Becoming a real estate agent is a great career choice. There are many ways to become an agent, but most require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, sales, business administration, or other related fields.

A few years ago, only people with college degrees could be successful real estate agents. Now, anyone can make it as a professional Realtor!

With the growth of technology, there are now more tools available for individuals to promote their services as a realtor. You can use your smartphone to take pictures and descriptions of properties, advertise online, and send emails to potential clients from anywhere.

There are even apps that connect buyers and sellers, which cuts out the need for a broker. As such, becoming a real estate agent has never been easier.

Given all this availability, what reasons exist why someone would not want to become a real estate agent? This article will go into detail about some of them.

Make a list of things that scare you

how to become a real estate agent

Being able to sell a house is a lot like being a doctor or lawyer. You need to be confident with yourself, your skills, and knowledge so when potential clients come in the door, you’re not shy or nervous about it.

Being a real estate agent takes time, and there are lots of ways to go about doing it. It can easily start as an extra job if you’re willing to put in the effort to learn how to do it.

But just because something seems scary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. In fact, all great things begin with someone who was scared of them and still learned what they were.

Become a resident of a city where you would like to work

how to become a real estate agent

If you want to be a real estate agent, then you must have residency in that area. You can’t just show up one day as an agent and try your hand at it- it doesn’t work like that!

Most real estate agencies require candidates to go through at least some sort of licensing process. These licenses vary from state to state, but almost every agency requires individuals to be licensed as either brokers or salespeople.

Brokers are professionals who represent sellers and buyers of properties, taking a commission when they find them a home. They are not necessarily the ones who actually negotiate with the seller or buyer, however; that is typically left to the individual agents.

Sales people do not get paid commissions, instead they receive a salary for their efforts. Sales people may handle both buying and selling, or only one side depending on what services they offer.

Find a team of professionals you can work with

how to become a real estate agent

As mentioned earlier, being a real estate agent is not just about telling people where their house will go but also helping them find that house!
As such, one of the most important things when looking into becoming an agent is finding a team of professional Realtors you feel comfortable working with.

Not only should they be professionals in the field, but they should share your vision for the home market and help you achieve it.

They should believe in you as an agent and support you throughout the process. They should expect the best from you both professionally and personally. You want to know you can trust them to keep up appearances and remain calm during negotiations or showings.

You want to make sure this person will hold up under pressure and won’t take too long to give answers. These are all qualities of a great leader.

Buy a condo as your residence

how to become a real estate agent

As mentioned earlier, buying or renting a house is expensive! While it is great to be able to show off how rich you are, owning a home may not be the best financial decision for you.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that real estate agents work solely for houses and homes. They do not!

Real estate agents have several types of properties they sell including condos. A condominium is typically much less expensive than a house because it is built by a group of individuals rather than just one person. This means there are usually fewer expenses for things like land and construction.

If you would like to become an agent, start looking into becoming a realtor in your area with Realty World. You can always expand beyond their company later if you choose.

Find a few clients to work with

how to become a real estate agent

As mentioned before, being a real estate agent is not for someone who does not like helping people. Your skills as a real estate agent are mostly marketing so you will be promoting your services by creating advertisements, going door-to-door to talk to potential home buyers and sellers, and negotiating on how to close deals.

As such, it is important to know what types of customers you want to represent you. If you are more interested in making money off of selling homes quickly, then that is fine, but you may need to find other ways to pay the bills because this can take longer than having a faster sale.

On the other hand, if you are more passionate about educating and inspiring others to improve their own lives through learning about and investing in quality education, teaching, or training opportunities, then becoming a real estate agent can help you fulfill your dreams.

You can choose to work independently or part of a team, depending on your preferences and strengths.

Buy a car

how to become a real estate agent

Now that you have determined that real estate is your career, it’s time to buy yourself an actual vehicle as a business investment. A lot of people start off in real estate without their own car because they believe that being able to show up anywhere means they don’t need one.

But if you want to be successful in the industry, you will definitely need to have your own transport service. You will also need to know how to use yours effectively – for example, by using it efficiently to go to work every day.

So what are the best ways to get started? Buying a cheap, simple model with lots of room under the bonnet is probably your best bet. An easy way to do this is through eBay.

Take a class

how to become a real estate agent

Now that you have your license, what next? You will need to take some sort of real estate training to be able as a professional agent. There are many ways to do this, but most require you to take at least part of a course or certification program. Some courses are more formal and structured than others, so make sure to look up different options before picking one!

Most states require agents to go through education and certification programs in order to work. This is especially true in states where there is already an established pool of professionals who can offer services to buyers and sellers. By requiring these qualifications, state governments ensure that only qualified individuals represent clients’ best interests.

That being said, not every educational setting is guaranteed to give you quality information. Sometimes schools market themselves by offering very expensive degrees or courses that may not be worth it. Make sure to do your research and find out if this is the case for any potential school settings.

There are also several good resources online to learn how to become a real estate agent. Many websites offer free tips and lessons, which can help get you started quickly.

Be friendly

how to become a real estate agent

As mentioned earlier, being a real estate agent is a tough job that can require lots of interaction with people at times. Your success as an agent will depend heavily on your interpersonal skills, so make sure you are always trying to improve them!

As such, it’s very important to keep yourself focused on improving your relationships with other individuals.

Be conscious about how you respond to things around you, be it friend or stranger. Keep in mind that some may not like or agree with what you have to say, but they will still perceive your behavior as significant.

Show interest in others and give genuine responses to their comments, questions, and ideas. Don’t worry about looking smart every time – sometimes doing nothing is the best option!

Avoid becoming too familiar with others though, as this could backfire and create negative impressions. When necessary, shake hands firmly and greet each person with a strong eye contact.

Also remember that while professional etiquette demands respect for others, morality dictates whether or not you should show sympathy towards someone who has done something wrong.

Become acquainted with the area and its resources before getting into business, this way you’ll know who to call when there’s a problem and who to trust. You’d also learn more about the community which can only help your career.


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