Being able to put your dreams into action comes down to two things: motivation and confidence. If you don’t feel motivated to learn how to do something, then you won’t try very hard. And if you don’t believe that you can accomplish your goal, then you will give up before you even start.

With real estate, there are many ways to get started. Some people choose to go through an educational institution, while others pick YouTube as their resource. No matter what method you decide on, make sure it is legitimate by looking for reviews and certifications.

This article will talk about some easy ways to achieve your dream of becoming a real estate agent. It will focus on getting licensed in New York, one of the most popular states to become a professional Realtor.

Do your research

how to get real estate license in ny

The next step is to determine if you want to be an agent with Vivid or not! If you choose to go this route, then you must first do some research and determination as to which agency you would like to represent. You will need to look at their A+ Rating, whether they have enough rooms for potential agents, and overall quality of service.

Some things that can influence the choice are fees, how much support there is from colleagues, and what kind of training they offer. Make sure you weigh all these factors before making a decision!

There are many ways to become an agent without being licensed, but doing so should only be considered once you’re certain that it is right for you and your career goal(s).

Prepare a business plan

how to get real estate license in ny

A real estate license is not something you can pick up anywhere, so knowing what your next steps are will depend on how much preparation you have done already! Before getting licensed as an agent, you must first determine if you want to be an agent or seller or buyer. This decision comes down to what kind of person you are, what experiences you have, and what position you feel most confident in being.

If you know how to do one thing, then go into that field and hone your skills there before moving onto the next step. For example, if you’re very good at speaking, then become a professional speaker, or if you’re very artistic, start selling art or painting.

Whatever career path you choose, make sure it is truly something you are passionate about. Reaching licensure requires a lot of work, and you don’t want to spend time doing things you don’t like to do.

Another important part of preparing for the exam is figuring out where to study. There are many ways to prepare for the examination, and different strategies work for different people. Some people find success by studying consistently every day while others get the best results when they focus only on studies once per week. You should try several methods and see which ones work for you.

There are also some great resources available to anyone who wants to pursue becoming a real estate agent. Websites such as NAREB.

Fund your business

how to get real estate license in ny

Even though it seems like there are never enough sources of income for real estate agents, what I have seen is that most agents don’t make much money from their jobs.

Most people don’t realize how expensive being an agent can be unless they go into a few offices to check out what kind of services they offer. Some agencies will try to sneak by you with poor service but I wouldn’t bank on that!

Making a living as a Realtor depends mostly on two things: finding good homes and then getting those home owners to sell their house to you.

If someone doesn’t want to sell their property, chances are very high that no one else would either so this becomes a vicious circle. And before you know it, you’ve spent tons of money to get nowhere.

Funding is one of the biggest expenses that real estate agents face. This includes paying off any loans or debt associated with starting up your business, utilities, internet access, etc.

There are many ways to fund your business so pick one that works best for you and keep practicing your skills until you feel comfortable doing it. You’d be surprised at how popular some professions become after they launch- yoga teachers, for example-.

Apply for a license

how to get real estate license in ny

The next step is to apply for your real estate license in New York! This will take some time since there are so many steps involved.

There’s one form you must fill out online at the Office of General Business Services (OGBS) in the State Department of Law. You can find this form here. Make sure to check off that you are applying as an individual agent or broker, not both.

Once you have completed this form, then you will need to come into OGBS in person with all of your documents and proof of eligibility. They will go over these documents carefully and make sure they are authentic.

Open a business bank account

how to get real estate license in ny

After you have determined that you want to be a real estate agent, your next step will be to secure your own personal banking relationship. Having a good banking relationship is important for two reasons: first, to meet our financial obligations; second, to make sure we have enough money to operate as professionals.

Since most people who are looking to become landlords or sellers use the internet to research potential listings, it is very helpful if they give you a fast way to access their information. A universal profile login can be used to connect all of their accounts so you do not need to find each one individually!

There are many free online tools that can help you get this done quickly and easily. Just remember that companies still benefit from using these services, even if they are free. It does not take much time to create an account and then just keep it updated.

Choose your team

how to get real estate license in ny

As mentioned before, being a successful real estate agent depends mostly on who you choose as teammates. You can’t succeed without them, so make sure that they are worth their weight in gold!

People who work with you in business will also help determine your success or failure, so be careful about choosing people around you. Make sure that they are positive, trustworthy individuals that will hold up their end of the bargain.

If someone doesn’t live up to this, then it could hurt your career (and maybe even your friendship!) so don’t let them get too close.

You need to know what makes an effective teammate, and look for these traits in others. If you can’t find any, keep looking until you do!

Your colleagues will directly influence how well you perform in your job, and how hard you push yourself to achieve your goals. They will also have an effect on your mental state, whether you are able to motivate yourself or not.

Know your market

how to get real estate license in ny

As mentioned before, being licensed or not will have little effect on whether you can actually do business if you are not able to find appropriate clients. Before jumping into the process of getting a license, make sure you know your local real estate markets!

Some may feel that people with licenses are more successful than those who do not, but this is false. Licensing does not ensure success, only a few agents per license can truly succeed, and most fail because they lack strong fundamentals.

Licensed professionals often lose money due to poor marketing, bad negotiation skills, and no understanding of the laws governing real estate transactions. These things cost money, which hinder their ability to remain competitive and preserve earnings.

General education courses like Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Technology are all helpful when it comes to real estate. Re-educate yourself on these topics so you are fully aware of what areas are important for becoming an agent. General studies courses apply to both beginner and experienced agents.

Create your website

how to get real estate license in ny

After you have determined that real estate salespeople are a career path for you, what next? You will need to create your own little business! And how about some catchy brand name? An easy way to find out if your middle name is Thelma or Louise is by looking at pictures of people and see if anyone else has trademarked it.

You can use your name, or make up a cool one inspired by your favorite movie or TV show.

Here are some tips for creating your ideal Realtor site:

Make it mobile-friendly so users do not have to download anything to view it.
Include contact information, biographical details, portfolio links, and an inquiry form.
Use clear fonts and bright colors to appeal to customers.
Add testimonials and let others know who you are.
List prices and descriptions clearly and consistently.
Add photos and videos professionally and emphasize your professional side.
Let your audience know who you are and give them resources and referrals.

Your site should be both beautiful and informative so potential clients can get a sense of you as person and artist. Take your time to design and update it with care.


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