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Kissing is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and beautiful things that a man can do.

A kiss can say a lot to a person.

Did you know that kissing is a great way to show that you care about someone?

If you have a big family, kissing could be one of the most exciting things to do with your brothers and sisters.

Kissing is not just for children. A man who can kiss his lady in the face will get the best response.

So if you want to get more exciting responses in bed, you should kiss her at least three times when you start your lovemaking.

Men are always insecure about their lips. A man must always remember that his lips are a weapon to tackle his enemies.

A person can see a person as an expert kissing him or her. A great kisser is hard to find.

It is a pleasure to read about how to kiss.

Below are some of the best tips for you to improve your kiss.

The timing

A Japanese American young man and a caucasian young woman in love.

Before kissing a woman, you should know when is the best time for a kiss. Try kissing her whenever she is ready.

You can also kiss her before you say good night.

KISSING IS A DIFFERENT THING. If you are eager to start your passionate kiss, try waiting before she is prepared.

Kissing can be spontaneous, but you can always make it more passionate. If she is not ready to be kissed, don’t force her.

If she is happy that you want to kiss her, make sure that you kiss her gently. After all, you are at her place and you are supposed to be gentle with her.

Do not start the kissing by biting her lips or forcefully hitting her face with your mouth.

Also, do not kiss her like you are trying to get into her pants.

A simple kiss can say a lot. A guy should always keep in mind that a good kiss can make the woman happy.

Kiss her like a man. Kiss her to reassure her that she is a woman.

Throat exercises

One way to improve your kissing skills is through throat exercises. Exhale and press your neck down against the woman’s face.

You can press your chin and forehead against her face. Exhale and press your neck down against her face.


Always remember that your mouth should always be soft when you kiss a woman. Do not place your teeth against hers or else it will be painful.

It is better to loosen your grip and relax.

You should always keep in mind that when you touch your lover’s body, you should also respect her body.

Grasping the woman

man and woman kissing eachther

Never grab her in the same way you touch her arm or chest. A kiss has different meanings and you should always know what it means before you start to kiss.

Whenever you try to grab her in the same way you want to kiss her, she will become aggressive.

If you want to grab her, then do so in a gentle way. Do not grab her skin so forcefully that it hurts her.

If you are not sure, it is better to try kissing a few women. You will be able to touch her more gently.

Always remember that if you try to grab her the wrong way, it will ruin the moment.

A kiss can be different for everyone and you should never try to take advantage of that.

Keep your hands to yourself

Always keep your hands in your pockets. You must never give your hands-free to grab a woman.

Try holding your girlfriend’s hand or her waist to demonstrate your affection.

Some men also grab their partner’s butt to show her how much they love her.

Always remember that you are never supposed to grab a woman’s butt. If you need to show her affection, you can pat her bum.

But, do not try to grab her roughly.

When you have liked her, put her on her back

Kissing in bed

If you have kissed a woman and she has given you the green light to try it on her back, make sure that you keep your hands away from her.

Women can get off in seconds. A woman can cum when you kiss her on her back.

If you do not want to become her next sexual partner, then make sure that you gently kiss her.

Put your hands behind her neck, but one of your hands between her breasts, and kiss the back of her neck.

If she moans, it means that you are doing a good job. When you kiss her on her back, let her sit on the sofa.

Then slowly move her to her back and put her legs on your shoulders. Make sure that you kiss her more lightly than you kiss her on the lips.

Try the same moves on other parts of the body like her thighs, knees, armpits, etc.

These will help you understand the differences in the way a woman feels during foreplay.

Kiss her softly and move in time with her.


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