Finding your passion for real estate is an easy process. It can start with looking at houses you want, then talking about how to buy a house, and eventually becoming a professional real estate agent.

If you’re already have some basics under your belt, then picking up another career in this field may be easier than expected! Whether you are trying to enter the business or just wanting to grow your knowledge, there are many ways to get into real estate uk.

Here are our top tips for entering the industry as a beginner broker or property investor. We will discuss what it takes to become a successful real estate agent, as well as some quick tips for getting started investing in real estate.

General things you should know before starting your real estate career

You need to enjoy spending time outside so check if the area has enough parks and green spaces for you to explore. Also look out for homes that could use some sprucing up or improving, these would make great properties for you to invest in.

Real estate agents are professionals who are trained in the market, good communication skills are very important to succeed. Being organized is also crucial as you will likely have to manage your own schedule while working. Make sure you understand what services the profession provides and whether they are needed for you to progress your career.

Getting into the real estate business requires having adequate finance, such as a mortgage.

Make a list of your experiences

how to get into real estate uk

There’s no need to feel like you can’t give real estate a try because you haven’t done it before, or because you’re not quite sure what “real estate” is. You can simply make a list of all the things you have done (and loved) so far, and then add onto that from here.

You may have already invested in education, learned how to take good pictures, run a business, or cook a meal. All great tools for real estate!

There are many ways to become familiar with the basics of real estate- buying a house, listing a home, investing in both, and selling a home. By adding these skills into your repertoire, you will know what to do if someone asks you to help them invest, buy a property, or sell their own!

And while this article focused mostly on getting started as an individual agent, there are other ways to get involved in the real estate industry beyond being an agent.

Create a website

how to get into real estate uk

Now that you have your destination, what next? You will now need to create your own little piece of real estate by creating an online presence. This can be done through owning a website or using a free website service like Google Sites or Facebook.

Owning a site is very expensive at around £100-£150 per year which is why most people use a free website platform such as Google sites or facebook.

These websites offer limited features but are totally free so no one ever complains about them! If you would like some extra functionality then there are paid alternatives out there. These typically cost around £10 per month.

Buy a house

As we mentioned before, starting your real estate career is not as difficult as you may think! With our tips here, getting into real estate will be much easier.

You can choose to start in residential or commercial real estate. Both are great options that depend on your goals.

If you want to make money fast buying and selling houses for profit is the way to go. On the other hand, if you love people and wanting to help them find their dream home then becoming a property agent is the right choice for you.

Either one of these is great ways to get into real estate but it all depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of business you wish to run.

Move in

how to get into real estate uk

A good way to get into real estate is by moving in with an experienced professional. This can be a very successful way to begin your career as a property investor!

Most people start investing in real estate by purchasing a house, either renting it out or buying it. While this is a great way to gain some experience, you should look at it more like getting hired to work.

You will need to have adequate savings so that you are not too dependent on the income that the property generates. Also, make sure to consider monthly living costs when deciding where to live.

There are many ways to purchase a home directly from the seller, or through a broker. It depends on what works for you and your budget. Either way, do not invest all of your money quickly!

Remember, your investment may lose most of its value! Buying a house is also likely to cost you a few thousand dollars in fees such as brokers’ fees and legal expenses.

Open a brokerage account

how to get into real estate uk

Now that you have your license, you can start looking for a real estate agent or broker agency to join! Most state boards that regulate brokers require someone with a business formalized account structure, such as a brokerage firm or individual owner.

Most states also require you to go through at least two years of real estate training before being allowed to work under their regulations. These courses typically cover things like marketing, finance, psychology, property law, and more.

Once you are trained, you must be able to prove this to clients by showing proof of certification or registration.

Fund your account

how to get into real estate uk

So, you’ve decided that real estate is for you! Before you start investing in real estate, you must first have an idea how much money you need to invest. This can be difficult as people’s perceptions of what price properties are going up varies constantly.

Most agents spend their time talking about how expensive their area or even their city is, but they never tell you how expensive their own property is. Take a look at this article where we will discuss some tips on how to get into real estate uk. We will also talk about how much money you should have set aside to begin investing.

How to get into real estate – Conclusion

By reading our article, you will now know all the different ways to fund your real estate business. Make sure to check out our other articles such as how to find your ideal house and how to choose good quality photos.

Do your tax return

how to get into real estate uk

If you are already familiar with this market, then getting into real estate can be done in stages. The first step is to verify that you legally qualify as an agent or broker. This is determined by doing your taxes and confirming that you are self-employed.

Next, you will need to do your personal income tax return which confirms your status as an individual owner of a business. Once completed, you can begin thinking about how to get into real estate!

There are many ways to approach it, but the most common way is to gain experience under someone who is already working in the field. You can also start your own franchise or solo practice if you have enough money to invest.

Register your business

how to get into real estate uk

The next step in getting into real estate is registering your business with the appropriate regulatory body. This includes recording your business name, ensuring you have enough insurance, drafting a business model, creating a website for your business, etc.

Business registration allows you to protect your business identity, limit liability by limiting who can be involved in your business (only members allowed), and protecting your personal assets from being drained when your business fails.

There are many ways to register your business, so it’s important to find one that fits you and your budget well. Make sure to check out the regulations set out by the regulatory bodies as there may be fees for registrations or requirements outside of what services companies provide by default.


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