Doing digital illustrations on your iPad is an incredible way to practice your drawing skills and create new content. You can take your drawings anywhere! Plus, most apps have features that allow you to easily share them or publish them directly from the app.

There are several ways to start practicing your hand-drawn style images on your device. This article will go over some easy steps for beginners. Check out our tips below!

Editor’s note: If you’re looking to truly hone your illustration craft, there are many other mediums such as pen and ink, watercolor, and collage. These styles of art require more time in preparation but offer much greater potential to grow as artist. We recommend starting with mobile graphics first to gain experience before moving onto another genre.

Get an Apple account

how to do digital illustration on ipad

If you are looking to hone your digital illustration skills, then there is nothing wrong with starting out on the iPad! The ability to create digital artwork comes down to having the appropriate tools and software.

One of these tools is using the iPhone or Android phone as a camera to take pictures or videos that you can use to make illustrations. This does not require you to have an apple product, but it is helpful for us professionals who need to keep in touch with our phones.

Another tool that most people have access to now days is their personal computer. Most college students have at least one so they can do some writing and editing and creating images or graphics.

If you don’t have either of those things, no worries! You can still get into doing digital art by buying an android tablet or laptop pre-loaded with all the needed apps. These cost around $200 -$300 depending on how much you buy extra features such as being able to connect to the internet more easily.

None of this matter if you already have everything, just make sure your settings are private and protected.

Get an Apple pencil

how to do digital illustration on ipad

One of the most important things when starting out as a digital artist is having a good drawing tool or platform. There are many apps that can function as this tool for you!

One of my favorite apps is called Procreate. It is designed specifically for artistic purposes, and it is very accessible to anyone.

There are two main features within Procreate that make it unique. First, it allows you to create your own brushes. You can take any shape, size, or material (for example, plastic bags) and use these brushes in other designs or illustrations.

Second, it has a feature called “the Workshop” which gives you free access to thousands of pre-made textures, patterns, and shapes. You can add these to your art and use them however you would like.

Get some paper and a pen

how to do digital illustration on ipad

When doing digital illustration on your iPad, one of the first things you will need is some paper. You can use any kind of paper that has good quality writing or drawing lines on it.

You do not have to buy expensive fancy prepackaged art sheets, these are unnecessary when creating artwork! Any plain piece of notebook paper or even cardboard would work just as well.

If you already have some markers then buying an additional brush for color matching is totally acceptable! Ha! (Not really though)

By having a sheet of paper in hand, you’ll want to remember to include a margin around your image so you don’t run out of room while designing.

Take a class

how to do digital illustration on ipad

Doing digital illustration on your iPad is very popular these days. There are many ways to learn how to do it, however, you will have to go through a process of learning what tools are needed and taking some classes or courses at a local community college or online school.

There are several apps that can help you get started with digital drawing for the ipad. Some of them even have free versions so you can test out their features before buying!

These apps all feature intuitive interfaces that make creating pictures easy and fun. Most offer various styles to choose from which add another layer of depth to your illustrations.

Some apps also allow you to create animations which may be more advanced than just still images.

Buy a drawing tablet

how to do digital illustration on ipad

Drawing has always been an integral part of creating art, and one that most creative people have some sort of talent for. Whether you are trying to draw portraits or landscapes, doing so with a good amount of quality takes practice.

Digital artists must learn how to use computers in order to produce artwork but there is one thing that almost every artist needs to purchase- a drawing tablet! A drawing tablet allows you to create more detailed drawings by using your finger as a tool instead of a pointer mouse cursor like you would with a normal computer monitor.

There are many types of tablets out there designed specifically for digital illustration. Some only cost around $100 while others can be very expensive depending on what features you want. No matter which type of tablet you get, make sure it is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This article will talk about some tips and tricks for getting started with digital illustration on your iPad.

Get an Apple mouse

how to do digital illustration on ipad

A very popular way to do digital illustration is via vector graphics or drawing in software that can create shapes and designs you put into your images from a computer program. These artistic creations are then converted into something more practical, such as a website theme or a mobile app design.

If you have ever seen an illustrative piece done with markers or crayons on paper or canvas, it is probably close to what people call “hand drawn” art. This is because the artist was able to take inspiration from real life and add some stylized touches to match.

There are several apps and programs that offer this feature already, but if you want to master how to draw using vectors yourself, there is one major downfall: You will need a good quality mouse tool!

Many artists cannot work without one, so why not invest in one that does not cost too much? An apple trackball mouse is a great choice due to its ease of use and variety of functions.

This article will talk about everything you needed to know about doing digital illustration on your iphone and other iOS devices.

Connect all your devices together

how to do digital illustration on ipad

So let’s talk about what apps you will need for this! First, you will want to have at least one of these connected so that you can easily upload or transfer files. You probably already have this, but make sure it works well with iOS too!

We recommend using Google Drive as an online place to store all of your images and documents. Not only is it free, but you get very generous amount of space. If you like more control over how your pictures are organized, there is also a paid version you can add onto this.

Take a class

how to do digital illustration on ipad

Doing digital illustration on your iPad is possible to do without taking any formal classes, but it is helpful to know how to use software such as Photoshop or Sketch before diving in completely free.

There are many great resources available online for beginner level artists to learn their tool of choice (for example, you could watch YouTube tutorials on photoshop or sketch). Or if you already have some art skills, then you can start practicing by editing pictures or making new ones!

General tips: Use your device’s camera to source images or make new illustrations. If you have an iphone, take advantage of the pre-installed apps like photos and videos to find inspiring material. You don’t need fancy expensive equipment to get started.


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