.

If you struggle with stress, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, and sleeping at least 7 hours a night is a good start.

However, you also need to go easy on yourself.

Stress is a very strong emotion and its primary function is to make you feel more tense, agitated and stressed out.

Try to avoid thinking about things you need to do that day or things that have happened the day before.

Make a pact with yourself that you will do absolutely nothing more than drink a cup of tea, eat a bowl of cereal, or watch some TV.

Doing nothing at all will be good for your physical and mental health.

As long as you keep your rest cycle in check, you should be fine, and you will be able to battle any bad dreams you have without the use of caffeine or drugs.


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